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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge!!

This is a message from Billybob:

Hey Agents!

It's been over a year since the original Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS came out. We've heard that lots of you like it and you've even been asking if we're making another one. We're really excited to be the first to tell you about the brand NEW EPF game for the Nintendo DS that'll be released mid 2010!! Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge will have cool stuff you said you liked from the first game - and TONS of new surprises.

Since the team's building it right now, we want to be able to show you some behind-the-scenes work we're doing. Just for a start, here's a sketch of something you'll be seeing in the game...

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge :)

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge :)

What do you think - would you and your Agent friends hang out here?

In other news: A few months ago we posted an image of a mysterious penguin and we told you she'd be helping Agents sometime in the future. Some of you said she looked a lot like Dot the Disguise Gal from the original Elite Penguin Force Game for the Nintendo DS. You were right!! You've been asking more and more about a new mission and we're going to have some news for you really soon. And yes - Dot's involved...Mission 11 – You Decide Sneak Peek :) 

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

THANKS Billybob and Club Penguin Team I am so HAPPY that we will get MORE FUN Club Penguin Missions to Nintendo DS AND NEW Mission in Club Penguin that ALL Penguins can Play :) How can I be a Secret Agent in Club Penguin? Is the second Sneak Peek Picture from an Updated EPF HQ inside Club Penguin? I hope so That would be so COOL :) And I Wish that we one day can met Dot in Club Penguin just like we can with many other Famous Penguins :) I have so Many Things to ask her :)

EPF HQ in Club Penguin :)Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force – Hints and Tips – Nintendo DS – Cheats :)

My Stories and Adventures: On a Special Mission…Free The Puffles!

Animated Effects and Tour Guide of Bamboo Forest Secrets :)

The Secret of The Bamboo Forest Tour Guide starting Now :) Welcome to the Plaza! From here, you can visit the Pizza Secrets of the Bamboo Forest at the Stage... or you can adopt a Puffle at the Pet Shop :)

Bamboo Forest Play at The Stage :)

…Welcome everyone, to The Stage...and to Secrets of the Bamboo Forest! To enter the palace you must go on a journey! Search Club Penguin for the golden feather...and you will be rewarded with great Treasure!

Bamboo Forest Play at The Stage :) …If you don’t have The Golden Feather you can’t cross this stream…THANKS Littletias for helping me with this Pictures :)

Bamboo Forest Play at The Stage :)

…You need to find the Golden Feather Pin before you can continue your Journey :) When you have The Golden Feather you can walk over The Bridge…Look how the candles get lit :) Cool!

Phoenix Queen Background and Bridge :)                 …and get The Phoenix Queen’s Background :)

Bamboo Forest Play at The Stage :)

When can I see The Secret of The Bamboo Forest Animations and Special Effects?

Puffle Animation of The Yellow Puffle Shakespeare shows at every whole hour and then every 15 minutes :)

Yellow Puffle on Boat in Bamboo Forest Secrets Play at The Stage :) The Fish Animation shows 5, 20, 41 and 50 minutes after every whole hour :)

Secret Fish in Bamboo Forest Stream :)

Tree Animation shows 10, 25, 40 and 55 minutes after every whole hour I LOVE The sound of The Wind :)

Cherry Blossom Tree Animation Bamboo Forest :)

How can I be a Stone Statue? The Guardian Dog Statue Secret :) Put on Guardian Dog Outfit then Wave or click on w :) Click on w or wave and then d or dance or click on s and then w repeatedly for Fun Effect…LOL :)

Guardian Dog Statue Secret :)

…THANKS for taking The Bamboo Forest Play Tour Guide :) Now it is Time to put up this Play you are ALL invited to be Actors :) ACTION!!!

CHEATS and Details about The Secrets of The Bamboo Forest Play :)

My Stories and Adventures? The Bamboo Secret :)

How can I Wash my Puffles in The Puffle Washer?

To Start The Washer Put a Puffle Washer in your Igloo and Then click on a Puffle to open The Puffle Play Card…click on The ball icon (Play with Pet)

                       …And your Puffle will start to wash :)

Puffle Washer :)

…Puffles LOVES to Play with Toys :) If you put Puffle Toys in your Igloo your Puffles will Play with them without you doing anything :)

The New Puffle Washer Machine is so Much FUN and I Never get bored to Watch My Puffles Wash…LOL :)

See The Puffle Washer Animated and were you can buy your own Puffle Washer:)

See Puffles Play with other Puffle Toys ANIMATED :)

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