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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Miss List by Screenhog :)

This is a Message from Screenhog :)

Hi everyone, it's Screenhog.

We know lots of you are still questing in the Underground - exploring the mazes and discovering treasure. Here's a list of other things that you definitely need to check out before the party's over:

  • Rule your kingdom at the thrones in the Night Club Lounge
  • Hold a tournament at the Rink with jousting and snowball targets
  • Check out the Beacon at the Lighthouse - there's a big bonfire
  • The mirror at the Ski Hill tries to answer your questions
  • The princess castle at the top of the Coffee Shop - the fountain even has Koi fish
  • If you go to the Gift Shop market, you'll see a special Medieval Party catalog
  • The snowball throwing contraptions at the Snow Forts
  • The Book Room has been turned into an old library, with scrolls everywhere
  • There's a wizard's hat in the Lighthouse... have you picked up one yet?
The party's all done May 16. Let us know what you like best - and anything new you'd like to see for future medieval parties.
- Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

LOL Screenhog made a Typo the Princess Castle is at The Ski Village :)

Saraapril outside Princess Castle :)

…I wish for a NEW Quest and for a HOT PINK Princess castle filled with Pretty Flower and Exotic Birds and I wish they were flying around singing :)

For ALL the Medieval FUN read this Link Collection Medieval Party 2010 Guide and CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Thanks Screenhog for fixing the list :)

  • The princess castle at the Ski Lodge - the fountain even has Koi fish

Knight’s Quest 2 VIDEO Club Penguin :)

The Ye Knight’s Quest 2 is so Much FUN and I Like all the Cool Music in the Quest :) I LOVE the Hot Sauce,The Key Labyrinth and The Dragon is SCARY…LOL :) And the Treasure Room is so…GOLD!!! LOL and the Music in there is so calming :) ONLY Club Penguin Members can take part in the Quest’s so for ALL my Non Member Free Playing Penguin Friends I have made this Video so you too can see the NEW Knight’s Quest 2 :)


Read more about the Ye Knight’s Quest 2 Guide and Cheats :) 

Medieval party 2010 Guide, CHEATS and Link Collection :)

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