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Sunday, February 7, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

This is some of the Things I and My Friends have done The Last week in Club Penguin :) I was invited to a Birthday Party and My Puffle Sunshine came too :) Chilli 2, Giant89, Pary Panguin, Braveman860 and Mr Hockey23 were already there :)

Club Penguin Mine :)

…Greenmiten and Lord Zero2 came too :) Let’s sing HAPPY Birthday for Rockhopper987 :)

Club Penguin Mine :)

                     …And send a  HAPPY Birthday card too :)

Happy Birthday Card :)                …We tried to Turn The Night Club Orange…LOL :)

Night Club :)                                 …CAKE for EVERYONE!

Night Club :)                   …My Friend Flame0522 is Here :) Hi Friend :)

Night Club :)

                 …Sunshine was so HAPPY and Sang and Sang :)

Ski Hill :)…WOHOO! Sled Race Time I LOVE Sled Race both Online and Offline :) Here we are I, Flame0522, Waddle982 and Chilli 2 on our way down Ridge Run :)

Sled Race :)                     …CONGRATULATION! GREAT Sled Race :)

Ski Hill :)

        …I met my Friend Pkittycat1 and Ppenguin19 at The Dock :)

Dock :) …Pittycat1 and I Played Card-Jitsu TOGETHER :) A Cactus Plant to Me so Kind…LOL :)

Card-Jitsu :)                           …Congrats my Friend Well Done :)

Dojo :)

              …HELP! Pkittycat1 is Night Goggles SCARY! LOL :)

Card-Jitsu :)…I LOVE to Play Card-Jitsu and see all the FUN Card-Jitsu Animations :)

Dojo :) …TOGETHER with our Puffles we had so Much FUN Playing in Pkittycat1’s Igloo :) We will soon swim in The Aquarium…LOL :)

Igloo :) …Tag, Your it! I LOVE all Games where I can Run around…LOL…in real Life too :) Look! My Friend have the cute RARE Castle Pin from the Real Life Club Penguin Pin collection :)

Igloo :)… Hi Mad Chad 9 and Red cute Puffle :) The Box Dimension Room is AWESOME :)

Box Dimension :) …Loveheart998, I and Meta Knight9 talking about all The FUN that will come to Club Penguin soon :) Puffle PartyBamboo Forest Secret

Ski Lodge :)

…My Friend Yackydo and I Rock the Night Club :) Aunt8 gave us an idea…

Night Club :)                              …DANCE CONTEST BATTLE :)

Dance Contest :)

…My Friend Spongebob524 and I always have so Much FUN TOGETHER :)

The Lounge :)

Card-Jitsu FIRE! Polarfan, I and Pengwing4 had a FUN Friendly Battle :) We Played for a LONG Time non of us giving up…Finally Pengwing4 won CONGRATS! This was a GREAT FUN BATTLE :)

Card-Jitsu FIRE :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played with in Club Penguin :) It is ALWAYS so Much FUN to Play TOGETHER with you ALL :) Waddle On!

Waddle On :)

…Under the Label Fun with Friends you can Read More about how we Play TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

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