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Friday, April 9, 2010

Herbert’s Cave Home – Mission 11 Sneak Peek and Herbert’s Revenge :)

Today I got this Sneak Peek from Billybob :)


Wanted you to see this. See if you can figure out what it is...
Waddle on.
- Billybob

Herbert's Cave Home - Sneak Peek :)…WOW! This must be Herbert’s HOME! Look at The Number 1 Bear Mug! AWESOME! And I am so HAPPY that he has a Fireplace too so he can keep WARM :) I Like the Photo frames it makes the cave personal like a real Home :) Klutzy has his own place in front of the Fire and Look a Ball! A Klutzy TOY…LOL :) THANKS Billybob I can Hardly WAIT until the NEW MISSION 11 STARTS and HERBERT’S REVENGE!!! Time for investigation :) I wonder if the Entrance to Herbert’s Secret Hideout Cave can bee somewhere in The Mine Caves?

Looking for Herbert's Cave :) …If you want to see another Sneak Peek from Mission 11 go here: New Mission 11 Sneak Peek :) OR is this a Sneak Peek from Herbert’s Revenge?

Update: My Friend Cena12121 got another Picture take a look at that too :) I Think Herbert make Experiments with Plants and tries to figure out how to grow them Faster and Better just like I do :)

My Stories and Adventures Rockhopper’s Plants Part 1 :) and Rockhopper’s Plants Part 2 :)

Jmann93 has a Picture too :) So many Plants and a HOT PINK FLOWER :) This makes me so HAPPY :)

Monkeydude and Jeepkid7 has a Picture of the Entry to Herbert’s Cave Look at The Cool Tracks after the Drill Vehicle and a Blueprint so Herbert could build it…Hmmm is that Gary’s Blueprint? Lots of different Tools a Gear and a Snow Shovel :) Oops…This Cave has Video Surveillance it will be Tricky for us Secret Agents to Enter this Cave Unnoticed!

Pin Wii Working Benches, Magnify Glass, Boxes, Map of Club Penguin…Hmmm I Think Herbert is Planning something…Look he still has the Binoculars 3000 from Mission 9

Lebron Jr 23 has a Picture of an Almost Built Automatic Barrel Snow Shovel Machine? LOL :) Herbert is very Resourceful and Innovative it is sad though that he is up to so Much Mischief! Imagine what Amazing inventions Herbert and Gary could come up with if they worked TOGETHER :)

Ruben007 has a Picture too :) Barrel, Fuel, Nails, Notes, Water Balloon, A Model of The Ski Lodge, Prototype of the Mechanical Woodchopper Machine, Mystery Box, Magnet, a Mystery Device…Hmmm…All this stuff can be useful :)

Mimo777 another Friend got a Picture too :) Herbert likes to READ that is so COOL :) A PINK Flowerpot and a pretty Picture of a Warm Sunny Paradise Island :) I wonder what the icebox is for? It is not for fish because Herbert is a Vegetarian…

Chrisdog93 got a second Entrance Door to The cave…I wonder where this door goes? To a Garden or a Greenhouse? Herbert seems to keep good order in The Cave the Spade is well Placed in the Garden bed :) Notice The blue and green Electrical cables that goes from the Floor and through the Roof…OR are they for Floor Heating? LOL :)

Billybob has Posted a Sneak Peek from Herbert’s Revenge – Statue Sneak Peek :) Part of a Plant :) A Hand powered Elevator, Tools and a Stone Statue or Ice Sculpture in progress…WOW! This is interesting :) What is Herbert's Plan for that statue? We know that Herbert can be a bit self absorbed…sometimes A LOT…LOL :) Is Herbert Planning to take over Club Penguin Island and make it to HERBERT ISLAND and Place this statue over himself in Town?

Lux1200’s has got a Picture too and it fits with Billybobs! A Fake Palm Tree with coconuts, Another FLOWER :) Hmmm…that plant need some T.L.C…LOL :) And Bags with something…seeds? Dirt? Coffee beans…Manure? LOL :) And Another Door! Is this the same Room that is Herbert’s Cave or is this another Room? Herbert’s Revenge and Mission 11 TOGETHER?

Elec5 picture shows some kind of Blueprint? Pipes from a Heating system? The Beginning to a new cave Tunnel and Part of a Red Mystery Machine :) I KNOW that MACHINE!!! Take a Look at THIS :) More Exclusive Pictures from Billybob Found :)

Asulio sent me this Part of The Picture Puzzle :) Another Door we know That Herbert likes to dig so he must have made himself a Labyrinth System a whole Maze of Tunnels under Club Penguin! A Bucket filled with water, A Flip Chart and Lots of Club Penguin Times! That make sense Herbert wants to keep himself updated with everything that happens on Club penguin Island and The Newspaper is a GREAT way to do that! I wonder what Aunt Arctic will think about this?

Loki Terry got a Picture showing part of a door  and a Shelf with Bags, Corn, Boxes, Gear, Jet Pack, Grappling Hook and a Red Mystery office machine…can it be a Fax, Printer or a Laminator?

UPDATE: Billybob sent picture pieces to several Bloggers and I guess he want us to work TOGETHER to combine the Picture :) Right now Penguin Bloggers that have got a Sneak Peek works TOGETHER to get a WHOLE Picture of Herbert P. Bear’s Cave :)
I got an Idea :) If each of us keep our watermark on our part of the Picture and Link to each other it will show others how we ALL worked TOGETHER :) If this work I will Post the Picture here on this Post :)

Lets Work TOGETHER :)

Remember The Seeds Herbert Dropped when he escaped in The End of Mission 10 Waddle Squad? Thanks for that Rookie…LOL…don’t worry we can all make Mistakes :) I Think Herbert is very Earth Friendly and will Help us to GO GREEN :) I wonder is Herbert creating a Tropical Paradise?

Earth Day is coming to Club Penguin :)

Remember my old Post What will Happen in Mission 11? It looks like I will be right :) FLOWERS :) HURRAY!!!

Gary finds a package of seeds on the Floor :)…I and Jmann93 combined our Pictures to a Bigger one :) Here you can see MORE of Herbert’s Cave :) Again I LOVE the Pretty HOT PINK FLOWER and LOOK Herbert has a Orange FLOWER too :)

Herbert's Cave :)…Now Cena12121’s, Mimo777’s and Chrisdog93’s Pictures are  added too :) We are starting to get a Good idea on How Herbert’s cave look Like :) Click to enlarge this Picture :)

Sneak Peeks from Billybob Click to Enlarge :)

…I wonder if we can find the missing Pieces that will connect them to the other Five? And TOGETHER with some more Pictures we will get a WHOLE Exclusive Sneak Peek of Herbert’s Cave :) ATTENTION AGENTS! Time to work TOGETHER so we can find ALL pieces to Billybob’s Mystery Puzzle Picture :)

Ruben007 and Pin Wii sent me Their combined Picture :)

Sneak Peeks from Billybob :)

Lebron Jr 23’s and Monkeydude and Jeepkid7’s Pictures :)

Sneak Peeks from Billybob :)

Billybob’s and Lux1200’s Pictures combined :)

Sneak Peeks from Billybob :)

Herbert’s Revenge and Mission 11 TOGETHER?

Herbert’s Revenge – Statue Sneak Peek :)

More Exclusive Pictures from Billybob found :)

…More Pictures will Hopefully be added later :)

Update: Today we got MORE Sneak Peek Pictures from Billybob :) And That made it Possible to Puzzle TOGETHER a Bigger Picture of Two Different Rooms :) Herbert’s Revenge Two More Sneak Peeks :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge Trailer Video :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge High Quality HD Trailer Video :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peeks by Billybob :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge NEW Sneak Peek by Billybob :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge Picture match Game :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge – Sneak Peek :)

Update: Herbert’s Revenge Last Sneak Peek :)


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Tree House Igloo – Moving Day :)

Yesterday me and My Puffles bought a Tree House Igloo :) We all felt that we wanted to Live Closer to the nature and TOGETHER we started Decorate our new Home :)

Tree House Igloo :)…We have tried to make our Home so Eco Friendly as Possible :) For Example I put The Recycling Bin close to The Mail so that I can Put everything I don’t need DIRECTLY to Recycling :) If I don’t put it there immediately it will end up lost somewhere in our Igloo! AND I have talked to the Penguin that delivers the Mail that I don’t want any Junk Mail :) Both me and My Puffles LOVES our New cozy Home :) After moving all our Furniture and Clothes to our New Tree Home and after we were done Decorating we were so TIRED! Chillie and Purple made Tea for all of us and we had a FUN Tea Party TOGETHER :) THANKS Friends :) Then we had FUN Playing The Beginning and End Game :) It is sometimes Hard to Understand what Puffles says but I think I understood…LOL :)

Saraapril's Tree House Igloo :)…Now I will work around The Mine and in The Caves Planting Flowers :) See you There :)

Saraapril Planting Flowers :)

Get Ready for Earth Day :)

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