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Monday, March 1, 2010

Treasure Book Series 7 CHEATS :)

Club Penguins Newest Treasure Book series seven is Here :) You don’t have to be a Club Penguin Member to get these items you just need a Coin Code :) As Always I will help you to find ALL the secret Hidden items WITHOUT spoiling YOUR FUN to looking for them :)

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…Shamrock Hat, Leprechaun Tuxedo, The Sportster, Shamrock Dress I am so HAPPY that this dress is available again I think it is so Pretty :) Rare Outfit St Patrick’s Lucky Clover Dress :)

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…On this Page you find these Secret Hidden items :) Cocoa Bunny Ears, Cocoa Bunny Costume and Fuzzy Boots :)

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…Red Ball Cap, Red Baseball Uniform, Baseball Glove, Head Band, Red Basketball Jersey, Basketball…

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…On this Page you find these Secret Hidden items :) Silver Watch, Whistle and Referee Jersey :)

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…Squidzoid Costume, Blue Superhero Mask, Shadow Guy Costume, Blue Cape…

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…On this Page you find these Secret Hidden items :) Black Sunglasses, Black Bowtie, Black Suit and Black Dress Shoes :)

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…Princess Hat, Princess Costume, Fairy Wings, Magic Wand, Faery Wig, Faery Costume, Faery Wings…

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…On this Page you find these Secret Hidden items :) Bee Antennae, Bee Costume and Bee Wings :)

Treasure Book Series Seven :)

…Headphones, Penguin Band Hoodie, Blue Sneakers, The Spikester, Star T-Shirt, Black Sneakers…

Treasure Book Series 7 :)

…Pharaoh Headdress, Gold Bracelets, Pharaoh Costume, Mummy Costume, Safari Hat, Beige Explorer Outfit…

Treasure Book Series 7 :)

…Exclusives: Vintage Hoodie, Surf Sweater, Green Skater Hat, Green Crosshatched Hoodie, Black MP3000

Treasure Book Series 7 :)

Super Exclusives Secret items are the same as in Treasure Book series six :) The Glimmer Hair, Cloudy Umbrella, Beta Hat T-Shirt and Blue-Sky Dress

Treasure Book Series 7 :)

…Here Non Members can get an Orange Puffle too :) And a White Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Purple Puffle, Black Puffle, Pink Puffle, Green Puffle, Red Puffle, Blue Puffle…

Treasure Book Series 7 :)

…or you can choose 500 coins :)

Treasure Book Series 7 :)

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How to Unlock Items Online :)

Find Club Penguin Toys, Games, Books and Clothes under the Label Toys :)

New Game and Penguin Play Awards coming Up :)

What’s Coming Up in March?

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

March has arrived, and that means lots of exciting new events are coming up fast!

Starting this week we begin the countdown to the Penguin Play Awards. For those who didn't make it last year, it's a huge event where everyone votes for their favorite Stage plays from 2009. Check out this sneak peek of the Plaza...

Penguin Play Awards :)

It'll kick off March 19 - How do you think you and your friends will get ready for the red carpet?

In other news, Rockhopper's been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon, so that means he'll be on the island soon. Rockhopper – Top 5 Facts about Him :)

Look Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator is closer now :) Thanks Flame0522 for noticing that :)

Migrator Rockhopper's Ship :) And later this month you can keep your eye out for a big surprise - a brand new game! I can't say much about it, just that you'll need to be quick... and ready to come to the rescue...

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

A Brand NEW Club Penguin GAME! That will be AWESOME :) I am ready to Rescue :)Rescue Squad :)

…Remember how we could Vote on The Plays we want to be at This Years Penguin Play Awards? Penguin Play Awards Nominees :) Last year was the FIRST Time in Club Penguin History that we had the Penguin Play Awards and it was FABULOUS! The Red Carpet, Spotlights and camera flashes, Famous Penguins waddled around so we could meet them :) We could dress up in amazing Festive costumes, Members got a special Penguin Play Award statue, we could ALL Vote for our Favorites play in Five different categories and so Much MORE :) The Nominated Plays 2009 Video was shown at a Big Movie screen…GLAMOUR all over The Stage :)

   Now I will start to write and rehearse my Thank You Speech…LOL :)

Saraapril at Ski Lodge Attic :)

…One Wish PLEASE Club Penguin I need HOT PINK Sparkling Shoes can you PLEASE make some to The Penguin Play Awards? And some New Pretty Dresses too? I would LOVE to have a SPARKLING Dress in HOT PINK with FLOWERS on :) Pretty Please :)

Read ALL about Penguin Play Awards 2009 :)

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