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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plants from Rockhopper Transformed again :)

When I was in The Caves Trying to Find Herbert I got a Message on my Spy phone from Agent Blueletket…ATTENTION ATTENTION
Rockhopper's plants have updated again!
I Hurried to my Igloo and found that the Flowers have Faded…

…This plant is missing some greenery…

…WHAT?! The Colorful Fruits are Back again :) AWESOME! I LOVE how they taste…I will eat one right away…Yummy :)

…THANKS Blueletket for telling me about the changes of the Flowerpots :) You have a Secret Agents eye for details :)

See How Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like Earlier :)

Have you ever wonder Why are The Plants called Rockhopper’s? Well a Mishap lead to an unexpected Adventure that effected us all here in Club Penguin…you better read for yourself…Here is how everything started :) Rockhopper’s Plants – My Stories and Adventures :)

Herbert’s Revenge New Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

I've got a big sneak peek for you guys today. We've been hearing from a lot of you who want to know more about "Herbert's Revenge", the new Nintendo DS game we're working on.

Last month we showed you some pictures of some mysterious caves. Many of you guessed that agents might have to search the caves to track down Herbert. Well...

Herbert's Revenge :)

It looks like you might be onto something! The picture shows a new mini-game, with some new equipment to help agents swing into action.

I don't want to give too much away yet, but I can say that there are some big things coming up for secret agents.

The team is really interested to hear what everyone thinks so far, and what you think will happen in the game. So let us know in the comments, and keep watching for more updates!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

See MORE Sneak Peeks From Herbert’s Revenge Game  EPF Nintendo DS :)

I know by Experience that Herbert likes the caves around Club Penguin…now I will put on a Disguise and search for him…Wish me Luck :)

Saraapril at Secret Lake :)

Klutzy’s Secret – My Stories and Adventures :)

Maze Guardian – My Stories and Adventures :)

The Secret in The Yeti Cave - My Stories and Adventures :)

Aunt Arctic gives out Awards in Tundra :)

Aunt Arctic was Crowded Backstage and we had an interesting Talk about The Iceberg while we was sipping Tea :) Can the Iceberg be Tipped? This is how Aunt Arctic Answered that question…Well the Iceberg has never been tipped but it could still be possible :) She was also very interesting in the Chocolate Fountain and wonder if it was Gary’s invention? Yes Aunt Arctic, Gary has made this Yummy Fountain :) Then she said Oh My I just Remember I am presenting an Award! We ALL Waddled after her to The Stage…

Aunt Arctic Backstage :)…I am Presenting an Award for the Best Penguin and the Award goes to…Drum roll…

Aunt Arctic at The Stage at Penguin Play Awards :)…The Award goes to EVERYONE!

Aunt Arctic at The Stage at Penguin Play Awards :) …EVERYONE gets an Award! What a Great Award Show! EVERYONE Wins!Aunt Arctic at The Stage at Penguin Play Awards :)…THANKS! This means so MUCH to me :) I am so HONED to receive this Award from YOUR Flippers :) THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Award I will Treasure it ALWAYS :) We Will ALL do :) THANKS! THANKS!! THANKS!!!

Aunt Arctic at The Stage at Penguin Play Awards :)…Aunt Arctic was so HAPPY and a GREAT Host :) After we had Celebrating TOGETHER she had to go...Well I must be going now Enjoy the rest of the Awards dears!

Aunt Arctic at The Stage at Penguin Play Awards :)…I will Aunt Arctic and THANKS Again for this Prestige filled Heart Warming Award :) TOGETHER we ROCK Club Penguin :)

…and THANKS Cdecker81 for giving me the Tips that Helped me find Aunt Arctic in this server GREAT Work :)

FUN with Aunt Arctic in Server Freezer :)

Aunt Arctic in Server Bunny Hill :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 WELCOME!

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