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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Featured Igloo on Community Club Penguin :)

CONGRATS to Sled619 :) I LOVE that your Igloo is so Puffle Friendly :) I think your Puffles are Lucky that have someone like you to take care of them :) GREAT WORK :)

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Favorite Medieval Room - Penguin Poll :)

We have a NEW Penguin Poll :) It is another question about the Medieval Party :) My Favorite room at the Medieval Party is: The Tree Fort, The Pizza Parlor, The Princess's Ski Lodge or The Wizard’s Lighthouse…I will vote for the Prettiest room The Princess's Ski Lodge :)Penguin Poll :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now…

Penguin Poll :)

…You can VOTE too :) Please make YOUR opinion known :)

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Medieval Party 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

Postcards are Replaced and Missing!

This Postcard Welcome to Club Penguin is NEW  :) BUT it REPLACES the…

Welcome Postcard :)

…OLD Welcome to Club Penguin Card so If you have this Card saved as a Memory in your Mailbox it is REPLACED with the NEW card and LOST FOREVER!!! This is NOT FUN! Please Club Penguin can you stop doing things like this?

OLD Welcome Postcard :)

…We have had this Card for at least a Year and it Replaced…

Great Game Postcard :)

…This OLD…Thanks you for a Good Game Card…

OLD Thanks for Good Game Card :)

…It makes me so SAD when Old Memories get Replaced…I Collect Rare Cards in my Mailbox but sadly I can’t trust Club Penguin to let me keep them Rare Halloween Storm Card RUINED! PLEASE Club Penguin can you stop doing this? Please create NEW Swf files instead and let us keep Old Cards too…Pretty Please :)

NEW Furniture Catalog CHEATS - Better Igloos :)

FLOWERS!!! The New Furniture Catalog Better Igloos May – Jun 2010 is FILLED with PLANTS and FLOWERS!! I am so HAPPY!!!

Better Igloos Catalog :)

…Evergreen Plant 240 coins, Potted Tree 250 coins, FLOWER POT 175 coins :) Potted Palm 280 coins and Spikey Plant 230 coins are ALL NEW items :) HURRAY!!!

FLOWERS and PLANTS :)…and now I will help you to find ALL the Secret Hidden Items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :) Time to start mouse over the Pages…somewhere on this page you find a Secret Hidden Ficus Plant 320 coins :)

Ficus Plant :)

…Poodle Plant 430 coins :)

Poodle Plant :)

…Snake Grass 230 coins :)

Snake Grass :)

…Bulrushes 340 coins :)

Bulrushes :)

…HD TV 1000 coins :)

HD TV 1000 :)

…Green Deck Chair 400 coins :)

Green Deck Chair :)

…Green Bookcase 450 coins :)

Green Bookcase :)

…Recycling Bin 50 coins :)

Recycling Bin :)

…Clover Balloon 15 coins :)

Clover Balloon :)

…Clover Garland 150 coins :)

Clover Garland :)

…Blue Lamp 100 coins :)

Blue Lamp :)

…I MUST buy Many Many Plants to Decorate my Igloo This will be so Much FUN I LOVE to go GREEN :)

Grey Ice Castle Igloo Updates Catalog CHEATS :)

Grey Ice castle Igloo Updates Catalog CHEATS :)

We got a NEW Igloo Catalog Today :) So Now we can Live in a Medieval Igloo if we wish :)

Igloo Upgrades Catalog :)

…on this Page you find the First Hidden Secret Igloo :) Mouse over the Page and you will find the Secret Stone Igloo 2000 coins :)

Secret Stone Igloo :)

…The Grey Ice Castle is a Brand NEW Igloo :)

Grey Ice Castle :)

…Pink Ice Palace 4900 coins :)

Pink Ice Palace :)  …Bamboo Hut 3200 coins :)

Bamboo Hut  :)

…Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 coins :)

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo :)

And we have got a NEW Furniture Catalog CHEATS – Better Igloos :)

New Postcards in Club Penguin :)

I LOVE the Community Garden and Today we got a Community Garden Postcard that we can send to other Penguins THANKS Club Penguin :)

Help me with the Garden :)

This Postcard Welcome to Club Penguin is NEW too :) BUT it REPLACES the Old Welcome card…Postcards are Replaced and Missing!

Welcome to Club Penguin :)

This is how the Postcard Catalog looks like right now :)

Featured Postcards :) 

Featured Postcards :)

…Welcome Postcard - Welcome to Club Penguin!

Welcome Postcard :)

…Great Game Postcard – Great Game!

Great Game Postcard :)

…Community Garden Postcard - Help me with the Garden!

Community Garden Postcard :)

…Stopping By Postcard - Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon!

Stopping By Postcard :)

…Golden Puffle Postcard – Saraapril wants to star in a play with you!

Golden Puffle Postcard :)

…Tree Fort Postcard - Meet me at the Tree Fort!

Tree Fort Postcard :)

Friendship Postcards :)

Friendship Postcards :)

…Cool Name Postcard – Cool name!

Cool Name Postcard :)

…Awesome Outfit Postcard – Awesome outfit!

Awesome Outfit Postcard :)

…I Like Your Outfit Postcard – I like your outfit!

I Like Your Outfit Postcard :)

…Hey There Postcard – Hey there!

Hey There Postcard :)

…Let's Hang Out Postcard – Let’s hang out!

Let's Hang Out Postcard :)

…Find the Pin Postcard – Help me find the pin!

Find the Pin Postcard

Puffles Postcards :)

Puffles Postcards :)

…Puffle Performance Postcard - Puffle performance in my igloo!

Puffle Performance Postcard :)

…Happy Puffles Postcard – Bring your Puffle out to play!

Happy Puffles Postcard :)

…Best Friends Postcard – Best friends for life!

Best Friends Postcard :)

…Cool Puffles Postcard – Your Puffles are Cool!

Cool Puffles Postcard :)

Party Postcards :)

Party Postcards :)

…Re-decorated Igloo Postcard – I’ve re-decorated my igloo! Come check it out!

Re-decorated Igloo Postcard :) …Cool Igloo Postcard – Cool Igloo!

Cool Igloo Postcard :)…Igloo Party Postcard – Party at my igloo!

Igloo Party Postcard :)…Igloo Party Postcard – Cool igloo party!

Igloo Party Postcard :)

Games Postcards :)

Games Postcards :)

…Hide and Seek Postcard – Saraapril wants to play hide and seek with you!

Hide and Seek Postcard :) …Mancala Postcard – Saraapril wants to play Mancala with you!

Mancala Postcard :)

…Sled Race Postcard – Meet me for a sled race!

Sled Race Postcard :)

…Find Four Postcard – Saraapril want to play Find Four!

Find Four Postcard :)

…Card-Jitsu Postcard – Saraapril challenges you to a match of Card-Jitsu…

Card-Jitsu Postcard :)

…Dance Off Postcard – Saraapril says “Dance off!”

Dance Off Postcard :)

Rooms Postcards :)

Rooms Postcards :)

…Coffee Shop Postcard – Meet me at the Coffee Shop!

Coffee Shop Postcard

…Pizza Parlor Postcard – Meet me at the Pizza Parlor!

Pizza Parlor Postcard :)

…Ice Rink Postcard – Saraapril has invited you to the Ice Rink…

Ice Rink Postcard :)

…Snow Forts Postcard – Saraapril Has invited you to the Snow Forts…

Snow Forts Postcard :)

…Pool Postcard – Saraapril wants to meet you at the Pool…

Pool Postcard :)

…Night Club Postcard – Meet me at the Nightclub!

Night Club Postcard :)

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