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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FUN with Friends at Puffle Party 2010 :)

TOGETHER with all Puffles and Friends I have so Much FUN at The Puffle Party :) Here are some of the FUN things we have Done :) Green1822, I and Gosig and Sky355 had so Much FUN Talking and Laughing at The Burping Green Puffles…LOL…excuse you :)

…Yayotzin, Crowbar25, I, Sweet and The Pretty PINK Puffles Jumping around at the Trampoline and talking about The Orange Puffle…Yes I have seen her she look so HAPPY :) I can hardly wait until I can adopt her and bring her home to meet all my other Puffles :) TOGETHER we will have so much FUN :) Hello Jf2904 and Black Puffle Welcome to Jumping Puffle Party…LOL :)

                                        …LOL Puffle face :)

…Let’s have a Skipping Contest EVERYONE can Join :)

…At The Puffle Show we tried to figure out how many Puffles can Balance on the line at the same time…Eight for now…LOL…so cute they look let’s try Nine :)

  …THANKS to ALL supportive Penguins and Puffles at the Bleachers :)

…Time for me and Blueberry to work in the Concession Stand :) Pizza to Pingo443…

…Putuga123 feeds ALL the Puffles! Thanks Putuga123 you are GREAT and Kind a Perfect Puffle Feeder :) Blueberry was so HUNGRY and I had no food left…THANKS AGAIN :)

…My Friend Mango20 invited me to a Igloo Party :) THANKS :) Me and Yellow hurried over and there was Podlepops too :) This is a GREAT Decorated Igloo and I found one of my Favorite items in here too the pretty PINK Flowerpot with FLOWERS :)

…It was FUN to meet you :) Sorry I had to go so soon…Offline things to do and Littletias needed the Computer… Look at the Black Puffle he is Stuck in the Puffle Ball…LOL :)

…Julia694 having FUN trying to keep up with The Pink Puffles Jumping :) LOL…we Lost :)

…Snowflake asked me to bring her to the Mine so She could help out making snow :) GREAT Idea I LOVE to Help I think the White Puffle makes a incredible work keeping the Mine cool and Icy :)

…I LOVE this Party Room :) It is the COOLDEST Room at The Puffle Party :) LET’S FIGURE ICE SKATE :)

…The Black Skater Puffles at the Pool Rink teach Triangle725’s Black Puffle and mine Puffle Speed new Tricks :) COOL :)

                       …Look a Black Puffle Swims Around :)

Black Puffle swims Around :)

…I, Clyde334 and our Puffles was watching out The Pool Area Windows when…Poor Crab! Did The Black Puffle SCARE You? LOL…I know Black Puffles can be GRUMPY!

Black Puffle is SCARY!

…Catnip1 and I Performed in a comedy at The Stage TOGETHER with the Yellow Puffles :)

…Yay212 and I got our Portrait Painted of the Talented Yellow Puffle Painter :) Then we looked at the AWESOME sculptures The Sculpture Puffle made :) This Lighthouse Art Show is so Much FUN :)

…Throw a Snowball at The Black Puffle and you will get a FIRE PUFFLE…LOL :)

Black Puffle in Snow Fight :)

…I Think I NEVER will get Board of Throwing Snow Balls at the Puffles and see them shake of the snow :) White Puffle Snow Fight :)

…Redhotpizza3 have a Great Snowball Throwing Flipper and TOGETHER we have so Much FUN :)

…THANKS to ALL PUFFELTASTIC Friends I have Played TOGETHER with During this Puffle Party :) See you soon again in Club Penguin :) Waddle On! Now I will log in to have some MORE FUN Before The Puffle Party is Gone :)

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Screenhog on Puffle Design :)

This is a message from Screenhog:

Hi everyone, it's Screenhog!
It's the time of year when we honor the island's best pets - puffles. Way back when Club Penguin first launched, there weren't any puffles at all. But a lot of you asked to have some kind of pet to adopt and we decided to make up a completely new creature. That's how the puffle came to be. Actually, you guys even decided on the name "puffle"!
Last year we showed a couple of the original sketches back from November 2005 when artists first started sketching what a penguin's pet might look like - we wanted to show some of those again (in case you missed them) plus a few more that have never been seen before.
Puffle sketches :) 
What do you think?
Hey, if you had the chance to design a make-believe pet, what would it be like?
-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

Cool Thanks Screenhog :) See More Early Puffle Designs :) I Think that the Puffle we have Today is The Best Design ever :) And I LOVE all their different Personalities :)

Puffles :)

Puffles Plays with Toys :)

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