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Sunday, May 23, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

POPCORN is the BIG Thing in Club Penguin right now and Secret Agents knows why…I and Dogmuffin1 does our Part and Tries to EAT as Many we can…LOL :)

…Herbert Really caused a LOT of Damage…but I agree with Gary The most important thing is that nobody got hurt! Now we need a Plan to Catch Herbert…

...TOGETHER in the EPF HQ we make up plans :) GREAT idea Got3n :)

…Yup you are Right Vwgirl10 it is A LOT of Popcorn and they are in The Ski Village and Sport Shop too…LOOK here are some scraps from the wrapping of Herbert’s Popcorn Bomb…

…Time to clean up this Mess…Thanks for the Music Fluffygood :) It is so Much Easier to work when we have GREAT Music :)

…Valtterim and I working GREAT TOGETHER :) Open your Beak so I can Shovel Popcorn in it…LOL :)

…When we were cleaning in the Old HQ we took time to think of a Plan…How can to stop Herbert? Hmm…can we track his phone again? OR…

…TOGETHER with other Agents we started to look around in the Debris AND we found Herbert's PLAN!

…HELP! This shows that it can be a SECOND Popcorn Bomb! AHHHHH! OUT FROM HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

…False alarm…LOL :) Just to be safe we better stay out here and eat Popcorn until Uncle Gary have HQ secured…A Message to ALL Secret Agents: Your New Mission is…EAT POPCORN…LOL :)

…This Mission is YUMMY…LOL :)

…My Stomach is FULL so let’s work so we can be HUNGRY again :) Thanks DeeDee91694 for Helping :)

…This is FUN :)

Popcorn in Winter Shop :)



…I am Hungry again :) Time to EAT MORE POPCORN!!! BIG Please :) Thanks Player71 you are a GREAT :)

…I LOVE Popcorn especially with salt and Cayenne Pepper on :) Hi Ajander :)

…COOL! Sceezle :) I am eating Popcorn for real right now too :)


…jumps, Dives and Swims in Popcorn :) Ajander made a Popcorn Angle :) Cute! I will make one too :)

…Ajander’s Orange Puffle LOVES to EAT :) GREAT IDEA! Orange Puffles are PERFECT for this Eat Popcorn Mission :) I brought Purple she can DANCE away the Popcorns…LOL :)

…Time to investigate…

…Hi Supperfish1 and Kmkuhns can a PINK Snowboard be a clue? LOL :)

…for a moment we thought we had found a Message from Herbert BUT it was from the Store Keeper…Have a FUN POPCORN Party :)

…so we had :) It is so Much FUN to Hide in Popcorn…LOL :)


…THANKS to EVERYONE that I have Played TOGETHER with in This FUN Popcorn Mess :) You are ALL GREAT :)

Popcorn Tour Guide :)

Veggie Villain Mission 11 CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :)

Rockhopper’s Flowerpots :)

The Flowers have changed again…This one has no Flowers anymore…

Rockhopper's Flowerpots :)

…BUT the Tree is ALIVE! HURRAY :) HappyCrazy LOVES the smell of the Orange Flower :) DON’T EAT IT! LOL :)

Rockhopper's Flowerpots :)

Thanks Slidoo for telling me that Rockhopper’s Flowers had changed :)

See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked Earlier :)

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