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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Great Puffle Switch Book :)

Yesterday me and Grandpa were at the Book Store and I saw that our Local Book Store had The Great Puffle Switch Book for sale :) I took a peek and I think this Book would be FUN to read :) I LOVE when a Story can turn out Differently depending on how I Choose to read it :)
Pick Your Path 4: The Great Puffle Switch - In this 80 pages book where you choose your own path, the reader magically switches places with his or her pet Puffle in a wild turn of events! This Freaky Fridayalike accident leads to all sorts of adventures as the reader, now a Puffle, befriends lots of new Puffles and goes on fantastic adventures along the way!

The Great Puffle Switch :)

…I didn't buy this Puffle Book be course I only had Money saved for ONE Book and I bought a Book I have wanted for so long…I bought The Aunt Arctic Book :)
Saraapril Reading :)
…You can read More about Aunt Arctic’s Book here :) New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :)

NEW Club Penguin Book to Come:
Model-Making Kit: The Plaza (Disney Club Penguin) (Paperback) 24 pages will be released on October 14, 2010
I still Wish for More Book Colors for us to have Online :) By the way here is how you use a Club Penguin Book Code to unlock a Book Item :) New Book on Unlock items Online :)

Update: Club Penguin Model-Making Kit: The Plaza Book :)

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