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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Iceberg FUN at April Fool’s Party 2010 :)

My FAVORITE Room at this Silly Party is The Iceberg :) I LOVE that All the Silly Boxes are Back they are so FUNNY :)

April Fools FUN at Iceberg :)

…and this Crazy sign is kidding us…OR…Aunt Arctic talked about Tipping The Iceberg too…Are you Lost? No but Thanks for Asking :)Where is The Town? Follow The Arrow…LOL :)  Welcome to The Iceberg! Thanks :) Which way is Up? LOL…Try to sit and you will find out…LOL :) Berg, Berg, Berg, Berg, is Da Word! Okay??? Who can Tip me? I think I know! When a Ninja master Fire, Snow and Water and have ALL Gems in The Amulet then many Ninjas can Tip The Iceberg TOGETHER :) Is that Right? It can be Quiet out here! Then you must LOVE all the Noisy Parties we have here :) Waddle ON!!! I am a Penguin that is how I walk…LOL :) Are you Lost? LOL…Only if I try to Follow your Directions…LOL :)

Iceberg Crazy Information Sign :)

…I LOVE Tip the Iceberg Parties they are so FUN :) Nobody has Tipped the Iceberg…YET…LOL :)

How to Tip The Iceberg in Club Penguin?

April Fool’s Party 2010 CHEATS – Ultimate Guide :)

Party Banner Not Updated!

The Big Auto-Updating Event Banner is still Announcing Penguin Play Awards! I should be Announcing The April Fool’s Party…THANKS to Y27 for noticing this Good Work :)

Another Thing I miss is a Log in Picture for April Fool’s! Club Penguin usually makes Opening Log in Backgrounds for Parties AND Our Island is Not Decorated Either??? Did they forgot or do they have so much work to do that they didn't had time to do these things? I will write them and ask :) The Latest Login Background Club Penguin Relisted was of Penguin Play Awards too…Penguin Play Awards Log in Background :) See Last Years April Fool’s Login Background Surprises Everywhere! See Last Years 2009’s April Fool’s Home Page Decorations :) 

Club Penguin Home Page :)

…The April Fool’s Party is still here and now I will go and Waddle Around at my Favorite April Fool’s Party Place this year :)

April Fool’s Party 2010 CHEATS Secrets and Surprises :)

UPDATE: I got an Answer from Club Penguin :) The reason that The Auto-Banner still show Penguin Play Award is that The Award still is HERE :) The Voting Boot is STILL AT THE PLAZA :) THANKS Club Penguin for letting us know :)

The Event Banner advertises the current entries in the What's New blog. Because the Penguin Play Awards are still featured as a current entry, the Event Banner is still featuring it. This may change in a day or so though.

Voting Booth :)

But it is kind of odd why the homepage was not updated for the April Fools party or Penguin Play Awards. I will be sure to let the right people know so it will be updated for the next party coming up!

Thanks for letting us know about the music not being updated in the Stage for the Golden Puffle. Again, I will be sure to let the right people know so this can be changed. Music Mistake at The Stage :)

THANKS to Amber at Club Penguin Support :) You are GREAT :)

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