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Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to add a Clickable Link :)

I get many Technical Questions on how to do different things on a Blog…it is impossible for me to answer all your questions in person…Sorry but I don’t have that much time…This Post is for ALL of you and answer the Question How to make a Clickable Link :)

What is a Link?

First of all a Link or Hyperlink is something on a webpage that you can click on to navigate to another Web address or URL :)

What is a clickable Link?

It is Links like these two:
Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

How can I create a Link?

In Blogger click on the word Link that the arrow points to and then add the Web address and the Text to display…

This is how I created a Link showing the URL :)

Create Link displaying URL :)

This is how I created a Link by using “Text to display” :) Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

Create Link with Text to display :)

Is this a Link?

No This is called a Web address or a URL to make it to a LINK it has to be CLICKABLE first when you can CLICK on it it is called a LINK or to make it more clear a Clickable Link :)

A non-clickable Web address or a URL is not as good as a Link as you can see because you cannot click on it!

When and Why should I make clickable Links?

If you use part of someone else's Blog Post all real Bloggers give Blog Credit that means to Link BACK to the Original Source :) Clickable Links are also useful in many other situations and makes a Blog so Much Better :)

Creating a Clickable Link :)

How to give Blog Credit?

More Blog Tips :)

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