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Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Postcards in Club Penguin :)

I LOVE Postcards and Mail :) Today we got some BRAND NEW Really FUN and Cool Cards added to the Mail Catalog :) HURRAY! Some Old Postcards are in here too :)

Featured Postcards :)

Club Penguin Featured Postcards :)

…Tip the Berg Postcard – Let’s try to tip the Iceberg!

Tip the Berg Postcard :)

…Hidden Lake Postcard – Meet me at the Hidden Lake!

Hidden Lake Postcard :)

Penguin Play Awards Postcard – Saraapril invites you to the second annual Penguins Play Awards…

Penguin Play Awards Postcard :)

…Interview Postcard – Saraapril wants to interview you at the Dock!

Interview Postcard :)

Puffle Rescue Postcard – Come and play Puffle Rescue!

Puffle Rescue Postcard :)

…Let's Hang Out Postcard – Let’s hang out!

Let's Hang Out Postcard :)

…Friendship Postcards…

Friendship Postcards :)

…Happy Birthday Postcard – Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Postcard :)

…Cool Name Postcard – Cool name!

Cool Name Postcard :)

…Awesome Outfit Postcard – Awesome outfit!

Awesome Outfit Postcard :)

…I Like Your Outfit Postcard – I like your outfit!

I Like Your Outfit Postcard :)

…Be My Buddy Postcard – Be My Buddy!

Be My Buddy Postcard :)

…Let's Hang Out Postcard – Let’s hang out! This Card was also under Featured Postcards…

Let's Hang Out Postcard :)

Puffles Postcards :)

Puffles Postcards :)

…Puffle Performance Postcard - Puffle performance in my igloo!

Puffle Performance Postcard :)

…Happy Puffles Postcard – Bring your Puffle out to play!

Happy Puffles Postcard :)

…Best Friends Postcard – Best friends for life!

Best Friends Postcard

…Cool Puffles Postcard – Your Puffles are Cool!

Cool Puffles Postcard

Party Postcards :)

Party Postcards :) 
…Re-decorated Igloo Postcard – I’ve re-decorated my igloo!
Come check it out!

Re-decorated Igloo Postcard :) …Cool Igloo Postcard – Cool Igloo!

Cool Igloo Postcard :)…Igloo Party Postcard – Party at my igloo!

Igloo Party Postcard :)…Igloo Party Postcard – Cool igloo party!

Igloo Party Postcard :)

Games Postcards :)

Games Postcards :)

…Hide and Seek Postcard – Saraapril wants to play hide and seek with you!

Hide and Seek Postcard :) …Mancala Postcard – Saraapril wants to play Mancala with you!

Mancala Postcard

…Sled Race Postcard – Meet me for a sled race!

Sled Race Postcard :)

…Find Four Postcard – Saraapril want to play Find Four!

Find Four Postcard :)

…Ice Hockey Postcard – Saraapril wants to play Ice Hockey with you!

Ice Hockey Postcard :)

…Dance Off Postcard – Saraapril says “Dance off!”

Dance Off Postcard :)

Rooms Postcards :)

Rooms Postcards :) …Pizza Parlor Postcard – Meet me at the Pizza Parlor!

Pizza Parlor Postcard :)

…Beach Postcard – Saraapril has invited you to the Beach!

Beach Postcard :)

…Ice Rink Postcard – Saraapril has invited you to the Ice Rink…

Ice Rink Postcard :)

…Snow Forts Postcard – Saraapril Has invited you to the Snow Forts…

Snow Forts Postcard :)

…Pool Postcard – Saraapril wants to meet you at the Pool…

Pool Postcard

…Stage Postcard – Meet me at the Stage!

Stage Postcard

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Puffle Rescue Coloring Page :)

A Brave Puffle Rescue Penguin escaping a SHARK! This Coloring Page will be Cool to Color :) I will add Glitter Glue on the Sharks Teeth and in the water and at the ice and…LOL :) I will give this one to Grandpa on Sunday :) How to Play Puffle Rescue game CHEATS :) Hold on little Puffle it is time to RUN!!!

Puffle Rescue Coloring Page :)

You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Club Penguin Coloring Pages :)

Coolest Level in Puffle Rescue – Penguin Poll :)

A New Penguin Poll are HERE :) This week Topic is The coolest levels in Puffle Rescue are: The Ice Levels :) The Cave Levels :) The Water Levels :) Haven’t played it yet! I LOVE to Play Puffle Rescue and ALL the Levels are Cool but I will Vote for…

Penguin Poll :)

…The Cave Levels :) Here you can see how Poll Looks like right Now :) Please go and VOTE too :) Club Penguin wants to know what YOU think :)

Penguin Poll :)

See Last weeks Penguin Poll :)

New Featured Igloo :)

On Club Penguins Community we find this weeks LUCKY GO GREEN Igloo :) Featured Igloo :)

…CONGRATULATIONS! to Jac75637 :)  I LOVE the Window with the Flower Field what a PERFECT Stage Background :) The Puffles Chairs have their own Table…cute :) GO GREEN!

Featured Igloo :)

See earlier Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

I LOVE all Cool Club Penguin Drawings we can find at The Community Page and Today we got six NEW ones :) This Drawing is All about our Latest Puffle The Orange Puffle and how they Play! I LOVE the HAPPINESS and Playfulness in this Picture :) Good Depth in the Drawing :) WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …What a Pretty Penguin Girl in a Pretty Dress walking at Night at The Red Carpet of the Penguin Play Awards :) GREAT Shadowing and Highlights in The Penguins Hair and on her Dress :) GOOD WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)Catchin’ Waves is FUN :) I Like The Movements in this Wave I can really feel how the Water keep coming Closer :) GOOD WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …These Puffles have found out a NEW way to Play and invented a way to Play TOGETHER! AWESOME :) This Looks so FUNNY :) I LOVE the Face Expressions on these Puffles that mirrors there Personalities so Well :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …Uncle Gary The Gadget Guy is Waddling around making Secret Experiments at The Beach :) I LOVE the HAPPY Smile on Gary and they way you have drawn the lighthouse to create a 3D effect is Very Good :) WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …Follow the Squid to find the Secret Moss Key…COOL! This Scuba Diver Outfit is Cool and the Goggles are Outstanding! GREAT WORK  :)

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

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Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic has sent us NEW Penguin and Puffle Pictures :) This Pizza making Penguin is in BAHAMAS at The  FANTASTIC Hotel Atlantis on Paradise Island :)

Penguins Around The World :) …These Puffles have just been Rescued it seems that our Adventure Puffles can get in Trouble and are in need of Rescue Workers to Help them all over the world…LOL :) Puffle Rescue :)

Penguins Around The World :) …Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper have found a BIG Pretty Flower Bench to sit on :)

Penguins Around The World :) …Time for Soccer Practice :) But where is the Team? More Penguins needed :)

Penguins Around The World :)     …This Week our Penguin Friends found the Time to visiting a FABULOUS Waterfall too :) I wonder where? Anyway it is so Pretty and I LOVE the Misty Water smoke in the air It must have smelled so Heavenly Refreshing and Wonderful :) I wish I could have  been there too :)

Penguins Around The World :) …Rockhopper tries to decide where to Travel Next :) As soon Aunt Arctic sends us More Picture I will Post them here and our World Travelling Story will Continue :) Stay Tuned :)

Penguins Around The World :)

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