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Monday, April 26, 2010

Herbert’s Show – New Mission 11 Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

April is coming to a close, and a new month with new events and surprises is coming up. One of the biggest upcoming events is the long-awaited release of the new mission!

We've heard from a lot of Secret Agents who have been patiently waiting to hear what Herbert's been up to. I can't give too much away (since it's classified info), but I can confirm that Herbert's been plotting something BIG...


The new mission launches at the end of May. The team recommends that agents go through past missions to prepare their skills.

They also suggest that anyone who isn't an agent to consider joining the PSA. You won't want to miss this. How to be a Secret Agent in Club Penguin?

Do you have any other suggestions on how agents can prepare? Let us know!

Until then... Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready, and waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

This is interesting news indeed :) BOTH EPF Herbert’s Revenge AND PSA Mission 11 will be Released around the same time are they connected? Herbert’s Revenge and Mission 11 TOGETHER? Do you Remember Billybob’s earlier Sneak Peek from Mission 11? I guessed that Herbert and Klutzy would make a Public Announcement and now we know that that is EXACTLY what Herbert is doing…I will Prepare in Two ways I will Replay ALL Club Penguin Missions AND go and talk to my Uncle Gary…IF Herbert takes over Club Penguin ALL FUN Noisy Parties will be OVER FOREVER!!! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ALL Agents Herbert MUST be STOPPED!!!!!

Saraapril in HQ

Elite Penguin Force CHEATS!

Mission 1 Case of the Missing Puffles CHEATS :)

Mission 10 Waddle Squad CHEATS :)

Earth Day Party is Over!

The Earth Day Party is Over for this Year BUT this Party has changed Club penguin in a GREAT WAY :) The Recycling Plant and The Community Garden are now permanent part of Club Penguin HURRAY!!! The Free Garden Straw Hats are Replaced with Pretty FLOWERS :)

Community Garden at Mine Shack :)

…Welcome to the Mine Shack Home of the Mine and the Community Garden! Help water the garden by throwing snowballs into the Green bucket :) Beside the beautiful tree is the Recycling Plant where we use garbage to make useful stuff! Recycling is so COOL :)

Mine Shack Tour Guide :)

…I LOVE the Community Garden it is so Much FUN to Grow Vegetables and one day I hope that we can Grow FLOWERS here too…I wish…I wish…I wish :)

Community Garden :)

Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)

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