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Monday, March 15, 2010

Puffle Rescue Game Intro and First Level :) VIDEO :)

I LOVE the New Puffle Rescue Game it is so FABULOUS FANTASTIC PUFFLEASTIC FUN :) I am so Sorry that all my Non Members Friends can’t play all the Levels…This YouTube Video is for You :)

Find all The Secrets and the Tips you need to Play this Game :) How to Play Puffle Rescue! CHEATS :)

Puffle Rescue Auto- Updating Event Banner :)

When I Looked at My Blog I saw That Club Penguin has Updated The small Party Banner :) COOL!

Saraapril in Club penguin :)

…Save Puffles in a NEW GAME! How to Play Puffle Rescue Game :) CHEATS!

Puffle Rescue Banner :)

See Earlier Banners and find out MORE about Banners for your Blog :)

Tour Guide of The New Mine Caves :)

Today we have had many FUN Updates in Club Penguin so let’s take a Guided Tour…Okay I can be The Tour Guide just a sec…where is my Tour Guide hat? Here it is :) Hat on Head now we can start the Tour :) Welcome to the Mine :) During recent construction work Puffles were seen entering the tunnel and some are now trapped inside! Over there is the Rescue Squad's base of operations! They need your Help, and Fast! How to Play Puffle Rescue Game! CHEATS :)

Mine :)

…Let’s waddle in to The Caves :) Here we have the Mine Cave some workers say they've found buried Treasure So grab a hardhat and start Digging! Mine Caves are Open Again :)

Mine cave :)…Follow me to The Next cave :) Wow! This place is the Hidden Lake :) Where did all this Treasure come from, I wonder...And it looks like there's a door under the water...How to Find The Key in Mine caves? CHEAT :) 

Hidden Underground Lake Cave :)…Have you all Found The Key? GREAT lets unlock The Door :) BLUB! This place is Underwater :) Look at all the colorful fish and plants and Treasure! This place sure is unusual...

Underwater cave :)

…I will leave you here in this Beautiful Place to Explore Everything :)Mouse over The Fish and Seahorse :) Try to Throw a Snowball in here and see what Happens Take your Time to enjoy the colorful Fishes that swimming around :) Thanks for taking the Tour Bye For Now :)

See Earlier Mine Caves Tour Guide :) and Throw a Bubble in The Underwater World ANIMATED :)

Puffle Rescue Log in Background :)

The SUPER FUN Puffle Rescue Game is HERE :) And so is a NEW COOL Rescue Puffle Opening Page :) Play Now at the Mine :) Special Challenges Awaits for Club Penguin Members :)

Puffle Rescue :)

How to Play Puffle Rescue Game! CHEATS :)

How to Find The Key in Mine Caves! CHEAT :)

The Mine Caves are Open again and if you want to enter the Underwater Room you have to find the Secret Hidden KEY to unlock the Door :) Where is The Key? To Find The Key to This Door seek The Black Puffles in Puffle Rescue and Follow The Shadow…But Watch out for…

To find The Key to this Dorr :)

…You will find The Key in The PUFFLE RESCUE GAME This Key is ONLY Available for Members! Learn more at How to Play Puffle Rescue Game! CHEATS :)

How to Fine Puffle Rescue Key to Cave? CHEAT VIDEO :)

Mine Caves are Opened again :)

Rory has Declared The Mine Caves SAFE and They are Reopened :) Put on a Hard Hat and start to…

  …Dig for Coins :) You can Pick up a FREE Miners hard Hat here :)

…Click on The Coffee Pot and Work Whistle for Special Effects and…

…Throw a Snowball In The Machine To Help Provide The cave with Power :)

How to Dig: Wear ONLY a Hard Hat or Shovel (You can have a Worker Vest on too) Dance to Dig! If you don’t find any coins, try digging in a New Spot :)

…I found Two Coins :) TIPS: Dig and Then MOVE to the other side of the Pit to get more Coins :)

…I LOVE The Waterfalls in This Underground Hidden Lake room :)

…It is a Door that Blocks The Entry to the Underwater Cave Room…click on The Note…To Find the Key to this Door seek the Black Puffle Rescue and Follow the Shadow… But watch out for…For WHAT? LOL :) How to find The Key: If you are a Member Play Puffle Rescue The Underwater level with the Black Puffle How to Play Puffle Rescue game CHEATS :) 

Read about The FIRST Time the Mine Caves were Opened in this Link Collection :) How to Find The Hidden Treasures in Mine Caves :) These Treasures are RARE and can NO LONGER be Found! Other Special Effects and Secrets are The same :)

How to Play Puffle Rescue Game CHEATS :)

In this Help Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial you will find Hidden Secrets and Cheats to The Puffle Rescue Game :) First go inside Mine to the Puffle Rescue Head Quarter and answer the Phone…LOL click on The Message Board :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…One of the Levels are for ALL Penguins and Two only for Members :)

Puffle Rescue :) Instructions to How to Play Puffle Rescue :) Puffle Rescue :) Use The Keyboard Arrows and jump on The Ice to get the Puffle then jump back to take The Puffle to safety :)

Puffle Rescue :)

  Rescue Puffles trapped in Ice! This Level is for ALL Penguins :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…Watch out for Cracks in the Ice so the ice don’t break under your Feet (you can jump on them ONCE if you jump FAST) and for Sharks that will destroy the ice and make you fall down in the Freezing cold water…

Puffle Rescue :)

…Now I’m holding Three Puffles at the same Time…LOL :) Be careful so you don’t crash in to the Buoys…

Puffle Rescue :)

…TIPS: If you fall down you will start over at the Last “Puffle Platform” you Touched so make sure to jump on them on your way Back to Safety :) Pick up ALL the Puffles before you take them to the “Home Plate” you can Rescue the Puffles one by one but that will make the Game go FASTER!

Puffle Rescue :)

TIPS: First I will say THANK You to Bobafet22 for sending me this Secrets for Blue Puffle Rescue :) Secret at Level 7 :) When you are at Level Seven jump at ALL the Cracks in this Level…

Puffle Rescue :)

…and you will get Reworded with 200 coins  :)

Puffle Rescue :)

Secret at Level 8 :) At Level Eight you will see a Balloon with a Key close to the First Puffle…jump up and bounce the Balloon up until…

Puffle Rescue :)

…the Balloon hit the key Hole near the Third Puffle and…

Puffle Rescue :) …you will get Rewarded :) Remember to pick up the Puffles too…LOL :)

Puffle Rescue Balloon and Key :)

Secret at Level 9 :) When you start Level Nine you will see a Green light up balloon…when you bump the Balloon it will light up :) There are Three of these on this Level but be careful they do go out! If you bump them from left to right they will stay lit long enough for you to light ALL Three and then you will get Rewarded with More Coins :) THANKS Again Bobafet22 for this Three Secret Cheats :) GREAT WORK Finding Them!

Puffle Rescue Light Up Balloons :)

…You have helped and Rescued The Puffles Thank you Saraapril! You are very Welcome small Puffle Friends :)

Puffle Rescue :)

Rescue Puffles Lost in Mine! This Level is for Club Penguin Members :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…It is DARK down in Mine! Jump from one Mine Cart to another…be careful with the Boxes! You can jump on all of them if you are QUICK! ONLY rest on Boxes that are Nailed :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…I found a Puffle :) There you are Don’t worry I will Help you out from Mine…Jump up on my Flipper and I will take you out from here :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…Watch out for Hot Steam…Hot Steam knocks away Coin Bags so be QUICK to pick them UP!

Puffle Rescue :)TIPS: How to Blow up The Cannons :) If you get Hit by a Snow Cannon you will Fall…BUT if one Cannon Hit another Cannon with a Snowball they get Destroyed and you get Coins :) Place yourself so the cannons aim at you then quickly move and the Cannons get Destroyed   :)

Puffle Rescue Blow up The Cannons :)

…When you see this Arrow Pointing out in the dark you can jump out on a Secret Path…Don't fall down…LOL :)

Puffle Rescue Game Leap of Faith :)

…I found a Leap of Faith Coin Bag :) Teleport trough the Pipe to come back :)

Puffle Rescue Leap of Faith Coins :)

…If you are standing on the Red circled Footprints a Friendly and Helpful  Bat will come and fly away with you to a Puffle :) Navigate the Bat with your Arrow Keys if you hit anything the Bat will Drop you!

Puffle Rescue :)

…Watch out for The Rolling Stone or is it a GIANT snowball? LOL :)

Puffle Rescue  :)

One More Puffle Happily SAVED :) Thanks Saraapril :) I am Happy to Help you stay away from The Caves now :)

Puffle Rescue :)

Rescue Puffles Trapped Under Water! This Level is for Members Only :)

Puffle Rescue :)…In this Level we meet The Mysterious GIANT Squid! Swim FAST or you will SINK! Follow The Squid to find The Key to The Underwater Room…An Air Bubble will send you Flying providing you with air at the same Time so be sure to be in a Bubble when it Pops :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…The Squid will take you to this Coral Reef Labyrinth and here you will find the Secret Entrance :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…You have found The Black Puffle’s Secret Entrance now go and get The Key :)

Puffle Rescue :)

…Here in the Underwater cave Room you find The Key Pin to unlock the Door to this Room :)

Underwater Cave Room :)

…You have found a Moss Key Pin would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :) How to Find Puffle Rescue Key to Cave? CHEAT VIDEO :)

Moss Key Pin :)

…Now I can open The Door in The Hidden Lake Cave to the Underwater Cave anytime I want :) You can ONLY FOLLOW The Squid as long you don’t have the KEY! After you have the Key The Squid will not come! That is so SAD I would LOVE to follow the Squid Many Many MORE Times it is a SUPER FUN way to enter The Underwater Cave :) PLEASE Club Penguin can you fix that?

…Back to The Puffle Rescue Cheats :) This Orange Octopus can Shock you so stay away from the Electric Field he creates…Use Bubbles and Fans to get Air…When using Fans you can swim over Coral Reef :) When Black Puffles are floating around in Bubbles you need to land on them to save them you can do that if you bounce with Help of a Bubble or Fan :)

Puffle Rescue :)…Thanks Saraapril! You are Welcome Please don't Swim around in the Underground :)

Puffle Rescue :)

Save Puffles in NEW Game :) SUPER Sneak Peek :)

Puffle Rescue Game starting March 15, 2010 Exclusive Sneak Peeks :)

Puffle Rescue Game inside Sneak Peek :)

Mine Caves are Opened Again :)

How to Find The Key in Mine Caves! CHEAT :)

Puffle Rescue Log In Background :)

Tour Guide of The New Mine Caves :)

Puffle Rescue Auto- Updating Event Banner :)

Puffle Rescue Game Intro and First Level :) VIDEO :)

Daring Rescue Stories and How you’ll Celebrating Penguin Play Awards - Reviewed by You :)

Puffle Rescue Non Members Exclusive Messages :)

How to Fine Puffle Rescue Key to Cave? CHEAT VIDEO :)


Puffle Rescue and Missions in Stamp Book :) CHEATS :)

Find 1 Coin Bubble bag in Puffle Rescue Game CHEATS :)

How to Find 2 Coin Bubbles in Puffle Rescue CHEATS :)

Find 3 Coin Bubbles Stamp CHEATS :)

Rockhopper and Yarr sailing away on New Adventures :)

I am so HAPPY that Rockhopper found Yarr and that he came back from The Underground Caves :) Rockhopper’s Search for Yarr Party :)Today Rockhopper and Yarr said Goodbye for this Time and Sailed away on New Adventures :) Have a Safe Journey and…

Saraapril at The Beacon :)

…come soon back again Friends :) Now it is Time to Rescue More Puffles :)

How to Play Puffle Rescue Game CHEATS :)

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