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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Take a Screenshot and add an Image to your Blog :)

Here is a simple Guide if you are a beginner Blogger and want to learn how to take a Screenshot of something you do in Club Penguin and put it on your Blog as a Picture :)

What you need:

You need a Blog account so you have somewhere to show the Picture I will use Google’s Blogger in this Guide :)

You need a Picture or image editor…I will use Paint.NET that is a FREE software that I think is better than Microsoft Paint that is included with Windows :)

Take a screen Capture (Print your screen)

In Windows the basic way is to use the the PrtScn key (PrtScn might appear as PRTSC, PRTSCN, Prnt Scrn, Prnt Scr, Print Scr). When you press this key on the keyboard, an image of your entire screen is copied to the Windows Clipboard. This is called a screen capture or screen shot :)


To save the screen capture you'll first have to Paste it into an image-editing program and save it :)

Another way to take a screen Capture (Print your screen) In Windows Vista (except in Home Basic) and Windows 7 you can instead use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots in a more advanced way because you don’t even need to use a Picture editor. With Snipping Tool you can create a free-form snip or rectangular snip and then you can save the image :)

Snipping Tool :)

Edit and Crop the image

When you have opened your image editor press the Paste button or use Ctrl+V. In most cases you only want to include a part of the image. Use the rectangle select button and make a rectangle of what you want to show on your Blog…

…When that is done click on the Crop to Selection button…

…Now save the image somewhere on your computer like the Desktop or My Documents :)

Insert the image on your Blog Post

Create a New Post in Blogger and Click on Insert image button…

   …In the window that now shows click on Browse…

…Now find the image you previously saved :) When you have found it  click on Open…Then click on Upload and the image will be added to your Blog Post :)

Congratulations! You have now successfully taken a Screenshot and added the image to your Blog :)

Congratulations! from Saraapril :)

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