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Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEW Puffle Coloring Page :)

Under Fun Activities we have a NEW Coloring Page :)

Fun Activities :)

…Puffles having FUN Playing TOGETHER :) I LOVE this Picture :) BUT I have  a Problem! Yesterday I used my LAST Glitter Glue…I need MORE Glitter glue! MUM…PLEASE…Pretty Please can we go to The Store Right NOW? Mum said yes! GREAT! gtg see you all in Club Penguin Later :) Then Let’s Tracking Cadence TOGETHER again :)

Puffle Coloring Page :)

PRINT out this Coloring Page :) Find MORE Club Penguin Coloring Pages :)

Favorite Part of Penguin Play Awards - Penguin Poll :)

A NEW Penguin Poll and a New Opportunity for YOU to make Club Penguin know what YOU Like :) Remember to go and VOTE :) This weeks Question is My Favorite Part of the Penguin Play Awards is? Dressing up for the Red Carpet! Seeing all my Favorite Plays on Screen! Filming interviews around the Island!  What’s the Penguin Play Awards? I know what I will Vote for…

Penguin Poll :)

…This is how the Poll looks like Right Now :)

Penguin Poll :)…I LOVE to Dress up in a Pretty SPARKLING Dress and PARTY TOGETHER with all Famous and Friendly Penguins :) See you around :) Waddle On!

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

See Last Weeks Penguin Poll :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 CHEATS and LINKS Collection :)

Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

A New Igloo is Featured by Club Penguin Community :)

Featured Igloo :)

…CONGRATS! to Polarcube12 :) A GREEN Jungle Igloo with an BIG River that cuts through the Igloo and LOOK! The River has a SHARK! Better be careful if you plan to swim…LOL :) I Like all the Palm Trees and Ancient Ruins…GOOD WORK :)

Featured Igloo :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Featured Igloo :)

Penguins Around The World :)

The Penguin Journey that takes Aunt Arctic and her Friends all over The Earth are continuing Now :) This week our Globetrotters have been at Mysterious Places The Bee Penguin is standing outside a house that look like a Beehive…LOL :) Does anyone knows anything about this Place?

Penguins Around The World :) …Deep in The Forest The Purple Puffle found a Fairy Tale Castle :) Pretty :)

Penguins Around The World :) …Aw…This Group of Puffles and Penguins found a Lighthouse that reminds our Friends about Club Penguin Island :) Aw…they looking out over the Ocean trying to spot Rockhopper?

Penguins Around The World :) …Here he is…LOL :) Rockhopper on Rockhopper Island? Or in Thailand? Wherever Rockhopper is he look like he Belongs :)

Penguins Around The World :) …A Pretty Purple Dressed Penguin Fairy Princess climbing a High Mountain TOGETHER with her Faithfull Purple Puffle I wonder if they searching for another Castle?

Penguins Around The World :)…Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic will now lead all The Penguins and Puffles on an Adventure in The Wilderness of Alaska :) First they will look at the sceneries at Historic Alaska Highway AWESOME! I hope they don’t get Lost…LOL :) I wonder what Picture Aunt will send us Next Week :) Penguins Around The World :)

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FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

More Fan Art :) This Brave Penguin is on a Rescue Mission to SAVE The Blue Puffle in Club Penguins Newest Game The Puffle Rescue :) GREAT idea to make the water Transparent so that we can see ALL of the SCARY Shark :) Puffle Rescue Log in Background :) I Like the way The Penguin balance on the Ice and how the water drops are done :) GOOD WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…This Puffle looks so SCARED for GOOD Reasons the Shark looks MEAN! I LOVE the Reassuring Smile on This Rescue Penguin she knows that she will Save Both Puffles :) WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…Oops! The Orange Puffles plays around in The Pet Shop and makes all the other Puffles upset! Don’t run over The  Penguin that might Adopt US! LOL :) Good Details and Movements in this Drawing I LOVE when a Picture tells a Story :) AWESOME WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)…I am the Director and The Script says…LOL…it can sometimes be hard to make other Penguin listen…I think this is from The Fairy Fables :) COOL Penguin eyes and flipper movements :) WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…Time for Tea at home :) The Shadowing in this Drawing is AWESOME! You made The Penguin Girls Vest look Fluffy! WELL DONE :) The Highlights in her hair are Good too :) And with the 3D effects on The couch you has created a Depth in this Drawing :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…A Fabulous Famous Penguin walking on The Red Carpet and The WHOLE Penguin Press are there for a Picture and an Interview :) She looks a little shocked over all this attention…I LOVE her shiny Hair and the 3D effects and depth in this Picture :) We can see how much the Purple Puffle and her Fans admires her :) I LOVE the Yellow Happy and Sad Puffle at The Stage Entry :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) See Earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Party with Cadence DJ in Server Bunny Hill :)

When I came to Backstage Cadence was Dancing in the Chocolate…LOL :) She is so FUNNY :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards Backstage :)…THANKS Legos13 for finding Cadence GREAT WORK :) Some Penguins asked if we could Party at The Stage so both Members and Non Members could have FUN TOGETHER…GREAT IDEA :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards Backstage :)

…To The Stage :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards Backstage :) ...Time to Party Dance and Play Games TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Cadence ALWAYS has so Much ENERGY I LOVE That :) First she asked us to stand on different side of The Stage…

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :) …Penguins at The Left say COLD! Penguins at The Right say ICE! Cadence was running back and forth between us :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :) …It was so Much FUN :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :) …Then she taught us how to handle boring People that wants us to be still! If anyone say DON'T DANCE! we say NO CHANCE! And then we DANCE :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :) …No matter sick or Ill we NEVER will be STILL…LOL :) We LOVE to Dance!

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :) …This was FUN THANKS Cadence :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :)

…and Then Cadence wanted to Show a New Dance :) It is called Wave, Dance, Sit! And you are suppose to do this as FAST as Possible :)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :)  …We are Ready!

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :)

…LOL…This was AWESOME! Cadence forgot the Dance Part so we skipped that too instead we added Ice Cream…Yummy :)

Cadence at Penguin Play Awards :)

…Let’s ROCK this Place! Wave…Dance…Sit! Dance like the Iceberg is Tipping OR is this the WAY to TIP THE ICEBERG ;)

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :)

…Sadly Many Penguins MISSED that Cadence was at The STAGE and Hurried Backstage! Just as they did with Aunt Arctic!

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :)

…We at THE STAGE had a FABULOUS FUN Time TOGETHER with Cadence and here we are Breakdancing TOGETHER :) 

Cadence DJ at Penguin Play Awards :)…Bye for now Cadence Aunt Arctic asked me to say Hi from her she is working with an Article for The Penguin Times Right Now :)

I have met Cadence in Club Penguin Many Times and she is ALWAYS so Much FUN :) See Earlier Partying TOGETHER with K Dance ANIMATED :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s Ship Migrator is Gone!

Rockhopper’s Migrator is no longer visible in The Telescope…Rockhopper and Yarr sailing Away at New Adventures :) I met Aunt Arctic at The Beacon and she looked little sad but then she said that Rockhopper will be back again someday…and TOGETHER…

…we went Backstage to eat some Chocolate and to Chat :)

Aunt Arctic and Saraapril :)

…A couple of days ago I interviewed my Aunt and asked her some questions about Rockhopper…Read More at FUN with Aunt Arctic in Server Freezer :)

New Igloo Music List Update :)

Today we got NEW Igloo Music :) Puffle Rescue: Ice Flow from the Puffle Rescue Game :) Anchovy Jazz and My Favorite Recycle! Earth Hour will be here in a few Days and I will Play Recycle in my Igloo until then as a Part in my Earth Hour Preparations 2010 :)

Igloo Music List in Club Penguin :)

See Earlier Igloo Music List :)

New PIN in Club Penguin a Cupcake Pin :) CHEAT!

In The Winter Sport Shop at The Ski Village you find Club Penguin’s NEWEST Pin :)

Sport Shop :)

…You have Found a Cupcake Pin would you like to Pick it up? YES Please…Yummy :)

Cupcake Pin :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

April 1 = April Fools FUN :)

Rookie, a very Funny Penguin, made an important announcement this week about an event that begins April 1.

“Hello, penguins! How are you? That's good. Many of you know that our island is normally normal. But did you know that  on April 1, things get a little silly when the annual April Fool's Party is in town?”

Rookie :)

“During this celebration, the laws of physics don't always apply. Rooms turn upside down, boxes flood the island, and everything goes topsy-turvy.”

“If you have a sense of humor, you may experience laughter and fun.”

“So do not be alarmed! Unless you’re an alarm clock. In which case, please continue to be an alarm clock. Thank you for your time.”

Rookie :)

LOL…Thanks Rookie for letting us know :) I am so GLAD that YOU Announced this It was a Long time sense you was in the Newspaper and I have MISSED you Welcome Back :)

Saraapril Reading The Newspaper :)I LOVE Club Penguins April Fools Party it is ALWAYS Hilarious FUN :) On This Post April Fools Party - What’s coming Up? You find out MORE about this Party and you find links and Memories to Earlier Club Penguin April Fools Parties :)

Mine Caves will STAY in Club Penguin :)

Underground Areas Here to STAY :)

There's good news for explorers! The under-ground areas are officially open for good.

Lots of diggin’. Lots of rescuin’. Even with all the frantic activity, these areas are holdin’ strong,” said an excited construction worker. 

“Yay! I’ve been digging up gold coins all day!” said another penguin with a jackhammer. “There’s  treasure here! It’s just waiting to be dug up!”

Along with the Mine Cave, the mysterious Hidden Lake is also open, but it seems the Underwater room is locked. There are some reports of member penguins finding a key.

Questions remain. A rescuer was overheard saying she saw something strange as she rescued a black puffle. Investigations will be ongoing.

Penguins can get to the Mine Cave by clicking the Mine Shack on their maps.

I LOVE The Beautiful and Mysterious Mine Caves so I am So HAPPY that they are Permanent Club Penguin Rooms Now :)

To Learn about ALL the Secrets in The Underground Mine Caves read this Posts :) Mine Caves are Opened Again :) and How to Play Puffle Rescue Game CHEATS :)

Saraapril at Hidden Lake :)

March 30, 2010 Penguin Play Awards Winning Play at The Stage :)

This is the final week of the Penguin Play Awards and the countdown to discovering this year’s winners has begun.

Voting ends March 28 so cast your ballots! The winner of Best Play will be featured at the Stage March 30! Nominees Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

For now, the show is still going strong as glamorous penguins walk the red carpet at the Plaza. There is excitement everywhere.

I met Aunt Arctic!” one penguin told us. “She showed up backstage to interview us! And she liked my costume!”

“I heard DJ Cadence might be showing up this week,” mentioned a mermaid. I really hope so!” Cadence at Backstage from Penguin Play Awards 2009 :)

The curtain falls on the Penguin Play Awards March 28, so cast your votes and join in the celebrations.

THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Article :) And for all The FUN we have had TOGETHER during This Penguin Play Awards Party so Far :) A GREAT way to celebrate is to interview someone and at The Ski Hill and The Dock is AWESOME Places to do that :) 

…and THANKS for the FUN Dot-To-Dot Puzzle you made for us too :) This Time I Guessed the Picture Immediately :)

…Yes I was Right  :) The Golden Penguin Statuette :)

…See Earlier Dot-To-Dot Puzzle :) I LOVE the Pretty Sparkling Voting Booth and I have Voted for my Favorites in All Categories so now Club Penguin Team know who I wish to win and get The Golden Penguin Statuettes :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

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