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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PINK Puffle Fluffy Notebook Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Fluffy Notebook :) With its Padded Plush cover featuring a Velcro tab, this die-cut wirebound notepad contains 80 lined pages and looks exactly like a cheerful pink puffle. H17xW18cm approx. Suitable for children aged 3yrs+. Exclusive to Disney Store UK

Club Penguin Fluffy Notebook :)

WOW! I LOVE THIS!!! A PINK Puffle Book to write in! I would LOVE to have TWO of those one for a Notebook and One as a Diary :) Yes I keeping a Journal :) This new Puffle Pet Book is Super cute :)
Now I wish for a Fluffy PINK Puffle Pen to write with :) Please Club Penguin can you make one?

Saraapril talks to Pink Puffle Sweet :)

See more Puffle Toys New 6" Series 5 Puffles Toy :)

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

Recycling Plant in Club Penguin :)

The NEW Room in Club penguin is a RECYCLING PLANT :) But Before you can Enter this ECO Room you must Help out to Clean Up Trash in Club Penguin :) Collect used objects to Recycle around the Island. Once you have the Reward for Finding ALL of Them, you can Enter This Room :) Recycle Hunt CHEATS :) 

…The Recycling Plant :) Throw a Snowball in The Recycletron 3000 Machine and you will Throw Old Items that can be Recycled :)


…Xps6 and I are working with Recycling :) If you want to Throw items superfast click on the key t and then on left click…FAST…LOL :)

Recycletron 3000 :)

…We have collected used items that nobody wanted anymore and then we made them to something useful :) Buoy, Artwork, Lamp, I LOVE how the Machine ALMOST drop the Life Ring and Anvil …LOL  :) Recycling is so Much FUN :) And I LOVE the Cool Sound Effects too :)

Eco Friendly Recycle Machine  3000 :)

…Maxguy124678 and I having a HAPPY Throwing Recycle item Fight…LOL :) I LOVE This ROOM :)


…Time to Work again :)

Recycletron 3000 Controls :)

…The Recycletron 3000 Works PERFECT :)

Recycletron 3000 Monitor :)…THANKS Gary the Gadget Guy :) You have Created a useful and wonderful Eco Friendly Recycle Machine that will make life here in Club Penguin so Much Better :) GREAT WORK UNCLE GARY :)

Link Collection :) Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)

FREE ITEM Straw Gardening Hat outside Mine :)

Outside The Newly Redecorated and Fixed Mine Shack we have a Community GARDEN :) And here we can work TOGETHER to make things GROW :) Start to Pick up a FREE Gardening Hat…

…You have found a Straw Gardening Hat Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

…Put ONLY the Hat on and DANCE :)

Gardening Straw Hat :)

…Now you can use this Green Water Can to Help Grow Things in The Community Garden :)

Community Garden :)

Community Garden in Club Penguin :) SECRETS and FUN :)

Link Collection :) Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)

NEW Leaf PIN in Club Penguin :) CHEATS :)

The New Club penguin Pin is dedicated to Celebrate the Environment and Earth Day is a Leaf Pin and you find it here at The Ski Hill :)

Leaf Pin at Ski Hill :)

…You have found a Leaf Pin Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

Leaf Pin :)

Link Collection :) Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)

Recycle Hunt CHEATS :)

Scavenger Hunt :) We have a Recycle Hunt in Club penguin This will be so Much FUN :) Start by Clicking on The Recycle Bin at The Top Right :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…Start Your Hunt, And Look Closely where, You’ll find Beans and some Cozy Chairs :) I know this Riddle :) To the

Recycle Hunt :)

…Coffee Shop :) A Broken cup…

Recycle Hunt :)

…There’s a Mess spilled out on The Floor, Where you hear a Black Puffle Snore. Okay :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…The Pet Shop :) A Box with O’Berries…

Recycle Hunt :)

…From this Place, Great Waves can be seen. what you seek is near something Green :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…To The Cove :) You have to click on The Barrel before you can pick it up :) A Empty Cream Soda Barrel…

Recycle Hunt :)

…Use your Map and Travel Far, Garbage is found where Ninja’s Spar…

Recycle Hunt :)

…To The Dojo Courtyard :) Click on the Hot Sauce :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…This Trash is Hidden. Do not Fail, To Search Near some Penguin Tales :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…Here up in The Book Room you find next Item to Collect :) A Bean Bag :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…Find Green Space, and Look around, for this Thing that fell on The Ground…

Recycle Hunt :)

…The Forest :) A Club Penguin Times Newspaper :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…Where there’s a Ski Lift you will Find, Some Trash that someone Left Behind…

Recycle Hunt :)

…A Pizza Cardboard box is here at The Ski Village :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…One last thing, That must be Found, By Tracks that takes you Underground :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…Outside The Mine we have The Oil-drum…

 Recycle Hunt :)

…ALL Items are Collected and Club Penguin Island is FREE from Trash :) HURRAY!!! Time to Claim Prize :)

Recycle Hunt :)

…You have found a Recycle Pin :) Would you Like to Pick it Up? YES! YES!! YES!!!

Recycle Pin :)

…This is how The Recycle Hunt Pin Looks on My Player Card :)

Saraapril and Recycle Hunt Pin :)

…Now when I have Helped to find items to Recycle I can Enter The Recycling Plant Recycling Plant in Club Penguin :)

Recyceling Plant :)

Link Collection :) Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)

Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)

The Recycling Depot, Community Tree and Community Garden are FINALLY HERE in Club Penguin!!! HURRAY!!!!! And we have a RECYCLE HUNT TOO!!! AWESOME :)

Earth Day 2010 :)Preparations for Earth Day Link Collection :)  Earth Day is coming to Club Penguin :)

Earth Day 2010 :)

Recycle Hunt CHEATS :)

NEW Leaf PIN in Club Penguin :) CHEATS :)

FREE ITEM Straw Gardening Hat outside Mine :)

Recycling Plant in Club Penguin :)

Club Penguins Dot-to Dot Puzzle :)

Join The Earth Day Celebrations in Club Penguin :)

Community Garden in Club Penguin :) SECRETS and FUN :)

Earth Day Tour Guide :)

Earth Fairy Princess :)

Earth Day Party is Over!

Where can I find Klutzy Crab Costume in Club Penguin?

When I was working at The Mine I spotted Sarah 5 5 5 dressed like Klutzy in the Brand NEW Crab Costume :)

Klutzy Crab Costume :) …and then in Town I meet Lil Pingon in the Crab Outfit :)

Klutzy Crab Costume :)

…Crabs likes The Cove :)

Crab Costume :)

…Hi Klutzy :)

Klutzy Costume :)

…I LOVE This Costume :) I Wish I had one too…You find this New item the Klutzy Crab Costume in Club Penguins Treasure Book series 8 :)

UPDATE: Now you can get the Klutzy Crab Costume through Herbert’s Revenge Nintendo DS Game too :)

FUN with Friends :)

So Much FUN is Happening in Club Penguin all the Time :) Here are More Fun with Friends :) Xlotx, Cena12121 and I have a GREEN Party in Town :) Save the Earth!

…Plant more Trees! Go Green! Save the Trees :) I Planting Trees and Cena12121 IS a Tree…LOL :)

…Thanks Link2a for Helping out :)

…This is FUN :) We are so HAPPY that we soon can start Recycle in Club Penguin :)

…Tree Cena12121 needs to Grow Bigger…Let’s try to Water him and see what Happens…LOL :)

…Now we are Sea creatures swimming calmly and Happily in the Hidden Lake :)

…SHARK! Swim Fast before Xlotx EATS us!

…LOL…This is FUN :)

…I am Princess Ariel :) Under the Sea…

…Ursula has capture Sebastian but Ariel escaped and The Marine Environment Hero Xlotx saves Both Fishes…

…crabs and Mermaids…LOL :) Xlotx throws a bubble of Water Powers and…

…Oops! LOOK Cena12121 was Transformed to a GIRL! LOL :)

…Let’s start an Underwater Rescue Team we can call us the Sea Squad :)

…Link2a is a Nice Dragon :)  GREAT Nice Dragons are COOL :)

…Underwater Dance Party! This is FUN :)

…I and Pinkpuff 172 had a nice cup of Tea in The Coffee Shop :)

Sled Race Time :) Rojo Tuxedo, Pinkpuff 172, I and 10hourse sliding down the Slopes…WOHOO :)

…Ski Hill Party :) Can you see any Bunnies in the Bunny Hill?

…Pinkpuff 172 and I had so much FUN TOGETHER Playing Mancala :)

…Dancing on the Couch Party :)

Earth Day in Club Penguin will be so COOL!

…We need More Trees :) Thanks for the water Legos13 :)

  …Go GREEN Party :)

Dance Contest Time :)

…CONGRATS Pinkpuff 172 :) Hi Jedi4847 :)

…We had a Dance Party in Pinkpuff 172’s Igloo :) Mumbo32502 is on a Secret Mission :)

…How did I get Snow on The shovel down here? LOL :)

…Underwater Bubble Throwing Fight :)

…I Like the Underwater Cave Room :) And this is a GREAT Place to Play Hide and Seek :) My turn to count :)

…Here behind the seaweed is a GREAT Hiding spot…

…I found you…LOL :)

…I was Decorating my Bamboo Hut Igloo when my Friend Y27s came for a Visit :)

…TOGETHER we played with the Invisible Penguin snowball Thrower Trick :) Everyone that is in your Igloo when you click on Edit Igloo will disappear but they can still get you attention if they Throw a Snowball :) I Think this looks so Cool :)

Invisible Penguin throws Snowball :)

…THANKS Y27s for helping me Animate this you are a GREAT Friend :)

…TOGETHER we did Happy Flying and played Tag and the we started an Island Wide Hide and Seek Game :) I will hide here behind the Flower seed Bags at The Mine…

…You found Me :)

…I never Peeked at The Player Card so it took me a little while before i found Y27’s at The Ice Rink :)

…This is a GREAT Hiding Spot :)

…This Game is FUN and Club Penguin Island is Filled with GREAT Places to Hide :)

…HAPPY FLYING PARTY at Y27’s Igloo :)

…Hi 1w34e :)

…I am so HAPPY too see you I have Missed you My Friend :)

…1w34e has a GREAT Igloo :) THANKS for the Cake…Yummy :)

…The Community Tree will be Here :)

…Time to Work so we can Prepare the Mine for the Earth day Changes :) Ryerye519 grows pretty Flowers :) THANKS I will Help out too :) This is so Much FUN :)

…This were a FEW things that we have Played in CP :) THANKS to ALL Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin you are ALL GREAT :) Waddle On!

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