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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aunt Arctic and the Nominee Video 2010 Penguin Play Awards :) My Stories and Adventures :)

After Dancing and Singing I wrote down my Tour Guide Review and Waddled over to Aunt Arctic :) THANKS for the Help she said I am so busy working with The Newspaper right now…can you Please Help me with one more Thing?

Aunt Arctic :)

…I am ALWAYS HAPPY to Help :) I answered with a Smile :) What can I do?  Saraapril in Aunt Arctic's Igloo :)

…I would like to see the Nominee Plays one more time before I send this Article I working on to the Snowball Press…my deadline is soon and with all my other articles that I must Finish I have no time to waddle over to the Stage and watch them…is it any changes that you can record the Plays for me so that I can see them here in my Office?

Aunt Arctic :)

…Sure I said I will do that right away :) I waddled home to get my Video Camera and then to The Stage…

Saraapril at The Stage during Penguin Play Awards :)

…When I got all The Plays recorded I waddled Backstage to Clip The Tape and Produce a Video…DONE! I Waddle Back to My Aunt…THANKS Saraapril you have been so Helpful and saved me so Much Time let’s Watch The Nominees TOGETHER :)

…ALL The Plays are GREAT Aunt Arctic said and Now I know what to write :) THANKS Saraapril I found something I think you would like to Post on your Blog…Aunt Arctic handed me some Sketches…

Aunt Arctic :)

…I looked at The Pictures WOW!!! I said in Amazement These are  ORIGINAL Club Penguin Drawings from the Underwater Adventure :) THANKS Aunt I will certainly Post about Them on My Blog right away THANKS Aunt and Bye :) I waved to Aunt Arctic and then I Hurried home to Blog :) What a SCOOP!

Saraapril :)

…Here are The Handmade Drawings Aunt Gave Me :) The First is of Fearless Fiesel and Daring Daisy The Underwater Explorer Diving Penguins…

Original Club Penguin Drawings :)

…and The second is of Toby The Lobster :)

Original Club Penguin Drawings :)

…THANKS again Aunt Arctic for these unique Original Drawings :) If you need Help again just ask and I will be there :)

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Animated Tour Guide of Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

Most of you know That Club Penguins Annual Penguin Play Awards are here for us all to Celebrate :) I was asked by Aunt Arctic if I could do a Report for her to the Newspaper of this Party and I am HAPPY to :) I think the Best way to cover everything is to make a Guided Tour so WELCOME to join :) As this is a Special Glamorous Event I will change Dress for every Room :) First of all Lets Start at Town Here you find a Light Up Banner Announcing The Penguin Play Awards :) WELCOME :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Town :)

…The Stage is THE Place on The Island right now and Both Aunt Arctic and Cadence have been spotted inside The Stage having FUN :) Ahum…Sorry I forgot to say…Welcome to the Plaza! Actors come here to take to the Stage :) There's a special Awards Show in there now...

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :) …Vote for your favorites at this Pretty Sparkling Booth :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Voting Booth :) …The Plaza's also home to the Pizza Parlor...the Pet Shop, and some underground rooms! I LOVE the Star shaped Manhole :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 The Plaza Star :)

…Follow me and TOGETHER we will walk at The Red carpet into The Stage :) Penguin Play Awards 2010 WELCOME!
Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen and Puffles to The Stage and the second annual Penguin Play Awards!

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)…Feel free to get dressed up for the occasion Costume Trunk to Penguin Play Awards :) Be sure to vote for your Favorites and then jump on stage and have Fun! Take Time to Watch ALL the Fabulous Nominee Plays :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

…and CONGRATS! ALL that Wins The Glorious Golden Penguin Statuette :)  With the Switchbox 3000 you can add Light Effects, Sparkles and Confetti to The Stage :) If you are Lucky you might spot the Famous Yellow Stage Puffle too…CONGRATS Shakespeare :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Yellow Puffle :)

…ALL Members can now follow me to The Backstage…Welcome backstage! There are something here for Everyone. Grab some water or cocoa :) Freshen your Makeup and Fix your hair or take a Break and Rest and Chat Those chairs are for interviews :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)…Now we can waddle to…WAIT! Give me a Minute I want to show ALL our Non Member Penguin Friends the Special Effects in this Room :) First we need some Lights…grab and adjust The Microphone…Turn on Video Camera…Choose a Background :) Now I can see everything that Happens on The Interview Stage at This Monitor…LOL :) The Pretty Fish has watching us since The Award started she must know so MUCH about us now :)

Penguin Play Awaeds 2010 Backstage :)

…Okay I am Ready to Waddle the Dock Please Follow me :) Before This Tour Continue I need to Fix My Hair This Tour Guide hat makes it Flat! LOL…Turns on Lights around The Mirror :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Fix Hair :)

…and Then I need to Light up this Place! Two Spotlights will be Enough :) The Microphone is in the Right Position…Turn on The Cameras…Cameras Rolling and…ACTION!

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Dock :) …Welcome to the Dock! Reporters come here to interview the Stars of the Penguin Play Awards! You can also play Hydro-Hopper here. Take a ride on a tube behind the speedboat.

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

…Now it is time for us to Take The Ski Lift up to The Ski Hill TOGETHER :) No Technical Camera crew up here? No Problem I can Adjust The Big Microphone myself :) Let’s see…click on The Red handle and again…That's it :) Cameras and Lights on :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Ski Hill :)…Everybody Welcome to the Ski Hill! For serious sledding it's the place to be! It's also a great place to do interviews :) Feel free to start your own!

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

…Have you noticed this sign? You find one here up at The Ski Hill, The Dock and one in Town click on it and then you can Transport yourself to The Plaza :)

Penguin Play Awards Sign :)…That was ALL :) THANKS Everyone that have Taken this Guided Tour of Penguin Play Awards 2010 you have been a Wonderful Tour Group :) What did you say? You are Hungry?
YES! Of course! I Forgot…Silly me (slaps Flipper on Forehead) it must be the closeness to April 1 that starts to effect me…are you all secret Agents here? What? you don’t Tell…it is a Secret! Yes, Yes IF you have a Spy Phone you can use it to Transport yourself to The Pizza Parlor...I said IF! IF I am a Secret Agent? Hmmm…can’t tell! Anyway see you all at the…Pizza Parlor :) 
Actors come here to order the best Pizza! So come and Dine with the stars!

Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)…If you go into the can help make Pizzas with the Pizzatron 3000 and you can prepare Pizzas out here so The Guests can Watch and Admire your Pizza baking skills :)

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Pizza Parlor :) Parlor

…Turn on Light and it is Finally Time to Eat :) This is so Yummy :)

Pizza Parlor Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

…Everyone HAPPY now with Yummy Pizza in your Tummy? GREAT! THANKS again for Taking this Guided Tour soon I will waddle over to Aunt Arctic’s office to give her a written Report but First I will SING and DANCE :)

Dancing at Pizza Parlor Penguin Play Awards 2010 :)

…Have FUN at The Penguin Play Awards 2010 Waddle On! Friends :)

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