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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Puffles – Tour Guide :)

         This Week our Beloved Puffles is in The Tour Guide Focus :)

We met our Tour Guide in the Pet Shop, where he was surrounded by Puffles. Aren’t they sweet?” she asked. “I’m a huge fan.I have sixteen!”

“They’re all loveable in their own special way,” she told us. "Blue ones are friendly, whereas black ones can be quite sullen.”

“They all need regular feeding, bathing, and attention to keep them healthy and happy. If you don’t take care of them, they run back to the wild.”

We asked what yellow Puffles were like. “Good question! Come with me,” she smiled.

We followed him to the Lighthouse, “Aw, who’s a good little Puffle?” She cooed at a yellow Puffle who was sitting on the piano. “These adorable yellow fellows love the arts,” she told us. “Pink Puffles prefer playing outdoors, or in water.”

Next we went to the Night Club, where he showed us a purple Puffle. “These gorgeous creatures are really energetic – that’s why they love to disco!” she explained.

We were just in time for a Puffle dance show, where Penguins and their pets showed off their moves.It was totally Puffletastic!

Puffles are very social and you can take them with you in Club Penguin Games :) Take your Puffle Places :) ALL of Them LOVES to Read the Special My Puffle Book too :) Remember to Bring your Puffle to The Book Room Next Time you Read that Book :)

Did You Know?

Rockhopper and Red Puffles :)

…Red Puffles were introduced to Club Penguin by Rockhopper, who brought them back from Rockhopper Island. They are fearless creatures and make excellent pets for pirates!

Check It Out!

…You can take your Puffles with you in some games. Red Puffles love to go surfing and pink Puffles are a great help when you’re playing Aqua Grabber. Try taking them for a walk, and then play the games :)

How It’s Done :)

…Help out at the Pet Shop by catching some Puffles in Puffle Round-Up! Move your mouse around the screen to herd them into the pen. Those Puffles are quick runners, so work quickly and try not to let any of them escape!

Tip Of The Week :)

…Why not take your Puffle on your tour? They make a great talking point. You can advise your tour group how to look after their Puffles and tell them what yours likes to do :)

…GREAT WORK Aunt Arctic This was a PUFFLE FUN Newspaper Article :)

Saraapril Reads Club Penguin Times :)

…Tomorrow The Puffle Party Starts I can Hardly WAIT :)

Bring your Puffles to Party February 18 – 25, 2010 :)

New Puffle in Club Penguin?

New Puffle in Club Penguin?

Extra! Extra! Strange puffle sightings have been reported all over the island! (Look a Puffle Shadow in The Ski Lift :)

Puffle Shadow :)

Many are describing seeing an unusual 'zany' puffle. We spoke with a puffle expert at the Ski Village.  I've heard all sorts of weird behavior linked to this so-called 'carrot-colored' puffle.”

“From the Ski Village to the Box Dimension, this thing has been spotted all over. Frankly I'm confused.”

“I've been keeping a close eye out though. My guess? Everyone's seeing pumpkins. I've often made that mistake before. But we'll keep looking...” Penguins are encouraged to turn orange and search the island top to bottom.

Check next week's newspaper for more information on this mysterious story.

THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Puffle News :)

Box Dimension :)

…I LOVE Hidden Secrets and if you Mouse over The Box in This Weeks Club Penguin Times you will get a Surprise :)

Orange Puffle Hidden in Box "_

See More here Orange Puffle in Box Dimension :)

…Read MUCH More about The NEW Secret Orange Puffle and Find out Where YOU can meet The Orange Puffle TODAY in This Post Orange Puffle in Club Penguin CONFIRMED!

Bring your Puffles to Party Feb. 18 – 25, 2010 :)

Starting February 18, Club Penguin will be much fuzzier than usual - as the Puffle Party finally arrives!

Puffle Party 2010 :)

“Put on your Puffle's leash and get ready - this Party is going to be sweet!” Said one decorator.

“This Party is a way of saying 'thanks for being totally awesome, little fuzzy dudes'!” Cool events will be taking place all week, including a special Puffle Show for members at the Ski Village.

“Walk your Puffle over to the show, and see how they do in a challenging obstacle course…”

Puffles and Penguins alike are invited to the Party, which wraps up on February 25.

Puffle Party 2010 :)

…THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Article I LOVE to read your News :)

Saraapril and her Green Puffle Gosig :)

Puffle Party 2010 will start EARLY :)

Puffle Party Sneak Peek :)

Special Items – Secret Revealed :)

Secret Nr 65 or Rerun of Secret Nr 22 and Secret Nr 7 only The Picture is little changed……WHERE are all This HUNDREDS DIFFERENT Secrets? PLEASE! You know what I Wish for a NEW SECRETS EVERY WEEK! Pretty Pretty Please :)

Special Items!

There are a few special things that you can find anytime in Club Penguin:

Rockhopper’s Key – The key to the Captain’s Quarters is in Rockhopper’s Journal. (In The Bookroom over Coffee Shop)

Friendship Bracelet – Check out “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” in the Book Room.

Ninja Belts – The Sensei will award belts to worthy players. Challenge a few friends to Card-Jitsu, and you’ll have one in no time. How can I be a Ninja?

Secret Items :)

…Lots of Secrets and Knowledge are Hidden in Club Penguin Books :)

Read Books and Find Secret Items :)

FUN with Friends :)

Here is More FUN With Friends on Club Penguin Island :) I meet Bolwing Girl and Skaterjessie at The Dock :)

  …My Friend Lenny500 came too and we decide to go for a Sled Race :)

…Amgreen25 and Lenny500 is Racing Toboggan to Toboggan Skaterjessie make me fall…LOL ;) Just Kidding…LOL :)

                            …This was FUN :) Good Race!

             …At The Iceberg Mariq23 started a Yellow Party :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN…Yellow Team SUNSHINE PARTY! Hi Cody An Zack and Ponytail 001 :)

              …Me and my Friend Pinky4876 met at The Beach :)

…and then we Played Dance Contest…LOL…I still need more Practice :)

                          …I LOVE to tell Club Penguin Jokes :)

                            ...Find Four is so Much FUN :)

…I LOVE The New Play at The Stage The Secret of The Bamboo Forest is AWESOME! And when I Played a Guardian Dog Stone Statue I met Number3605 :)

        …I LOVE ALL The Cool Effects and Animations in This Play :)

        …THANKS Number3605 :) The Orange Puffle is so FUNNY!

…I was Playing in The Bamboo Forest Pretending to be The Monkey King…Monkey King in bamboo Forest :)…when Wghizzkid07, Obithebunny and Lcoolkid found me :) Hi Friends :)

    …Fifa No 1, me and Lcoolkid Playing TOGETHER in The Slopes :)

                                   …Ski Hill Dance Party :)

      …Fifa No 1 is GREAT at The Card-Jitsu Snow Hill too…LOL :)

           …and Lcoolkid is SCARY! A DRAGON! HEELLPP!!!…LOL :)

Mancala is one of My Favorite Games and my Friends are AWESOME at Playing it :)

…Then we went to Play with The New Puffle Ball and Puffle Washer in My Igloo :) How can I Wash my Puffle in the Puffle Washer?

…after Waddling Through the Hidden Secret Item the Magic Portal Box we had FUN in The Box Dimension waiting for the Goofy Orange Puffle :)

…Me, Panser and Sugar Babby1 Enjoys Watching Shakespeare Performing on The Bamboo Forest River :)

Yellow Puffle in Bamboo Forest Play :)

…Then we Waddled TOGETHER All Over Club Penguin to Find The Golden Feather PIN :) THERE IT IS :)

            …Bababish and I worked hard to create a Snowy River…

                                 ...We Did It! HURRAY :)

…The Funny Pig looks like he bathing the same way as Shrek…ewww…LOL :)

Funny Pig Bamboo Forest :)

…THANKS for all The FUN Friends :) Now I have to stop Blogging I have so Much Work to do Helping Rory to unpack all the Puffle Party Boxes :)

Puffle Party Tomorrow :)

…Waddle On! See you Tomorrow at The Puffle Party it will be so Much FUN :) TOGETHER we will have a Puffleastic Time :)

New Launch Time! Puffle Party will start EARLY :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Last Thursday when we had to launch earlier than normal, we got a ton of comments that you liked getting the new stuff early! You may know new content usually launches later on Thursdays (Penguin Standard Time) and we've heard from some of you that when there are problems with it, you have to wait because the team's not always around to get things fixed right away.

We're working to make things better and wanted you to be the first to know that starting tomorrow we're going to launch content earlier in the day. Hopefully this will mean fewer bugs... and tomorrow it will mean that everyone gets more time to play at the Puffle Party!

Black Puffle PLays at Puffle Party :)

Thanks for your patience with the changes - and if you can, we'd appreciate if you could help spread the news to other penguins! In the meantime, what are you looking forward to at the Puffle Party?

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

The Puffle Party will start EARLY! HURRAY!!! I Looking forward to EVERYTHING!!! LOL :) See you ALL at the Puffle Party TOMORROW :)

HURRAY! Puffle Party starts EARLY

Puffle Party Sneak Peek :)

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