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Monday, April 19, 2010

Treasure Book Series 8 – CHEATS :)

Once again we have a NEW Treasure Book this time it is Series Eight is it anyone more than me that thinks these Books starting to come out WAY to often? Anyway here is The Treasure Book and the secret Hidden Items :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Princess Hat, Fairy Wings, Magic Wand, Princess Costume :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…The Firestriker Hair, Black Sunglasses, Spikester Cuffs Hair, Orange Rocker Shirt, Orange Sneakers, The Spikester, Star T-Shirt, Black Electric Guitar, Black Sneakers…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Mouse over this Page and you will find the Hidden Green Sunglasses, Life Ring, Lifeguard Shirt :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Squidzoid Costume, Black Superhero Mask, Shadow Guy Costume, Blue Cape…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…A Super Secret…LOL :) Pink Superhero Mask, Pink Cape, Gamma Gal Costume :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Blue Top Hat, Blue Tuxedo, White Dress Shoes, The Sidewinder Hair, Seafoam Dress…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Another Secret item is Hidden at This Page :)The Move Star Hair :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Knight Helmet, Orange Shield, Knight Armor, Green Hooded Cloak, Green Tunic, Blue Dragon Costume…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Looking for more Adventures? Then you can use these Secret items :) Safari Hat, Beige Explorer Outfit :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…The Funster Hair, Blue Pompoms, Blue Cheerleader, Faery Wig Hair, Blue Soccer Jersey…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…and on This Page you find Hidden Items too :) Silver Watch, Whistle, Referee Jersey :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Black Bowtie, Black Suit, Black Dress Shoes, Red Propeller Cap, Red Sunglasses, Red Letterman Jacket…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…More Hidden items :) Graduation Cap, Black Glasses :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Exclusives :) The Strawberry Chill Hair, Green Skater Shirt, Purple Checkered Shoes, Crab Costume, The Buttercup Hair, Pastel Beaded Necklace, Pastel Pedal Dress :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…The Super Exclusives are The same as in Treasure book Series 7 and Treasure Book Series 6…

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…Blue Puffle, Green Puffle, White Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Orange Puffle, Purple Puffle :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…500 coins :)

Treasure Book Series 8 :)

…I Wish MY Toy Stores had MORE NEW Club Penguin Toys but they STILL have no Series Seven Toys…Toys R Us doesn't have New Club Penguin Toys! I know that I can buy Toys Online but what is the FUN with that? It is so COOL to see rows of Club Penguin Toys at the same time AND I Like to SEE the Toys I buy for REAL otherwise it is so easy to get Disappointed when the ordered Toys arrives and they are WAY smaller or in a Different color then I expected…and if I buy Toys in the Store I can make SURE that they have the Series on the Coin Code I looking for :)

Here are the Links to ALL The CHEATS in The Previous Treasure Books :)

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How to Unlock Club Penguin Items Online :)

Recycle Old Postcards in Club Penguin :)

Environment thinking and Recycling is all over Club Penguin :) Starting Today we can Recycle our old Postcards :)

Recycle your Postcards :)

…Are you sure you want to Recycle this Postcard from Club Penguin? Thanks for asking :) Yes I am :)

Recycle your Postcards :)

…another Mail Update: Remember that the Stage Postcards were Gone? Now They are Back again :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

Postcards :)

…I Think it is GREAT That we can Recycle Old Postcards that not are so important to us but I still wish for a Scrapbook to save my Favorite Cards and Memories in :)

I LOVE Recycling :)I LOVE Recyceling :)

I Wish we could get Recycling Emotes! Please Club Penguin can you make One or Two? That would be AWESOME :)

Recyceling Emotes :)

Earth Day is coming to Club Penguin :)

Green house and Earth Day – Sneak Peek :)

Environment Friendly Green Thinking is the way to go and Today we got a Update from Billybob about Earth Day :)

Hello Penguins!

This week, starting April 22, Club Penguin will be celebrating Earth Day! For a long time we've heard from many of you who wanted the chance to help protect the environment on the island. This event is that chance!

Everyone will be able to pitch in and help. And there's a special surprise too - a special room is being added that will stick around after the event is done! What kind of room is it? Well...

What do you think? How are you and your friends getting ready for the event? Let us know in the comments, and we hope you enjoy the event!

Until then... Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

LOOK at the Recycling Depot! Are we Building a GREENHOUSE in Club Penguin!!! WOHOO!!!!!  If we are I will waddle in there and NEVER Leave! LOL :) Look at the Pretty Flowers at the Entry Club Penguin gets Better and Better :) 

Greenhouse will be Built here  in Club Penguin :)

For Years I have done Experiments with Flowers and Plants in my Igloo and it would be AWESOME to have a Greenhouse to work in too :) I Remember when I talked to Uncle Gary and he thought a Greenhouse would be a GREAT Idea and TOGETHER we talk to The Director about it :) Playing with Herbert and Klutzy – My Stories and Adventures :)
I know this Room will be a Center for Recycling and I Wish that a part of it will be a Greenhouse too…Time will Tell :)
This is so FANTASTIC!  RECYCLEIASTIC!!  FLOWERIASTIC!!! I Wish Earth day started TODAY!!!

To Find out more about Club Penguin plans for the Future read this interview with Billybob :)

Community Tree in Club Penguin – Lane Merrifield interviewed :)

Day is coming to Club Penguin :)

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