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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Voting Booth at The Plaza is Gone!

Now When The Voting Booth at the Plaza is Gone The Penguin Play Awards is Officially over for this Year! Soon we will have an Auto-Update Event Party Banner Update :) I guess and Wish it will be About EARTH DAY :)

The Plaza :)

…Now I will Waddle Home me and My Puffles have so Much to do Today we have just bought a New Igloo and we have so Many Boxes to Move…See you Later :) Get Ready for Earth Day :)

Tip The Iceberg – New Coloring Page :)

Can we Tip The Iceberg in Club Penguin? LOL…Not YET…OR…LOL ;) I will Color this Picture and Glitter Glue all the Ice so it becomes sparkling just like it is on a Very Cool Sunny Winter Day :) And then I will give it to…You know Who :) He ALWAYS becomes so HAPPY for ALL Drawings he gets :) I LOVE you Grandpa :)

Tip The Iceberg - Coloring Page :)…You can PRINT this Picture out :) See Earlier Club Penguin Coloring Page :)

A Theory on when and How we can Tip the Iceberg in Club Penguin :) Iceberg FUN at April Fool’s Party 2010 :) and How to Tip The Iceberg in Club Penguin?

Favorite New Postcard - Penguin Poll :)

This weeks Penguin Poll is about Postcards :) My Favorite New Postcard is: Turn Green :) You’re Funny :) Nice to see you Again :) There are New Postcards? First take a Look at The New Cards here :)

Postcard Catalog Update in Club Penguin :) I will Vote for TURN GREEN :)

Penguin Poll :)

…This is How The Poll Looks Like Right Now :) What do YOU Think? Go and VOTE :)

Penguin Poll :)

See Last Weeks Penguin Poll :)

Penguins around The World :)

The Penguins World Tour Continue This week The Penguin King found a Beautiful Waterfall :) It is so calming to hear the sound of Water and this place is almost like the Hidden Lake Cave at The Mine Caves :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Two of the Puffles had a Puffle climbing Adventure…LOL :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…When our Friends were in Spain Cadence was visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid and ROCKED the Palace :) She Happened to dance into King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, Princess Infanta Elena, Princess Infanta Cristina and Crown Prince Felipe and taught them some new Groovy Moves :)

Penguins Around The World :) …Rockhopper found some BIG Penguin Statues…Can it be Mum and Dad Rockhopper? LOL :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Our Friends went to a Hill and took a Group Picture with a view of a City in the Background :) Anyone that knows what Town this is?

Penguins Around The World :) …Rockhopper riding a Carousel horse :) I Remember how Much FUN we had TOGETHER with Rockhopper during the Fall Fair Party :) See Club Penguins Carousel Animated…I LOVE Fall Fair FUN :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Next week more Pictures will be Posted :) Earlier Penguins Around The World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

Fan Art in Club Penguin :)

Today we got NEW Fantastic Fan Art in Club Penguin Community :)Watch out for the SHARK!!! LOL This Brave Puffle Rescue Penguin have picked up Three Puffles now they need to be brought back to safety…I Like the face expressions on the Puffles you can tell that they have 100 % confidence in The Puffle Rescue Penguin :) You have created a Good 3D effect of the Penguins jump :) WELL DONE!

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…A Pretty Penguin Girl walking on the RED Carpet during Penguin Play Awards :) The Fans and their wonderful outfits are Well Done and I like all the Bright Bold Colors in This Drawing :) GOOD WORK!

FAN Art in Club Penguin :) …This seaweed, squid Tomato Pizza look Yummy :) I Like the 3D effect and depth in your Drawing :) The Details of the Painting at The Wall and the way you outlining The Penguin proves that you are a Good Artist :) GREAT WORK :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…Time to Catchin’ Waves :) Oops! the red Penguin has borrowed Gary’s Surfboard 3000…LOL :) FUN idea :) GREAT Movements in this Drawing I can almost see the Green Penguin falling over any Second…With this Drawing you have succeeded to tell a Story! VERY WELL DONE :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…The Palette of colors in this Picture are AWESOME I LOVE the Colorful rainbow Sky and the HAPPY Smiling SUN :) This Pretty PINK Penguin Girl taking a walk with ALL her Best Puffle Friends :) What a PERFECT Penguin Day :) GREAT WORK :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…This Rock star Penguin Playing at one of The BIG Stages in Club Penguin :) GREAT Shadowing on The Penguins Face and Shoes :) It is Good Details in this Picture I Like the way the spotlights shining and illuminates the Background and the lights on the Background Wall :) WELL DONE :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

New Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

A New Community Featured Igloo is Here :)

Featured Igloo :)

…CONGRATS! to Snowzy532 :) You have a whole OCEAN in your Igloo! AWESOME :) I Like the slippery grey cliffs with blue waves coming up on them :) The Rock climbing Rocks are so COOL I would LOVE to climb on them GREAT WORK :)

Featured Igloo :) See Earlier Club Penguin Featured Igloo :)

Postcard Catalog Update in Club Penguin :)

Today we got our Postcard Catalog updated with New Cards that we can send to other Penguins in Club Penguin :)

Postcards in Club Penguin :)

…Nice to see you Again :)

Nice to see you Again :)

…You’re Funny :)

You're Funny :)

…Turn Green :) Earth Day is Coming to Club Penguin :)

Turn Green :)

…Some other cards have been removed and some older cards are Back :) This is the Cards that are available for us Right Now :)

Featured Postcards :)

Postcards in Club Penguin :)

……Terrific Friend Postcard – You’re a terrific friend!…

Terrific Friend Postcard :)

…Long Time No See Postcard - Nice to see you Again!

Long Time No See Postcard :)

…You’re Funny Postcard - You’re Funny!

You're Funny Postcard :)

…Turn Green Postcard - Turn Green!) Earth Day is Coming to Club Penguin :)

Turn Green Postcard :)

…Stage Postcard - Meet me at The Stage!

Meet me at The Stage Postcard :)

…Golden Puffle Postcard – Saraapril wants to star in a play with you!

Golden Puffle Postcard :)

…Friendship Postcards…

Friendship Postcards :)

…Cool Name Postcard – Cool name!

Cool Name Postcard :)

…Awesome Outfit Postcard – Awesome outfit!

Awesome Outfit Postcard :)

…I Like Your Outfit Postcard – I like your outfit!

I Like Your Outfit Postcard :)

…Hey There Postcard – Hey there!

Hey There Postcard :)

…Be My Buddy Postcard – Be My Buddy!

Be My Buddy Postcard :)

…Let's Hang Out Postcard – Let’s hang out! This Card was also under Featured Postcards…

Let's Hang Out Postcard :)

Puffles Postcards :)

Puffles Postcards :)

…Puffle Performance Postcard - Puffle performance in my igloo!

Puffle Performance Postcard :)

…Happy Puffles Postcard – Bring your Puffle out to play!

Happy Puffles Postcard :)

…Best Friends Postcard – Best friends for life!

Best Friends Postcard :)

…Cool Puffles Postcard – Your Puffles are Cool!

Cool Puffles Postcard :)

Party Postcards :)

Party Postcards :)  …Re-decorated Igloo Postcard – I’ve re-decorated my igloo! Come check it out!

Re-decorated Igloo Postcard :) …Cool Igloo Postcard – Cool Igloo!

Cool Igloo Postcard :)…Igloo Party Postcard – Party at my igloo!

Igloo Party Postcard :)…Igloo Party Postcard – Cool igloo party!

Igloo Party Postcard :)

Games Postcards :)

Games Postcards :)

…Hide and Seek Postcard – Saraapril wants to play hide and seek with you!

Hide and Seek Postcard :) …Mancala Postcard – Saraapril wants to play Mancala with you!

Mancala Postcard :)

…Sled Race Postcard – Meet me for a sled race!

Sled Race Postcard :)

…Find Four Postcard – Saraapril want to play Find Four!

Find Four Postcard :)

…Card-Jitsu Postcard – Saraapril challenges you to a match of Card-Jitsu…

Card-Jitsu Postcard :)

…Dance Off Postcard – Saraapril says “Dance off!”

Dance Off Postcard :)

Rooms Postcards :)

Rooms Postcards :)

…Pizza Parlor Postcard – Meet me at the Pizza Parlor!

Pizza Parlor Postcard :)

…Ice Rink Postcard – Saraapril has invited you to the Ice Rink…

Ice Rink Postcard :)

…Snow Forts Postcard – Saraapril Has invited you to the Snow Forts…

Snow Forts Postcard :)

…Pool Postcard – Saraapril wants to meet you at the Pool…

Pool Postcard :)

…Stage Postcard – Meet me at the Stage!

Stage Postcard :)

…Night Club Postcard – Meet me at the Nightclub!

Night Club Postcard :)

…See Earlier Postcards in Club Penguin :) And Here Postcards in Club Penguin :)

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