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Friday, February 19, 2010

Language Select Bar Button Update :)

Earlier the Language Select List sometimes could fall down and get in the way for the Play Now! Button…Club Penguin have now SOLVED this Problem :) The List of Languages comes now down first after you click on the little blue Arrow :) THANKS Club Penguin Team you are GREAT!

Language Select Button  :)

…and THANKS to ALL Penguins that have asked Club Penguin to find a solution for this and to my Friend Mimo777 :) We worked TOGETHER and The Problem was Fixed GREAT WORK EVERYONE!

Puffle Party Tour Guide and Puffle Jokes :)

Puffle Party 2010 Tour Guide starts Now :) WELCOME here In the Town Center we're celebrating Puffles!  They're every penguin's favorite pet. You can adopt a Puffle at the Pet Shop in the Plaza...
Hearts for Puffles!

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This is the main floor of the Night Club. Purple Puffles are hitting the dance floor...they're dancing machines! Go go purple Puffle!

Puffle Party 2010 :)…Here we are in the Ski Village...where penguins can take their Puffles for a walk. Keep your Puffle healthy with exercise! And TOGETHER with Friends you can see The Orange Puffle here :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…The Ski Lodge is a great place to warm up. Or, you can play Find Four with friends. You can also go Ice Fishing out the back door.
Hey did you see that? Hmm maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me…An ORANGE Puffle in…

Puffle Party 2010 :)…Here we are at the Puffle Show! Show off your pet's skills at the obstacle race...groom your Puffle and then pose for the judges...or sit down and enjoy the show! This Room is Exclusive for Members and so are The Free Member Puffle Jacket :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This is the Beach, home of the Lighthouse. It is a great place to relax with your Puffles. Sometimes a pirate ship docks here. Captain Rockhopper has a red Puffle called Yarr!

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This is the Lighthouse...where yellow Puffles are being creative!Have your portrait painted...see the amazing sculptures...or relax and watch a Puffle performance :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…The Beacon holds the Lighthouse spotlight. Green Puffles are having fun up here. They're the silliest of all the Puffles! If you've always wanted to fly should try the jetpack game on the right :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…Welcome to the Dock. It's a great playground for your Puffle. You can also play Hydro Hopper here. Take a ride on a tube behind the speedboat…

Puffle Party 2010 :)…These are the Snow Forts! Start a snowball fight with your buddies...make sure your Puffles join in the fun! Look at all the FUNNY ways The Puffles get rid of The snow in their fur…LOL :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This is the Puffle feeding area! Throw them some Puffle O’s They're a Puffle's favorite treat to eat. Make a Puffle happy today! I LOVE the cute Puffle sounds :) And ALL The Puffle Music we can here in different rooms :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…Welcome to the Plaza! It's Puffletastic right now. Take your Puffle for dinner at the Pizza a show at the Stage together...or visit friends at the Pet Shop. Remember to pick up a Free Puffle Hat :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…We're having a Puffle Party in the Pet Shop! Here you can round up and adopt Puffles. You can also buy Puffle furniture for your igloo!
Puffles are native to Club Penguin. They all like penguins and make great pets! 

Puffle Party 2010 :)White Puffles are playing here in the Mine. These little critters are small but powerful. Bring yours along to skate on the ice!

Puffle Party 2010 :)…Here we have the Underground Pool. It's been turned into a skate park. Black Puffles are gnarly little dudes Bring yours down to skate...or just to hang out with your buddies. Some Black Puffles swims around outside the Pool Windows…That is scary for the Fishes…LOL :) Press The Red Windows Button and The Black Puffles will warm up :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…Welcome to the Forest. Blue Puffles are having great fun playing here. Why not bring yours and join in? Go to the Cove by walking down those stairs :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This is the Cove! Red Puffles seem to be enjoying themselves here!
You could take yours swimming in the shallow water here. Or, test your surf skills and catch some waves! Take your red Puffle too!

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This is the Iceberg. It is a secret room. But lots of pink Puffles know about it! If you want to dive into the ocean depths...try out the Aqua Grabber! And take your pink Puffle with you!

Puffle Party 2010 :)…This place is called the Box Dimension...Naturally, it is filled with boxes...This is also a great place for a color party! And for see The Orange Puffle :) THANKS Club penguin Team for updating the Tour Guide Text in this Room :)

Puffle Party 2010 :) …Follow me Friends to The Ski Hill in ALL Club Penguins Room we can tell Funny Jokes :) Just press the Letter “j” or open The Massager and choose “Tell a Joke” :)

Puffle Party 2010 :)

…What is the coldest part of the Antarctic?  A penguins flippers! LOL :)

What do you call a Puffle in the desert?
Lost! LOL :)

…What did the banana say...when the Puffle stepped on it?
Nothing! Bananas don't talk! LOL :)

…What do you call a Puffle with a cold?
A snuffle! LOL :)

…Why did the Puffle cross the playground?
To get to the other slide! LOL :)

…What pet makes the loudest noise?
A trum-pet! LOL :)

…What kind of fish goes well with peanut butter?
Jellyfish! LOL :)

…What do you get when you mix...a Puffle and chocolate?
Truffles! LOL :)

…How do Puffles like their dinner?
O Berry well! LOL :)

…What's cute and fluffy and jumps a lot?
A Puffle with hiccups! LOL :)

…My Puffles LOVES when I tells them jokes TOGETHER we Laugh so Much :) By The way this is how my Latest Igloo Decoration Looks Like :) Me and my Puffles built a Puffle obstacle and TOGETHER we have so Much FUN Playing in it :)

Saraapril's Igloo Puffle Party 2010 :)

…This is The end of the Tour! THANKS for Taking The Puffle Party Guide Tour TOGETHER with me :) For MORE Puffletastic FUN and for ALL Puffle Party Secrets and Free items take a look at this Puffle Party Link Collection Post :)

Puffle Party 2010 CHEATS and Guide :)

Tour Guide Booth is Back :)

The Tour Guide Both at Ski Village is Back :) I was so busy Yesterday  looking for The Orange Puffle in the Ski Lift that I first Noticed that The Booth was gone Today when it was Back…LOL :)

Ski Village Puffle Party :)

Puffle Party 2010 CHEATS and Guide :)

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