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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Littletias Igloo is BACK :)

When Littletias became a Club Penguin Member again so that I could do the How to Find Puffle Rescue Key to Cave? Video :) THANKS AGAIN Big Brother :) He got his Igloo Back from the Storage :) Littletias Club Penguin membership has Expired!
I asked what Igloo Item he was most Happy to see again and he said The COMPUTER! LOL...I KNOW That you would say that :) In 2 days Littletias membership will Expire AGAIN and his Igloo will return back to The Storage!

Littletias Igloo :) ...Until then and ALWAYS…GO GREEN!

Saraapril and Littletias :)

…now My Brother and I will Plant some Trees TOGETHER :)

Saraapril and Littletias Grows Trees :)

…If you have time Waddle over to the Forest and Plant some Trees too :)

Get Ready for Earth Day :)

More Fun With Friends :)

The FUN with Friends Walk down the Memory lane Continue here :) This first Picture is from March 18, 2010 :) Down in the dark Mine Caves I, Mrs Aiready and Shannyn Kell working Hard TOGETHER to dig up coins :)

…At The Night Club I met Bart38568 :) Hi Time to DANCE :)

…The Penguin Play Awards was so Much FUN :) At the Dock I got the opportunity to interview Mrs Aiready and THANKS for taking time from your Star Life for this interview :) First I want to ask How is it to be Famous? Do you get much Mail? Like many stars she didn't answer instead she asked ME a Question :)

How I find Aunt Arctic? …Oh…I do A LOT of Server Hopping and when Possible I work TOGETHER with Friends :)

…Mr Aiready met Cadence and she told me ALL about their Rocking Dance Meeting :) Mr Aiready: Cadence danced a lot :) COOL! I met DJ Cadence too TOGETHER we ROFL Attacked EVERYTHING…LOL :)

…It is so Much FUN but demanding to be a Reporter for a Prominent Event like this! I have to Look Fabulous ALL the Time…I better fix my Hair AGAIN…LOL :)

…Mimi12360 has all the Cameras and Lighting set…Camera Rolling…and…ACTION! Hi Tufftywufty Thanks for coming down here to The Dock so we can interview you :) I know that you have a busy schedule and it is an Honor to meet a Famous Actor Like YOU :) The Question ALL our viewers want to know is how it was to win a Penguin Play Awards Golden Statue?

…Here is Swim A Lot another FAMOUS Actor :)

…You have Played ALL Roles there are at The Stage :) Why did you become an Actor?

…A Reporter couldn't work without the camera Penguins :) Mimi12360 is one of the BEST Camera crew member I have worked with EVER and now I will interview her :) How is it to Meet and Tape ALL these FAMOUS Penguins?

  …It is Amazing :) Are they Funny? Yes all are Fabulous FUN :)

…I think you have one of the BEST and Most interesting work here in Club Penguin right now :) Thanks for the interview :) And THANKS to Mrpenguin452 for Recording this :)

…You want a Picture of me? Sure :) And now Back to Work :)

…Hi Idog0698 :) In your opinion What play had the best special FX?

…The work is done for Today and I, Mimi12360 and Idog0698 having a THANKS for a Good Work Day PARTY in my Igloo :)

…Idog0698’s Puffles are HUNGRY!!! Please feed them  :)

…I LOVE to chat with other Penguins and the Night Club Launch is a GREAT Place for that :)

Dance Contest Time :)

…In the Sport Shop me and Beckygirl 34 Partying like Cadence :)

…The April Fool’s Party is HERE :) Hi Fredfan4ever and Spider880 :) You find the white cocoa Bunny Costume in the Newest Penguin Style Catalog :)

…Yellow 1003 and I tries to Paint ALL the Dock not only on the Canvas…LOL :)

…This is FUN :) To The Pizza Restaurant :)

…Food Fight!I Agree with Angel12314 EWWWW!!!!!


…The Hidden Lake needs more water and Meta Knight9 and I are here to Help :)

…I wonder how many coins a BIG Treasure Box like this can hold?

…Pkittycat invited me to her Igloo to Celebrate Tree Creator’s Birthday :) CONGRATS! and THANKS for the Invitation :)

…Time to PARTY :)

…Like all BRAVE Sled Racers and never hesitate to slide down the slopes…LOL :)

…we must slide FASTER Pkittycat1 Tree Creator is WINNING…LOL :)

…Good Game! CONGRATS :)

…When I was Waddling Around in the Forest I met my Friend Edster12499 :) Hello :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Playing Card-Jitsu…Oops! LOL :)

…and Mancala :) I LOVE Mancala it makes me smarter for every time I Play :)


…HAPPY Win Dance for Edster12499 :)

…Penny51889, I and Edster12499 decided that we needed some Exercise :) Sled Race Time! WOO HOO!!!

…Edster12499 flying over Penny51899 and take the lead :) Well Done!

…This is FUN Again?

…This time we have a plan Penny51889 and I will work TOGETHER and Win over Edster12499 :) LOL :)

…And TOGETHER we will save our Planet :) Edster12499, Penny51889 and I Planting Trees :)

…Sabinagirl1 and  Conorj2 are Helping too :) GREAT! TOGETHER we will prepared the Mine for Earth Day :)

…Coffee Break :) Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

…Time to Work Again :) Konboy1 and Doctorwho 10 are here too GREAT!

…GREAT Idea Sabinagirl1 :) The Hidden Lake needs some Trees too :)

…Gary needs more coins to Pay for all the Material for The Recycling Machine 3000 he is building…Let’s find some for him :) Diving after Coins :)

…These are a FEW of the Things we have Done in Club Penguin :) THANKS to EVERYONE that I have met and Play with you ALL ROCKS!

For more FUN with Friends see Happy Pippi and Bunny Buttons Farwell Party!

New 6" Series 5 Puffles Toy :)

6'' Series Pet Puffles are here :) These must be the Wave 5 or Series 5 Puffles :) But they don’t look like the Cartoon Puffles so much…

This is The BIGGEST Plush Toy Puffle so Far 6 inch is about 15 centimeters and The original Puffles were 5 inch and those after that were 4 inch only the Puffle Bean Bag is BIGGER…LOL :) My Stories and Adventures: The Green Puffle Bean Bag :)

Club Penguin 6'' Blue Pet Puffle - The loyal Blue Puffle loves playing ball :)

Club Penguin 6'' Blue Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Green Pet Puffle - The playful Green Puffle loves clowning around :)

Club Penguin 6'' Green Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Red Pet Puffle - The adventurous Red Puffle is wide-awake and ready for fun :)

Club Penguin 6'' Red Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Black Pet Puffle - The strong Black Puffle loves skateboarding :)

Club Penguin 6'' Black Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Pink Pet Puffle - The cheerful Pink Puffle loves jumping around :)

Club Penguin 6'' Pink Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Purple Pet Puffle - The happy Purple Puffle loves making the dance moves :)

Club Penguin 6'' Purple Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Yellow Pet Puffle - The artistic Yellow Puffle loves drawing attention :)

Club Penguin 6'' Yellow Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' White Pet Puffle

Club Penguin 6'' White Pet Puffle :)

Club Penguin 6'' Orange Pet Puffle – not available yet

I LOVE ALL Puffles and if you want to see Animated Puffles Playing Around and Having FUN in Club Penguin you will find a Link Collection on this Post :) Puffle Party 2010 :)

I LOVE my Puffles :)The 6 inch Puffles are filled with a soft beanie center and covered with fun hair to smooth or style in Polyester and size 6'' H x 6'' W with a special coin to Unlock Items Online and available in the online Disney Store and probably other places too :)

Where to buy Club Penguin Toys?

Original 5" Puffles and Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 4" Puffles :)

Puffles Series 4 :)

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

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