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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Herbert’s Revenge NEW Sneak Peek by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

It's Saturday, which means I've got a new sneak peek of "Herbert's Revenge" for everyone.

We've heard lots of ideas on what's been shown so far, and this time we're adding a little challenge.

Below are a bunch of pictures of the lair, but they're all mixed up. It's up to you to figure out what pieces fit where... and what they show.

Herbert's Revange Sneak Peek :)

So from all the clues you've been given, what do you think is going to happen in "Herbert's Revenge"?

Let us know in the comments, and keep checking here for more big news on the Elite Penguin Force.

Until then... Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I Think Herbert plans to take OVER Club Penguin! Most of Today's Sneak Peek Picture are already Posted on my Blog But Three were NEW :) The Rounded Door Picture can be added to this Picture :)

Herbert's Revange Sneak Peek Puzzle :)

…and the Computer Picture fits here :)

Herbert's Revange Sneak Peek Puzzle :)

…The Umbrella Picture doesn't have a Match yet…To see More Pictures from Herbert’s Revenge and how these Picture Puzzles develops look at this Herbert’s Revenge Pictures - Link Collection Post :) 

Saraapril :)

Medieval Party Tour Guide 2010 :)

The Medieval Party 2010 is here and very much is the same as Medieval Party 2009 so if you want to see Animations of the Party and learn some secrets that are hidden in the rooms you find them in the Link Collection of Medieval Party 2009 :) Now it is Time for a Tour Guide of our Medieval World so Please gather around…We will start here at The Town :)
Welcome hither to the Town Center! Here ye can relax at Ye Olden Coffee Shop :) Dance at the Knight Club or buy gowns from the Gift Shop :) If you want to do a Knight’s Quest Click on the Sign Knight’s Needed you will find them in different locations around Club Penguin Island :) Follow me now and we will waddle to…

Medieval Party 2010 Town :)

…Welcome to Ye Olden Coffee Shop. Rest your royal flippers here! Behold the bag of beans in the corner there be the game Bean Counters :) Now lets waddle upstairs to…

Medieval Party 2010 Coffee Shop :)…Welcome to Ye Olden Library. You can read books from the bookshelf here. You can also play Mancala. A game enjoyed by many Royal Penguins! I Love to sit up here and write stories, click on the Feather pen :) What are you saying? You don’t have Medieval Outfits? Silly me…slaps flipper on forehead…follow me…

Medieval Party 2010  Book Room :)

…Thou art in the Gift Shop. Ye can buy gowns and armor from the monthly catalog. Colors and backgrounds can be bought as well. Spend thy coins wisely. Penguin Style Catalog :) Click on the Red Puffle on the sign for a Black Puffle show :) Are everyone done shopping? Great now it is time to Party :)

Medieval Party 2010 Gift Shop :)

…This is the main floor of the Knight Club. A great place for a Royal ball. Here, thou can play DJ3K and sign up for a Dance Contest :) DANCE! DANCE!! DANCE!!! Now we will waddle upstairs…

Medieval Party 2010  Night Club :)…Welcome ye to the Knight Club Lounge :) Here, Kings and Queens reign, jesters jest and knights plan their next adventure! What did you say? You would like to talk in an Oldy Fashion way? Well, Sorry Club Penguin didn't add the Medieval Party speed Messages this year…No I have no Idea why…Yes I will contact them and ask why…Yes I Promise :) Anyway feel free to make up your own Medieval Lines :)

Medieval Party 2010 Lounge :)

…Time for a Joke or two Medieval style :)
Why did the princess go to the print shop? To find her Prints Charming!

What time is it when a knight looks at his belly button? The middle of the knight!

What's a knight's favorite fish? A swordfish!

Why did the king go to the dentist? To get his teeth crowned!

What's big and scary...and wears sunglasses? A dragon on holiday!

Why did the king draw straight lines? Because he was a ruler!

When do castles and kingdoms sleep? When it's knight-time!

Why does history keep repeating itself? Because we didn't listen the first time!

LOL :) This was FUNNY :) We can need that for now we will go to…

…my Least favorite part of this Party…Welcome to the Ski Mountain Fortress! Ask the magic mirror what ye seeketh. This be the place for knights to sled. The easiest course is Bunny Hill. The hardest be Ridge Run. If you mouse over the Mirror it TALKS! Ahhh…This place is SCARY let’s Hurry away from here to the…

Medieval Party 2010 Ski Hill :)

…This is Ye Olden Ski Village. To the right are the Princess's Lodge Castle and Ye Olden Sports Shop. To the left, the Ski Mountain Fortress! It is FINALLY time to enter the Pretty Princesses Palace :)

Medieval Party 2010 Ski Village :)

…Welcome to the Princess's Lodge Castle! It is a great place for a Royal ball or a tea Party! Thou can play Find Four with friends or go Ice Fishing out the back door :) I LOVE this Place it is so PRETTY :) Click on the butterfly…Oh so Pretty :) Do you like to see more of the Castle? Sure Follow me upstairs :)

Medieval Party 2010 Lodge :)

…This is the Princess's Lodge Attic. Here ye can feed leaping fish or play Find Four with thy royal friends :) I LOVE this room click on the bowl with fish food :) Thanks for taking the Tour you have been GREAT…What? you want to see more? But, but I Like to stay here at The Pretty Princess castle and…Yes I am a Tour Guide…Yes I get paid to be a Tour Guide…Okay…Okay…The Tour will continue at The Dock meet me there…see you soon again fine fishes…YES I AM COMING! WOW! They are worse than Mum!

Medieval Party 2010 Lodge Attic :)

…Here we be at the Dock. Yonder be traveling blacksmiths. Thou can also play Hydro-Hopper here. Take a ride on a tube behind Ye Olde speedboat :) Now it is time to Waddle to the…

Medieval Party 2010 Dock :)…This is the Beach, home of the Wizard's Lighthouse. Yonder there are beautiful gemstones! And inside, magic awaits ye! I LOVE to be here at the Beach and Dancing in the glow of the Gem stones :) Now it is time to Waddle inside…

Medieval Party 2010 Beach :)…This be the Wizard's Lighthouse. A place where magical things happen! And here you find a FREE Wizard hat just walk right up to it :) If you mouse over it the Magical hat will start Dancing :) FREE Wizard Hat Medieval Party Gift :) Does everyone have a Hat? You already had this item? And you? You have waited FOREVER for this item to be Back :) GREAT I am so HAPPY that you Finally got a Wizard’s Hat :) CONGRATS :) Do you know what is upstairs? No? Follow me :)

Medieval Party 2010 Lighthouse :)

…Welcome ye to the Beacon! Help keep it alight by adding logs to the fire. If thou art feeling brave try the Wizard's flying machine! It is a FANTASTIC view from her but Pretty Windy and chilly click on the wood to add Logs to the Fire :) GREAT That is much Better now I am warm again :) I think it is time to Play a Game meet me at The Snow Fort :)

Medieval Party 2010 Beacon :)

…Ye Olde Snow Forts are fun for snowball fights. Click the snowball icon to throw one. Yonder is the Club Penguin clock. It showeth the time in the Club Penguin Time Zone. Mouse over the Snow Throwers for extra Snow Battle Power :) LOL this is FUN :) Another Place to Play is…

Medieval Party 2010 Snow Fort :)

…Here we are at ye royal Stadium where many tournaments are played. Gather thy buddies and start a game! I think I will bring my cardboard horse here and …YES! I know I am a Tour Guide I meant LATER after the Tour…Follow me to…

Medieval Party 2010 Ice Rink :)

…Welcome to the Plaza! Here, ye can feast in the Pizza Parlor watch a performance at the Stage or adopt a Puffle at yonder Pet Shop :) Puffles are so Fantastic let’s visit them :)

Medieval Party 2010 Plaza :)

…The Pet Shop is where thou can adopt a Puffle. Puffles are animals native to Club Penguin. They have different colors and personalities. They make great pets for knights or princesses! To play with the Puffles mouse over them the MOST of them likes to play…LOL :) And remember to feed them before you leave, just mouse over the O’Berry Box with Food :) This was FUN but now I am HUNGRY! You are too? Okay Follow me to the…

Medieval Party 2010 Pet Shop :)…This is the Pizza Parlor. Gather around the round table yonder and order the best pizza a knight can eat. If ye waddle into the kitchen ye can make pizzas with the Pizzatron. Yummm…This Pizza is so YUMMY! Mouse over the Harp for pretty music :) Pizza, that was exactly what we needed are you ready to Waddle on? GREAT! To the…

Medieval Party 2010 Pizza Parlor :)

…Behold the Forest! Climb yonder ladder to visit the Tree Forts! Cross the bridge to see the garden. Or go to the Cove by walking down those stairs. I LOVE to Throw Snowballs at the Target :) Last Year I and my Puffles had an very FUN day Playing around here…Klutzy’s Challenge My Stories and Adventures :) You want to climb up in the Tree? Sure :)

Medieval Party 2010 Forest :)

…Welcome travelers to Ye Olde Treetop Fort! This fort was added just for the Party. Some Puffles have already found their way up. Mouse over the Puffle’s eyes in the Tree to make them come out :) This tree is FILLED with different Puffles! I hope this hollow Tree is strong enough…just in case…wear your Jet Packs all the Time up here…LOL ;) Now Follow me to the…

Medieval Party 2010 Treehouse :)

…This be the Cove! Here thou can tell Knight's Tales practice thine archery swim, or test thy surf skills. Be careful not to rust thine armor! You want to hear a Story? Now? Well…Sure :) What about Klutzy’s Secret - My Stories and Adventures :)  another one? Okay once I meet the Maze Guardian - My Stories and Adventures :) Now let’s go and seek some adventures have you met the…

Medieval Party 2010 Cove :)

…Behold! A dragon in the Mine! Princesses, Kings and Queens, fear not! 'Tis nothing to be scared of. Brave Knights should play Puffle Rescue and save missing Puffles! But before you do that Follow me to…Oh…I almost forgot use the Swithbox  3000 for FUN Dragon effects :) Now Follow me to…

Medieval Party 2010 Mine Cave :)…Ye be now in the Cave. Here, ye find the start of Ye Knight's Quest and the path to a dragon's lair! Only the bravest should enter the gates! Please keep off the treasure. Yes that’s right it is a Fortune of coins laying here…didn't you hear? KEEP OF THE TREASURE! EMPTY your Pockets right NOW! BEHAVE yourself! We better get out of here…

Medieval Party 2010  Underground Pool :)

…Welcome ye to the Smithy. It gives heat and power to Club Penguin. Here you can read old editions of the newspaper. Or take a quest in the Cave. Mouse over the Air Pump to help the Fire going :) Now it is time to go back trough the Cave and enter a Ye Knight’s Quest :) And YOU Stay off the…You are sorry? Okay? You got Gold Fever? You are ashamed of yourself? That’s okay we all appreciates and accept your apology :) TOGETHER we will now waddle on…

Medieval Party 2010  Boiler Room :)

Ye Knight’s Quest 1 CHEATS :)

Welcome questers! Thy challenge room awaits. Light the orbs to unlock yonder door! Hither be the second challenge room! Hit the targets to further thy quest! Hear ye, hear ye! Ye be in the Maze. They say it goes on forever! If ye be lost, then follow the clues...or ask for help :) Ye be lost brave knight! Follow thy clues carefully and ye shall find thy way! Are ye lost? Try going another way and use the clues to help thee. Ye be going the wrong way! Verily try ye a different route! Quester, turn back! Thou art lost in the Maze. Ask for help from a fellow knight! Quester, use the clues! The pictures will show the way. Here's a clue, when you see a crab, turn to thy right! Thou art really lost! Here be another clue...when ye see a fish, go up. Still lost? Then thou needest another clue...when ye see a jellyfish, turn left. Thou art very lost indeed! Here be another clue....when ye see a picture of a boot, go down. Congratulations brave Quester! Ye hath foundeth the end of the maze Behold ye great treasure!

FINALLY! WE DID IT! Thanks Princesaboni and ALL OTHER Penguins that working so hard as Guides in the Maze you are all doing a GREAT Work :)

Medieval Party 2010 Knight's Quest 1 :)

…This Tour Group is FANTASTIC! You are ALL Great Knights :) Are you Brave and willing to go Beneath the Volcano? You are GREAT :) Lets GO!

Ye Knight’s Quest 2 Guide and CHEATS :)

Ye be now beneath the Volcano. Here, ye find the start of a new Knight's Quest. To continue, put out the torches and discover the hidden path! Ye must be clever to continue your quest! Solve the puzzle to unlock the door. Beware the dragon! The path ahead leads to certain trouble! Beware! Beware! It's not too late to turn back! Avast! A great robotic dragon! We must defeat it. Use the water cannon! Throw snowballs! Work together and be brave! Behold the dragon's treasure! Let us capture the dragon's treasure and celebrate our great victory!  HURRAY! WE DID IT and YES you can take as Much GOLD with you as you want! Yes you too :) Help yourself :)

Medieval Party 2010 Knight's Quest 2 :)

…Thanks for taking this Tour You have been a GREAT Group :) Have FUN During The Medieval Party :) Now I will go and play with my cardboard horse and then I will go to The Pretty Princess castle see you there :)

Medieval Party 2010 CHEATS Guide and Link Collection :)

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