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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toys R Us doesn’t have New Club Penguin Toys!

For as Long there have been Club Penguin Toys I have Talked and Talked to our Toys R Us Store that I wish they take in NEW Club Penguin Toys! Right now I wish to buy Series Seven Toys but they don’t have ANY at ALL!
It was not so long ago they got old Series Six! I wish for some special Plush Toys and 2” Mix and Max Figures but they don’t have them! 
And what about Card-Jitsu Cards? I rarely find any at all and when I ask for them they have no clue what I am talking about and they should know based on the fact that I have talked about and asked for them A LOT! Three weeks ago was the First time I saw that they had some Card-Jitsu Fire Cards!
Our Toys R Us never ever has any of the special Tins or New Club Penguin Toys! I would like to have an Orange Puffle but they don’t have any! Very soon more Club Penguin Toys will be Released:

Card-Jitsu Fire Trading Card Game Series 3 Expansion Deck

Card-Jitsu Fire Trading Card Game Series 4 Booster Box

Card-Jitsu Trading Card Game Series 1 Booster Blister Pack

I know that I don’t will find these items in my Toys R Us Either…Sigh…

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