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Friday, February 12, 2010

Orange Puffle in Puffle Party 2010 Video :)

Welcome to The Pet Shop :) Today's Movie will Reminds us to Play MORE with our Puffles :) Sometimes They need to be Washed too…LOL  :) Everyone seated? GREAT! Let’s Start…

Puffle Party Video Intro 2010 :) …The Puffle Party 2010 Official Video :) AND you can see The Orange Puffle too :)

                  …Here are The Orange Puffles in Slow Motion :)

…THANKS Club Penguin for This FUN Video :) Poppy37742, Roc On Pengs, I and all Puffles had so Much FUN watching these Puffles in The Wild Video :) Last Year we could see The White Puffle in The Video :)

…Weido11 and Lovepeggy1 are here too :) Time for a PUFFLE PARTY!

…Read More about The Orange Puffle and Find Links to More Orange Puffle Animations and Videos :) Orange Puffle in Club Penguin CONFIRMED!

Orange Puffle in Box Dimension :) on YouTube!

Look how HAPPY our New ORANGE Puffle is :) I LOVE The Purple Tongue and BIG Teeth it looks so cute :)


Orange Puffle in Cuckoo Clock Ski Lodge on YouTube :)

Read More about The Orange Puffle :)

Orange Puffle in Cuckoo Clock in Ski Lodge :) on YouTube!

                     Isn't The Orange Cuckoo Clock cute…LOL :)


Orange Puffle in cuckoo clock in Ski Lodge :) ANIMATED! and Links to MORE Orange Puffle Secrets :)

Puffle Washer and Puffle Ball Furniture Toy :) on YouTube!

I LOVE to Watch My Puffles Play with The New Igloo Puffle Furniture Items :)

   CHEATS! New Pet Furniture Catalog Love your Pet :)

How can I Wash my Puffles in The Puffle Washer?

New News sign Back :)

I am so HAPPY that The New News Sign is Back :) Now we will Never Forget to Read The Club Penguin Times again :) And know as soon something New is added :)

                      THANKS Club Penguin and Aunt Arctic :)

Newspaper Delivery Delay!

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