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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Send a Medieval Postcard :)

At The First page in the Penguin Mail Catalog we have got a Medieval Party card :)

Postcards :)…Meet me at the Tree Fort :) from Saraapril :) Last Year Club Penguin sent us TWO Special Rare Cards :) Medieval Postcards from Club Penguin :)

Meet me at the Tree Fort :)

See More Postcards in Club Penguin :)

Medieval party 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

Ye Knight’s Quest 1 CHEATS 2010 :)

The Underground Pool Cave is Now Transformed to the Quest Entry Area :) Before you start Ye Knight’s Quest click on the Instructions on the cave wall :) Knight’s Quest Instructions Hail Brave Adventures: Read the Signs, Solve the Puzzles, Collect the Treasure :)

Knight's Quest 1 :)

…If you are a Club Penguin Member you can Now Start Ye Knight’s Quest :) THANKS Littletias for your help with this Picture :)

…I am Ready to start the Quest :)

Knight's Quest 1 :)

…First Light up ALL the Orbs :)

Knight's Quest 1 :)

…in the Next room you must Hit 50 Targets with snowballs but don’t worry you can work on this TOGETHER with all the Penguins in this Cave :) AND here you find a FREE item :)

Knight's Quest 1 :) …You have found a Staff and Shield Would you like to pick them up? Yes Please :)

Staff and Sheild Knight's Quest 1 :)

…in Next cave room you find another FREE item :)

Knight's Quest 1 :) …You have found a Iron Helmet Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

Iron Helmet Knight's Quest 1 :) …it is Easy to get Lost in The Cave Maze but don’t worry just take a Hint…LOL :) Ye are Lost!

Knight's Quest 1 :) ...Ye are Lost Again!

Knight's Quest 1 :)

…Ye are Still Lost! Hi SPIDER880 I am so Happy to see you my Friend :) AWESOME outfit you have from The New Penguin Style Catalog :) If you still don’t find the way read this Post Maze Guardian My Stories and Adventures :)

Knight's Quest 1 :)…I found the Serene Cave :) Last Year I had an AMAZING adventure here Klutzy’s Secret My Stories and Adventures :)

Knight's Quest 1 :)…You have found an Iron Amour Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

Iron Armour Knight's Quest 1 :) …Now I am The Black Knight :) My Next Quest will be to Look for a Dragon :)

Knight's Quest 1 :)

…When you Exit from the Serene Cave Room you end up here at The Mine Shack :)

This Knight’s Quest is Pretty Muck the same as Last Year only the FREE Items are Changed :) To find more Details about how to walk through the Labyrinth read this post from Medieval party 2009 :) The Quest! Knight’s Needed in Club Penguin :) And here you find This Years NEW Ye Knight’s Quest 2 Guide and CHEATS :)

Medieval Party 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

Knight’s Quest 2 Guide and CHEATS :)

Knight’s Needed (and Princesses too!) The Kingdom of Club penguin needs adventure seekers. Head to the Underground to begin thee Quests.

The Ye Knight’s Quest 2 starts at the Underground Pool Cave just like the Ye Knight’s Quest 1 :)

Knight's Quest 1 and 2 :)…WOW! So Much HOT sause…LOL…Start with reading the Signs :) When Snow Beats Fire…The Way will Open…Okay :) Hint: Put out the Torches :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)…Throw snowballs to Beat The Fire :) I LOVE the Hissing sound when the snow hits the Fire :)

Knight's Quest  2 :) …LOOK a Way appeared :) let’s go Brave Princesses and Knight’s :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)

…A Riddle is our Quest…Move the Key to The Keyhole  :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)

…DONE :) Let’s go :)

Knight's Quest  2 :) …WOW! A FREE Item :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)…You have found a Noble Hose would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

Noble Horse :) …Someone DOESN’T want us to Finnish our Quest!  DANGER! STAY AWAY! GO BACK NOW! BEWARE DRAGON! Princesses Welcome! CAUTION HOT! RUN AWAY! AAAAAAhhhhhh Wipe your Feet…I think we are Brave and can go on…I am a PRINCESS KNIGHT I am NOT Scared…gulp…LOL :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)

…A BIG SCARY DRAGON!!! What will I do NOW???

Knight's Quest  2 :)

How to Defeat the Dragon! Fill up Barrel Click on Button when GREEN to spray (x 3) Throw snowballs at The Dragon to Stop the Fire…

Knight's Quest  2 :)

…Take That Silly Dragon…LOL :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)

…The Dragon is Defeated :)  But wait! LOOK! This Dragon is NOT REAL! This is a Mechanical Dragon! I wonder if Gary The Gadget Guy made this Dragon to let us have a FUN Quest OR if Herbert is behind this to keep ALL Secret Agents AWAY from the Caves?

Knifgt's Quest 2 :)

…The Knight's Quest is FINISHED! And I can enter a FABULOUS Cave Filled with GOLD :) and??? LOL a Toothbrush? and a Coffee cup??? LOL :)

Knight's Quest  2 :) …Up here I found a PIN :)

Knight's Quest  2 :) …You have found a Toothbrush Pin would you like to Pick it up? YES Thanks! I like to keep my teeth in shape :)

Toothbrush Pin :)

…AND a FREE ITEM too :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)

…You have found a Dragon’s Gold Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :) Secret of the FREE Item Dragon’s Gold :)

Dragon's Gold :)

…The Dragon’s Gold is an Igloo Item and Here are the Different ways it can Look :)

Dragon's Gold :)

…I LOVE the calming Music in this Room :) THANKS Club Penguin for this FUN Quest now I will go and Play it Again :)

Knight's Quest  2 :)…When you leave The Dragon’s Cave you will end up outside the Knight’s Quests again :)

The Next time you Play the Quest you just wait and the Stone Dragon will sink and the path will open OR you can Play it the FUN way and Throw Snowballs :) The Labyrinth is Different You can Choose to Solve it or use the Red Button…I will Play the Game again :) THANKS Club Penguin for making the Key Labyrinth different this makes the Knight’s Quest so much MORE FUN :)

Knight's Quest 2 :)

CHEATS to Ye Knight’s Quest 1 :)

Medieval Party 2010 CHEATS and LINKS :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS! May 2010 Medieval Party :)

This Catalog is AMAZING! Club Penguin has gone all out and Create a Medieval Fairytale :) I Have never seen so Pretty Dresses before in Club Penguin EVER! THANKS Club Penguin for these Extraordinary Fabulous Fantastic Outfits and Costumes :) As always I will help you find ALL the Secret Hidden items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The Duchess Hair 400 coins, Duchess’ Dress 550 coins, Duke’s Hat 150 coins, Duke’s Outfit 400 coins and Pointy Shoes 200 coins :)

Medieval Party Outfits 2010 :)

…On this Page you find the First Hidden item in this Catalog :) Mouse over the Page and you will find the Green Dragon Costume 1000 coins :)

Green Dragon Costume :)

…The Damsel Hair and Hat 400 coins, Damsel’s Dress 450 coins, King’s Crown 400 coins, Royal Scepter 150 coins, Royal Robe 400 coins and King’s outfit 375 coins :)

Medieval Party Costumes 2010 :)  …Beautiful Braid Hair 400 coins and Emerald Dress 550 coins :)

Beautiful Braid Hair and Emerald Dress  :)

…The Fair Maiden Hair 400 coins, Maiden’s Gown 425 coins, Gold chain 150 coins and Squire Outfit 325 coins :)

Medieval Party Costumes 2010 :)…Knight Helmet 400 coins and Knight Amour 600 coins Do you want to Work? The Blacksmith Apron is for sale for 100 coins :) See how to use it at Penguins at Work - Ye Old Blacksmith :)

Medieval Party Outfits 2010 :)

…Green Hooded Cloak 550 coins :)

Green Hooded Cloak :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close Three times then open again and you will find the…

Red Viking Helmet  :)

…Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

Blue Viking Helmet  :)

…Green Face Paint :)

Green Face Paint :)

…Top Hat 350 coins :)

Top Hat :)…Dazzling Blue Top Hat 475 coins :)

Dazzling Blue Top Hat :) …Dazzling Blue Tux 850 coins :)

Dazzling Blue Tux :)

  …Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins :)

Cocoa Bunny Ears  :)  …Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins :)

Cocoa Bunny Costume :)

…Pastel Suede jacket 700 coins :)

Pastel Suede Jacket :)

…Pom Pom Scarf 250 coins :)

Pom Pom Scarf :)…ALL Penguins Both Members and FREE Penguins can buy Backgrounds :)

…This is the NEW Background :) Would you like to buy Dragon's Lair Background for 60 coins? YES PLEASE :)

Dragon's Lair Background :)

For Medieval  Tabards, Shields, Lute and Toro red this Post :) Medieval Catalog :)

Now I am Ready for all The Medieval Party FUN see you around in Club Penguin :) Waddle On :)

Saraapril :)

Medieval Party 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

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