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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Herbert’s Revenge and Mission 11 TOGETHER?

Yesterday Bloggers from all over the world Received Pictures from Billybob :) When we decide to work TOGETHER the BIGGER Picture starting to take shape :) We know that the Picture that Billybob Posted Today is from the New Game for Nintendo DS – Herbert's Revenge that will be Released in June 2010 AND we are Promised a NEW Mission on Club Penguin too :) If it Possible that these two Mission are Connected in any way? Here is Billybob’s Picture and it Fits TOGETHER with Lux1200’s :)

Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek :)

…One thing we know for sure is that BIG Things are coming for Secret Agents Billybob told us so back in March 20, 2010 Herbert’s Revenge NEW Sneak Peek :) This Sneak Peek from Billybob is from The Next Mission to come in Club Penguin…Mission Eleven :) Another interesting Sneak Peek from Billybob :) Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge!

…See Much MORE EXCLUSIVE RARE Sneak Peeks Directly sent from Billybob to Bloggers all over the World that are put TOGETHER to a BIGGER Picture at This Post :) Herbert’s Cave Home Sneak Peek :)

…I LOVE PUZZLES :) THANKS AGAIN Billybob :) This is so EXCITING!!!

This is so EXCITING!!!  :)

…If Anyone of you get a Picture from Billybob Please let me know Remember to look in your spam Folder too just in case :)

Happy Pippi and Bunny Button’s Farwell Party!

Many of my Readers know and Love Happy Pippi and Bunny Button and their GREAT Blog :) June 1, 2008 was when The First Entry was Posted on their Blog so our Friends have been Club Penguin Bloggers for a Long Time :) Why are Happy Pippi and Bunny Button not Blogging Anymore? Well…It is Best if THEY Explain go to Their Blog and Read The answer there :) Goodbye 
But Before they leave The World of Club Penguin Blogging they will have some Parties to say Bye to ALL their Friends :)

Let’s Celebrate our Friends HAPPY PIPPI and BUNNY BUTTON :) Let’s show them our Appreciation and Wish them Good Luck :) Next Goodbye Party is very soon :) If you can go there and show them how Much you LOVE them :) Next Party will start very soon :) Your Party Invitation :)

The First Goodbye Party was Held in Bunny Button’s Igloo in Server Permafrost :) THANKS for All your Hard Work with the Blog Bunny Button :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :)

…We will Miss you…

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …We ALL Wish that too…

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …but we Understand…You will make GREAT Things in REAL LIFE :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …Bunny Button thinks Orange Puffles are FUNNY…LOL…They Are :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …Hearts for Bunny Button :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …and FLOWERS :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :)…and Clovers to Wish Bunny Button Good Luck and HAPPINESS in Life :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …then we got Pizza for Bunny Button and us ALL…Yummy :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …Bunny Button left to be interviewed by Narfinater…THANKS for the Party :) Hope so see you on another Goodbye Party Bunny Button :)

The Second Farwell Party :)

Bunny Button’s Igloo :) Hearts for Button :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …Happy Pippi had some Computer Problems but now she is Here too :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :)

  …Hearts for Happy Pippi :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :)  …It is so Much FUN that you BOTH can be here at The SAME Time :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …PARTY TIME :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …Then we ALL went to The Ski Hill here are Happy Pippi, Xlotx, Owen1075 and I having FUN Sled Racing :)

…Koloway is FAST in the Slopes :) Oops! A CLIFF…LOL :)

…Here I sadly got some Problems with my Computer and I lost most of my Pictures I took during the Party! That is so SAD because we had so Much FUN TOGETHER :) First we had FUN making and eating Pizzas at The Pizza Parlor and the we dressed up as look alikes To Bunny Button and Happy Pippi and Laughed, Danced, Sang and Played Music :) Bunny Button had to go…Bye Button THANKS for The Party :) I am glad that Happy Pippi could stay a little longer :) We ALMOST tipped the Iceberg then Happy Pippi got an idea :)TOGETHER we made a line across the berg and tried to Drill it in TWO…LOL :) I agree with Darkygreen75 GO GREEN :) And DANCE :)

…THANKS Friends for This Party I hope I can come to next one too :)

The Third Goodbye and Farwell Party :)

Hi Bunny Button :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :)

  …Happy Pippi couldn't come…Smiles for Button and Pippi anyway :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …FLOWERS for Friendship :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …and CAKE for Bunny Button :) Yummy…I LOVE Cake  :)

Bunny Button's Igloo :) …Time for Coffee :)

…Coffee for EVERYONE :) Just a Warning Coffee makes Orange Puffles VERY Energetic…LOL :) THANKS for the Party Bye for Today :)

…THANKS Happy Pippi and Bunny Button for all your Hard Blog Work and GREAT Posts :) When you have time Waddle On and I hope to see you both in Club Penguin :) I Wish you Both a HAPPY and GREAT Offline Life :) Have a  FANTASTIC FUTURE! Have a  FANTASTIC Future!Take a Walk on Memory Lane and read the Happy Pippi and Bunny Buttons Blog Archive :)

Herbert’s Revenge - Statue Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Work continues on our new Nintendo DS game, "Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge". It's getting close to being finished, and it should be good to launch sometime next month.

This week I've got a sneak peek from the game - one that you should find very interesting...

Herbert Statue

What do you think about this?

Also, I want to let you know that I'll be posting new sneak peeks every Saturday until "Herbert's Revenge" is released. I don't want to give too much away yet, but BIG things are in the works for all secret agents.

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Herbert making a Ice Sculpture or Stone Statue of Himself? OR is it Klutzy? Nah I Think it is Herbert…LOL :) And LOOK a TREE to The Right in The Picture :) Interesting…Herbert’s Cave Home Mission 11 Sneak Peek :)


Find More Sneak Peeks from Herbert’s Revenge and Links too :)

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