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Thursday, February 25, 2010

ORANGE Puffle Friends Party in Box Dimension :)

The Orange Puffle is so FUN and HAPPY so TOGETHER with Spongebob524, Frankies 1lov we started a Party for Friends to the Orange Puffles :) I sent out a TWITTER Message and Farary5  and the Rocking Hula Hopper Puffle were the First to arrive :)

Orange Puffle Party in Box Dimension :)

…Bbb Emo and P64734053 Orange Puffles are GREAT at Hula Hoop :) Welcome Littlefeet54 you don’t have to have a Orange Puffle to join the Party :) If you like Orange Puffle you are WELCOME :)

Orange Puffle Party in Box Dimension :)

…Hi Jmann93 THANKS for bringing Ice cream to EVERYONE :) I LOVE Chocolate :)

Orange Puffle Party in Box Dimension :)  …It is so Much FUN to Throw Snowballs here in the Box Dimension :)

Orange Puffle Party in Box Dimension :)

…Oops! I Better RUN…LOL :)

Orange Puffle Party in Box Dimension :)…Hi Hailey Woozi and Cmoney53 :)

Orange Puffle Party in Box Dimension :)…THANKS to EVERYONE that came to The  ORANGE Puffle Party :) See you soon again in Club Penguin :) Have a HAPPY CRAZY Day :)

See ORANGE Puffle play in Igloo ANIMATED :)


Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic and her Friends World Exploring Tour Continuous :) Here is a group of Puffles Photographed in front of the Famous Sphinx in Egypt :) It reminds me of Quest for the Golden Puffle :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Our Friends left Egypt and went to the Mountains for a Sled Race! What a cute Teddy bear Sled :) I LOVE the special outfit on the Yellow Puffle and Penguin a Magenta PINK hat like that I would LOVE to have in Club Penguin :)

Penguins Around The World :) …Time to Travel to a Warmer climate…Here Aunt Arctic captured a Black Puffle’s Need for SPEED! LOL…COOL Picture :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…All Penguins LOVE the Beach and after some exploring they found a Lovely sandy Beach to Play on :) GREAT idea Squidzoid and Yellow Fish :) Look at the BIG waves :) I wonder if they met any real Sea creatures?

Penguins Around The World :)  …Here The Penguin Fish met REAL Flamingos :) So Pretty they are :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…In the end of the week our Friends rented a House to rest a little and to exploring Art and Culture :) Interesting water fountain :)

Penguins Around The World :)…That was all Pictures Aunt Arctic sent to us this week…Next week The Adventure will continue :)

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FAN Club Penguin Art :)

A Blue Penguin in a Blue Igloo with Purple Furniture…I Like this :) The three Puffles looks like they have a plan and the Penguin is not totally happy with it…GREAT Face expressions :) The Details at the Background TV and Stereo are AWESOME! I LOVE the Penguin Pictures :) GREAT WORK! 

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE Black and White Drawings :) It is so Cool to see all the Shadows and Contrasts :) This Picture illustrates how we now can play both Card-Jitsu and Fire Card-Jitsu :) There are many GOOD Details in this Drawing…Great Face Expressions! The Fire Puffle is so cute :) WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)Sled Race is one of My Favorite Club Penguin Games :) This Drawing is FANTASTIC! Look how well the snow is done :) GREAT Depth and 3D effect in this Picture :) I LOVE the HAPPY EXCITED Face on this Penguin :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

Rockhopper and Yarr sailing the Migrator to visit us :) One Jet Pack Flyer have already said Hi :) And Rockhopper waves to all Penguins that are on the Beach to Welcome them :) I Think The Clouds and Sunset are Cool :) LOOK a The BIG SQUID!!! GOOD WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)…This well dressed Agent Flying Jet Pack over the Forest :) I like the trees and all the Penguins outfit :) Time to get some More Fuel :) WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE Detailed Drawings like this :)  Look at all the Puffles and Puffle Toys :) The Pink Ballerina Penguin and her Friend arriving to the Igloo and Finding that the Red Puffle is up to something…LOL :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

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Favorite Things about Puffles – Penguin Poll :)

My Two New Orange Puffles are HAPPY AMAZING :) This weeks Poll is about Puffles :) My Favorite Thing about Puffles is: How some help out in Games! How their Play with their Furniture! How they Play with their Toys! How cute they Look! I want to Chose ALL the Answer…LOL :) I LOVE to spend time with my Puffles and it is so Much FUN to have them with me EVERYWHERE :) I will Vote for How some help out in Games :)Penguin Poll :)

…Look how the Poll Looks like right Now :) You can VOTE too on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

Penguin Poll :)

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Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

On Club Penguins Community we find the Latest Featured Igloo :)

Featured Igloo :)

…CONGRATS! to Waddle9820 :) This Adventure Park Igloo is GREAT :) Both areas to Bathing and having FUN and areas to Relax in and soak up the Sun :) I LOVE the Waterslide it is so CREATIVE! GREAT WORK :)

Featured Igloo :)

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Auto-Updating Event Banner Change :)

Club Penguins Party Banners have Changed :) Both Banners are Back to Ordinary Club Penguin :) GREAT I LIKE Ordinary :)

Club Penguin Event Banners :)

…See Earlier Club Penguin Party Banners :) Learn More about Club Penguins Auto-Updating Event Party Banners and how to add them to your Blog :)

Bamboo Forest Coloring Page :)

I LOVE the Secrets of The Bamboo Forest Play :) And Under Fun Activities on Club Penguins Community Page we got a NEW Coloring Page Today :)

Club Penguin Coloring Pages :)        …This Picture will be so Much FUN to Color and Glitter glue :)

Bamboo Forest Coloring Page :)

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NO Orange Puffle in My Puffle Book!

If you take your Orange Puffle with you to the Book Room and starts to Play The Paint by Letters Game “My Puffle Book” The Puffle in the Book are suppose to have the same color as the Puffle you Bring…

Paint by Letters :)…If you bring The Orange Puffle The Game react as if you were ALONE!

…We had the same Trouble when The White Puffle came last year and I guess Club Penguin will have this fixed soon :) White Puffle now in Puffle Book :) 

Thanks Eric for finding this Glitch :) GREAT WORK!

My Puffle Book CHEATS :)

Igloo Music Change :)

Today we got a Igloo Music Change :) THANKS Lard Beak for telling me about this :) Jungle Quest, Flipper Jig, The Bamboo Forest and Bonus Level :)

Igloo Music List :)

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Orange Puffle Plays in Igloo :) YouTube VIDEO :)

For ALL my Non Member Penguin Friends I have Made a Orange Puffle Plays in Igloo Video :)

…See The Orange Puffle Play with a Hula Hoop :)

Adopt an ORANGE Puffle NOW :)

Where is NEW Wagon PIN in Club Penguin) HERE :)

    In The Ski Lodge you find The NEW Orange Puffles Wagon PIN :)

Wagon Pin :)

…You have Found a Wagon Pin Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

Wagon Pin :)

…This is how The Wagon Pin and Orange Puffle looks on my Player Card :)

Saraapril Player Card :)

…Now we will Waddle around Club Penguin to find a ORANGE Puffle Party to attend :) If you know about a BIG and FUN Orange Puffle let me know and we will try to go there :)

SEE Orange Puffle play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

SEE Orange Puffle Play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

The Orange Puffle is so FUNNY and Playful :) Here are me and HappyCrazy dancing TOGETHER :) HappyCrazy likes to play with his Hula Hoop :)

Orange Puffle Plays with Hula Hoop :)

…My Two New Orange Puffles are so Much FUN to be around :) And they are ALWAYS HUNGRY…LOL :) FunnyHappy Don’t eat The Bowl…LOL :)      Orange Puffle Eats :)    …HappyCrazy and ALL Orange Puffles LOVES to eat Cookies :)

Orange Puffle Eats a Cookie :)

…This Video from our Family Memories Book we call The Orange Puffle and the Chewing Gum…LOL :)

Orange Puffle and Chewing Gum :)

…Orange Puffles sleeps very hard and DROOLS…we need a Mop…LOL :)

Orange Puffle Sleeping :)

…The Orange Puffles have a Little wagon and convert it into a Monster Truck  :) I think they like cars and EVERYTHING that’s going FAST :)

Orange Puffle plays with Monster Truck :)

…Now you need to bathe let’s take a Bath :) LOL You are so Happy and Funny FunnyHappy :)

Orange Puffle Bath :)

…You have a Green ball and a Box too :) LOL :) HappyCrazy you are a Silly Orange Puffle i will never get board looking at you Playing :)

Orange Puffle plays with Box :)

…My two Orange Puffles are so cute and Energetic and I am so HAPPY that all my Puffles LOVES them :) TOGETHER we are a HAPPY Family :)

UPDATE: Be careful when The Orange Puffle is HUNGRY it eats EVERYTHING…LOL :)

Orange Puffle Playing and EATING Hula Hoop :)

ORANGE Puffle in Club Penguin CONFIRMED!

Adopt an ORANGE Puffle Now :)

Orange Puffle Plays in Igloo :) You Tube VIDEO :)

Orange Puffle Log in Background :)

The Orange Puffles from The Box Dimension is Here and they are so Much FUN to Watch Playing :) I LOVE this Opening Picture…DON’T Eat The Picture PLEASE…LOL :)

Orange Puffles :)

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Adopt an Orange Puffle NOW :)

Orange Puffle Play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Snow and Sports Catalog CHEATS Feb 2010 :)

This Catalog has NOTHING NEW I already have EVERY item in it…The Previous Snow and Sport Catalog was suppose to be here until March and February is almost OVER…That’s okay :) I guess Club Penguin have been Busy with The Puffle Party and The FANTASTIC FABULOUS FUN ORANGE Puffle RELEASE!

Snow and Sport Catalog February 2010 :)…On this Page you will find The Hidden Secret Green Ball Cap 200 coins and The Green Baseball Uniform 600 coins :)

Snow and Sport Catalog February 2010 :)

…Red Ball Cap 200 coins :)

Snow and Sport Catalog February 2010 :)…See when this Catalog was Available at the Winter Sports Shop :) Snow and Sports Catalog March 2009 :) The Front Page is little different :)

Adopt an Orange Puffle NOW :)

TODAY is The DAY! The Orange Puffles are HERE :) I Waddled over to The Pet Shop and Immediately saw an Orange Puffle jumping Around :) I remember him since the time he delivered me a Letter and I asked if he wanted me to Adopt him? he jumped up and Down and Nodded YES! so EXCITED and HAPPY :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)

…I Talked to the Pet Shop Workers and They handed me The Adopt a Puffle Catalog…

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)

…From This Catalog we can choose ALL kind of Puffles :) Members can now adopt 18 Puffles :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)

…Orange Puffle :) Attitude: zany, curious…Favorite Toys: Box, Wagon…Cool Fact: Sleeps very Deeply…For 800 coins I can Adopt my Friend :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)

…Would you like to Adopt This Orange Puffle for 800 coins? YES! YES!! YES!!! PLEASE :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :) …It was so Easy to come up with a Name for my Goofy Friend I will call him HappyCrazy :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)…When we were on our way to Leave The Puffle shop and waddle home to meet HappyCrazy’s new Family The Orange Puffle that Played in The Ski Lift during the Puffle Party wanted to come with us too :) THANKS for wanting to be a part of our Family! Of Course I will Adopt you too :) I will name you FunnyHappy :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)

…So cute The Orange Puffle is on The Thanks for adopting a Puffle Card :)

Adopt Orange Puffle  :)

                 …Everyone ready? Let’s go home to our Igloo :) 

SEE Orange Puffle Play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

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