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Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Exclusive Pictures from Billybob Found :)

Herbert’s Underground Caves and Tunnel systems are more and more Mapped out :) GREAT we EPF and PSA Secret Agents get a Head Start in finding clues to The Herbert’s Revenge Game and Possibly to Mission Eleven :)

Elec5 has another Picture to add :)

Sneak Peek Picture from Billybob :)…In the same second I saw this Picture I knew where I could find Next Piece of the Sneak Peek Puzzle :) This Picture is connected to one in The Post I made in February Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek :) EPF Nintendo DS Game :)

Herbert's Revenge! Sneak Peek :)

Asulio got a Picture from Billybob too :) AWESOME! If we ALL continue to Work TOGETHER we will soon have the WHOLE Picture :)

Sneak Peek Picture from Billybob :)

…Keep up the GREAT Work Agents! TOGETHER we solve this Mystery and get Prepared for the NEW MISSION :) If anyone find More Herbert Pictures Please let me know and I will add them too :) The Director, Gary The Gadget Guy, Dot and Billybob will indeed be Proud of us ALL :)Keep up the GREAT Work Agents!

…On This Post you will find ALL Rare Exclusive Sneak Peek Pictures of Herbert’s Revenge and Possibly Mission 11 from Billybob :) Herbert’s Cave Home Picture Puzzle Collection :)

FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE to Play TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin :) Here are More Pictures from my private FUN with Friends Archive :) As it was some times ago since I Posted a FUN with Friends Post this will be a walk on Memory Lane :) Here  we are having a Waiting for Puffle Rescue Game to come Party :) We Rescue Squad Workers are Ready to Rescue :)

  …We will save Puffles :)

…Please, Please Club Penguin can you release The New Game soon? We are so eager to start saving The Puffles! And THEN the Amazing Super Cool and FUN Puffle Rescue Game was Released HURRAY!!!

…Both me and Yay212 LOVES the Puffle Rescue Game :)

…It is St Patrick's day Today lets Go GREEN for The Environment :) HAPPY Green Party :) Hi Spider880 :)

y…Woyu, Spider880, I Kingcroix and Wosdmvte had a Town Party :) Sure to the caves :)

…I wonder if Herbert has Googled something on this computer…How to catch a Puffle? How to Trap a Secret Agent? YES that must be HERBERT! On a Secret Mission FREE The Puffles!

…We are all so HAPPY that the Mine caves are here to stay :) And we wish for ALL Puffle colors to The Rescue Game :) BUT Herbert is up to Something! Lets go and investigate…

…Everything looks Fine up here and ALL the coins are still here too :)

…From here we have a good view over the Hidden Lake cave we are safe from Herbert up here :)

…but Club Penguin is not totally safe until we have stopped Herbert’s latest plan…is it Herbert that broke the Aqua Grabber?

…What if Herbert send Klutzy to spy on us?

…Time for an Aqua Grabber Dance Party cake for EVERYONE :) Rumors says that the Squid can come in here…LOL :)

…Squids in the Hidden lake :)

…HELP!!! Cherryu has caught me!!!

…I Escaped from Cherryu :) I am FREE :) She is NOT Happy…LOL :)

…Cherryu  almost got Spongebob524…

…let’s make the water Black so she can’t see us INKS!!!

…We Squids can see trough Ink…Oh NO Cherryu can see trough Ink water too…LOL :)

…All Squids SWIM we will NOT be Cherryu dinner Tonight!

…Look Woyu is a Pretty Mermaid :) Hi Pretty Mermaid what a Beautiful hair you have :)

    …Both me and Cherryu Grabs Hair…

…Eats hair…Yummy…Taste like seaweed…Woyu is VERY UPSET!!! Woyu cries…Sorry I was HUNGRY!

…spits up hair and gives it back…Woyu is HAPPY Again :)

…The Fishermen Cherryu gets a Wish if she promises not to eat me :) She wants the Water world Kingdom…

…Wish Granted…Follow me in Puffle Rescue and I will give you the Secret cave Key :)

…I LOVE the Underwater Cave it is so Serene and Colorful :)

…NO Cherryu you can’t eat the Fish she is our FRIEND :)

…I Live in this Shell :) Hi Kat Koa :) Spider880 spots a Crab…

…Crabs have STRONG claws…Squids have soft arms and tentacles…Hides from Crab…

…Wait a minute…Can it be Klutzy?

…Yes it IS! Klutzy spying on us! Let’s capture Him :)

…Got You Klutzy! Time to go to HQ and talk to Gary :)

…Woyu have seen Uncle Gary in The Commander Room lets Go :)

…Where is Gary? Look a Message on the TV Monitor…

…I have Kidnapped Gary the Gadget Guy now he will only make inventions for ME! HA HA HA You will NEVER see him again! I am Herbert P. Bear The Smartest Polar Bear on Club Penguin Island!

…You are the ONLY Polar Bear on Club Penguin Island! WHY are you so Mean Herbert? Give us Gary back NOW! I miss my Uncle! AND we have Klutzy! Do you want to exchange Gary for Klutzy?

…You want? Great meet us in the Forest! Time to work Agents we will bring Gary safely back Home again! To the Forest!

…can anyone see Herbert and Gary?

…I think I see something Moving…

…it is HERBERT! Wait who has Klutzy?

…Klutzy escaped! This is Commander Spider880 STOP Klutzy!!! He DOESN'T STOP!!! Hurry! Klutzy runs down to The Cove…AFTER HIM…

…There you are! Please Klutzy don’t be scared we just want to bring you to Herbert so we can get Gary back…

…Grabs Klutzy…NO! Klutzy escaped Again!

…Not so fast Klutzy I can swim…LOL :)

…Now let’s get Gary Back…

…Gives Herbert Klutzy gets Gary BACK :) Bye Herbert and Klutzy :) THANKS for Saving me Good Work Agents :) Nope I am not Hurt :)

…but I am Tired of eating Seaweed Pizza…LOL :)

…Listen Agents I have found out about Herbert's Plan!

…Herbert's goal is to Take over Club Penguin…

…and to make ALL Penguins to move to Rockhopper’s Island! Herbert say that ONE Island for Penguins is ENOUGH!

…Well Done Agents :) Stay Alert I will soon contact you for a New Mission…

…How I will contact you? Hmmm…talk to my niece Saraapril…and Read look for secret Message in The Club Penguin Times :) 

…Bye Agent :)

Herbert’s Cave Home – Mission 11 Sneak Peek :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have Play TOGETHER with in Club Penguin I will soon Post more Fun with Friends :) Waddle On :)

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