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Monday, May 24, 2010

Game Manual Guide Herbert's Revenge Elite Penguin Force - Club Penguin :)

Here is a Game Manual Guide with Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Help for the new Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge :) It is Time to Unravel Herbert’s Plans :)

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge Nintendo DS :)

Game Description:
Herbert P. Bear is back and up to more mischief in Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge for Nintendo DS™! The thrilling sequel to the hit Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is where you can continue your adventures as an Elite Penguin Force agent. Explore all new mysteries and missions, and compete in exclusive DS mini-games.

Characters featured in program:

  • Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy, Gary the Gadget Guy, Rookie, The Director, Dot the Disuse Gal, Jet Pack Guy, PH the Puffle Handler, Elite Puffles

Game Features

  • Join the force and save the island!
  • Play alone or with friends to unravel Herbert P. Bear's latest mischievous plans on your DS!
  • Take on the role of an Elite Penguin Force agent, completing top secret missions.
  • Use all your special gadgets to solve puzzles and get out of jams.
  • Play brand new exclusive DS-only mini-games.
  • Earn coins playing your favorite Club Penguin mini-games to spend in Club Penguin DS or transfer to your Club Penguin Online account. Unlock special items online.
  • Includes DGamer™ - the online community exclusively for Disney gamers. Create a unique 3D avatar, personalize your profile, unlock exclusive Disney collectibles, track your in-game achievements and chat with your friends using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection on your Nintendo DS™

Getting Started
1. Make sure the POWER switch is OFF.
2. Insert the Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge Game Card in the Nintendo DS™ slot.
3. Turn the POWER switch ON. Note: the Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge Game Card is designed for the Nintendo DS™ system.
4. Please read and accept the Health and Safety screen by touching the bottom screen.
5. If the game does not automatically launch, select the Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge game icon from the DS launch screen.

Herbert's Revenge
Always mischievous polar bear Herbert P. Bear is back and things are heating up on Club Penguin. Now it's up to agents of the Elite Penguin Force to cool Herbert's heels before he hatches his new plan. But what could his plan be? You'll need all your secret agent skills, G's cool gadgets, and plenty of help from some highly trained Puffles to get to bottom of whatever plot Herbert has cooked up. Are you the right penguin for the job?

The Main Menu
Create a penguin and get started. From the Main Menu, use the stylus on the Touch Screen to select EPF Missions, Mini Games, Multiplayer and Account.

EPF Missions

Here's where you click to accept challenging EPF missions and stop Herbert in his icy tracks.

  • The Elite Penguin Force
  • Secret of the Fur
  • Questions for a Crab
  • Mysterious Tremors
  • Spy & Seek
  • Waddle Squad
  • Veggie Villain
  • Suspect at Large (That is what Herbert is called in the Secret Agents Handbook The F.I.S.H The PSA Club Penguin :)
  • Herbert’s Plan
  • The Ultimate Mission

WHAT? SIX of these Missions are ALREADY Released and can be Played for FREE in Club Penguin Online!!! I hope they NOT are Exactly the SAME!!!Saraapril :)

Club Penguin Mini-Games
Coins you earn playing your favorite Club Penguin mini-games can be spent on clothing and accessories in Club Penguin DS or transferred to your Club Penguin Online account.

  • Jackhammer
  • Grapple Gadget
  • Aqua Rescue
  • Amazing Maze

This opens the Multiplayer Menu where you can join or create a multiplayer session with a nearby Nintendo DS.

From here, you can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (or set up Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection if you haven’t already). You will then be asked for your account credentials. Walkthrough for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection :) 

Main Game Screen
The Top Screen shows your penguin card, your current location on the map, and your current objective. The Touch Screen shows the view right in front of your face!

Penguin Card - That’s your penguin, dressed in the cool clothes and cooler accessories you find or purchase.

Map - Tap this to open the navigation map.

Unlock Items – Unlock up to 12 exclusive customization items that also synchronize with

Spy Gadget – G has invented a lot of gadgets for the Elite Penguin Force, but none is more valuable than the Spy Gadget. Secret Agent Gadget Sneak Peek from Billybob :)

  • Spy Gadget Help Book - Even seasoned Elite Penguin Force Agents sometimes need a refresher course on the uses of the Spy Gadget.
  • Two-Way Communicator - Use the Two-Way Communicator to talk to other EPF agents, wherever they happen to be.
  • Decoder - The Decoder allows you to unscramble scrambled messages. You can also use it to create coded messages of your own.
  • Spy Log - All EPF agents keep track of their to-do lists, important clues, and conversations in their Spy Logs.
  • Mechano-Duster – Use the Mechano-Duster to clean up snow, grime, paint and dust from objects to reveal what lies beneath.
  • HQ Jump Button - Press the HQ Jump Button to be whisked immediately back to EPF Headquarters.
  • Snake Game – When all six snake pieces are collected for the spy gadget, you can play a snake game.
  • Scissors – A helpful tool for snipping something into two pieces.
  • Wrench – The wrench comes in handy whenever there are bolts that need to be unscrewed.
  • Comb – Not the most useful tool in the Spy Gadget, it is mainly used to untangle knotted fur.

Other Items

  • Puffle Whistle - This whistle summons Spy Puffles to your side from anywhere in Club Penguin. Unlike the Two-Way Communicator, the whistle’s range is not obstructed by walls or weather.

You can open the map any time by tapping the Map icon in the upper right corner of the Touch Screen.

  • Warp Locations - Click on a location to warp to it; or, if you are one hop away, click to waddle to it.

Tips and Tricks and Herbert’s Revenge Cheats :)

Here are a couple more things to note before waddling off on your first mission.

Spy Puffles
EPF Spy Puffles look like the regular Puffles you're used to, except Spy Puffles have been trained in special abilities. There are eight different Spy Puffles, each with its own special color – and its own special ability. Use the Puffle Whistle to call one to your side during a mission.

Talking to Other Penguins
You never know what a penguin knows, so talk to every penguin you meet and ask what's up! During a conversation you can choose what to say by selecting from several possible comments. Once you have chosen, select it by tapping it with your stylus.

If you need a break, press START to open the Pause Menu. Tap Resume to return to the game, or tap Quit to exit to the Main Menu.

After you create a Club Penguin profile, Club Penguin DS saves automatically.

Bonus - Unlock Items Online*
Look for a secret code on the back of your Elite Penguin Force agent card included with your game. Then go to and enter your code to unlock cool new items online!
*One time use by original purchaser only

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
To play Nintendo DS games over the internet, you must first set up the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on your Nintendo DS system. Please see the separate Nintendo WFC Instruction booklet included with this game for directions on setting up your Nintendo DS.

To complete the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection setup, you will also need access to a wireless network device (such as a wireless router) and an active broadband or DSL account.

To protect your privacy, do not give out personal information such as last name, phone number, birth date, age, e-mail or home address when communicating with others

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection game play uses more battery power than other game play. You may prefer to use the AC Adapter to prevent running out of power when using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
You can also play Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection compatible games at selected internet hotspots without additional setup.

The Terms of Use Agreement which governs Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection game play is available in the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Instruction Booklet or online at

For additional information on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, setting up your Nintendo DS or a list of available internet hotspots, visit (USA, Canada and Latin America) or call 1-800-895-1672 (USA/Canada only). Disney interactive Studios :)

This New EPF will be so Much FUN I can Hardly WAIT until I get a Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Game so I can start to Play :)I can Hardly WAIT :)

Read this too :) Walkthrough for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection 

Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peeks :) EPF Nintendo DS :)

Herbert’s Revenge High Quality HD Trailer Video :)

UPDATE: Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

The Puffle Pranksters CHEATS Mission 14 – Nintendo DS :)

Cheats, Walkthrough, Guide and Tutorial for The Puffle Pranksters Mission 14 Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

First Download this Game to your Nintendo DS via the Wi-Fi Connection :) Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup Club Penguin :)

Time to Play :) As Always Listen and Talk to the Penguins you meet in the Game. Take a Good Look around you and click on everything to find clues and Secret Hidden coins :)

You meet Rookie in the HQ talk to him :)

Agent Saraapril! You won’t believe this! All of the elite Puffles have gone missing! I try blowing on my whistle and acting like an O-berry, but nothing works…

Go to the Puffle Training room to see PH located at The Secret Room in the Dojo :)

Talk to RH :) And take the Puffle O- Berry you get offered :)

Go to The Pet Shop to talk to the Pet Shop Clerk he tells you to go to the underground pool…

…at the underground cave pool you will find a white Puffle and a Secret coded message on the ground…Decode it…NOPE! I don’t help you with that answer YOU are a SMART Secret Agent you can do it :)

The Puffle Pranksters :)

Why is it tracks around the White Puffle? Go to pet shop clerk and ask :)

He will tell you to clean up the Puffle but unfortunately he is out of Puffle Shampoo so go to The Pizza parlor…Talk to the chef and you will get some pepper :)

Now waddle back to the white Puffle in the underground Pool…click on the Puffle and answer the question Guess which Puffle this is? What is this Puffles name? If you Decoded the clue earlier you will know this answer :) Put Pepper on the Puffle he will sneeze and you have found Flare the Black Puffle :)

Go the Beach and you will find another White Puffle look for the Secret Message at The Beach and Decode it :) The Puffle wants to Play a Game so you need to Guess this Puffle’s name too :) Clean the Puffle with pepper :) You have found the Red Puffle Blast :)

Time to Waddle around to look for more Puffles :) At the Snow Fort you will find some Penguins Talk to them :) They will give you a Water balloon that can be used to clean a Puffle :)

Inside the Night Club you will find a Box use The Red Puffle Blast to open it and you find another White Puffle :) Play the Game guess the Puffles name…Then use Pepper to clean it…you have found the Purple Puffle Pop :)

In the Forest you will find a BIG Stone let Purple Puffle Pop blow a bubble to lift the big stone and you find one more White Puffle :)Answer questions and use pepper to clean the Puffle…Good Work you have found the Blue Puffle Bounce :)

Inside the Mine you will find another BIG stone…again use Purple Puffle Pop to Blow a Bubble and Lift the Stone…you have found a New White Puffle :) Answer the Question and then Clean The Puffle with pepper…You have found the PINK Puffle Loop :)

Now it is time to go inside the Lighthouse BUT the door can’t be opened the doorknob looks cracked. Whistle for your Black Puffle Flare and let him fix the Lighthouse door :) Now you can enter the Lighthouse :) At the Lighthouse Stage you will find a White Puffle…Play the guess Game and then clean The Puffle with pepper…it is the Yellow puffle Chirp :)

Now waddle upstairs to the beacon and here you will find a Box :) Let Red Puffle Blast break the box…a new White Puffle :) Again play the guess my name Game…clean Puffle with pepper…Congrats you have found the Green Puffle Flit :)

Time to talk to the Puffle Handler PH at the Secret Room in Dojo :) Rookie is there too they have found another White Puffle and it is SO cute :) Strange…you have already found ALL the Elite Puffles…hmmm…Which Puffle is this? Give the Puffle the O’Berry and then Try to clean it with Pepper…NO pepper will not help here…LOL :) Try the Water Balloon you got from the Snow Fort Penguins :) WOW! This White Puffle turned the water Balloon into ice.It IS a REAL White Puffle :) And it seems like it wants to join the Team as an Elite Puffle :)

I bet this whole Prank was a way for the Puffles to Welcome a newcomer!

LOL…Rookies says something Funny :)

Thanks to you we have a NEW Elite Puffle and I can finally start my Mission :)

You are Very Welcome Rookie Secret Agents ALWAYS Helps each other :) You are Very Welcome Rookie :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force – CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial – Nintendo DS :)

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup Club Penguin :)

Here is a Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial to How to setup the Wi-Fi connection playing Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge :)

Find the Main Menu in your EPF Game :)

Tap on Upload/Download.
Access previously downloaded content, or connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to download content, upload coins or take a poll!

  • Access previously downloaded content.
  • Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi setup.

Tap on Nintendo Wi-Fi setup.

General Troubleshooting - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup (Nintendo DS)

Confirm the WFC settings are properly configured in-game for the nearest Wi-Fi access point:

The steps below are provided as reference only.  "Setup Wi-Fi" location can vary from one game to the next.

  1. Start the Disney Interactive Studios DS game 
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Nintendo WFC Setup / Setup Wi-Fi
  4. Tap Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings
  5. Tap Connection 1, 2 or 3
  6. Tap Search for an Access Point
  7. When Access Point(s) is found, select one that is unlocked. *
  8. Tap OK to start a connection test.
  9. A message will appear stating the connection was successful.
  10. Tap OK, then OK again.
  11. Tap Save Settings
  12. Tap Back twice to exit the Nintendo WFC Setup.

*NOTE: Locked Access Points cannot be utilized without an ID and Password from your Wi-Fi provider or the WEP Key set in your wireless router.

General Troubleshooting - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup (Nintendo DSi)

Confirm the WFC settings are properly configured for the nearest Wi-Fi access point. The steps below are provided for reference only:

  1. Turn on the Nintendo DSi.
  2. From the Main Menu, tap on System Settings (the wrench icon).  
  3. Scroll or tap the right arrow to the third page and tap on Internet.                   
  4. Select Connection Settings, and then tap on Connection 1, 2 or 3
  5. Tap Search for an Access Point.   
  6. When Access Point(s) is found, select one that is unlocked and Tap OK to save settings.
  7. Tap OK to start a connection test.
  8. A message will appear stating the connection test was successful.
  9. Tap Back on the bottom border, and then tap DSi Menu.
  10. Tap Yes to return to DSi Menu.
    NOTE: Locked Access Points cannot be utilized without an ID and Password from your Wi-Fi provider or the WEP Key set in your wireless router.

Occasionally, the server may experience a high volume of uploads/downloads or may be taken offline for maintenance. For more information on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection issues:

When attempting to play online with a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection-featured DS game, the following or similar error may occur:

"An error occurred. Your data was not successfully uploaded"

This error may have a variety of causes, including a Connection Server outage. For more information on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support issues, please click here

You may need to check your router's settings to troubleshoot the following symptoms. If you are not sure how to change the settings, please consult your router manual, your router manufacturer, or the internet service provider that installed your router. You may also visit for more information on router settings.

Enter WEP Key / WEP Key incorrect (Access Point lock icon is red).

• You will need to check your router settings through your computer to get your WEP Key.
Many routers offer multiple WEP Key entry areas (usually numbered 1 through 4).
The Nintendo DS is only compatible with the WEP Key entered in the first (#1) area.
Make sure you are entering the actual WEP Key and not a Pass Phrase.
If the WEP Key in your router settings is hidden (i.e. *****), then you may need to manually enter a WEP key. Use a 10 digit number that is easy for you to remember.

Security Setting is incompatible or not valid (Access point lock icon is grey).

• WEP is the only security that the Nintendo DS is compatible with. You will need to change the security on your router to WEP or you might consider purchasing a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (see page14). This will allow you to access the internet without impacting the security settings of your home router.

Connection test unsuccessful or unable to connect to Nintendo WFC.

• Move closer to the access point or re-orient yourself so there is nothing between you and the access point. Review wireless communication guidelines on page 24.
• Make sure you have the latest Firmware Update for your router. Check with the router manufacturer or the internet service provider that gave you the router.
• Make sure the Transmission Rate of your router is set to transmit at a rate of 1 to 2 mbps (megabits per second). Most routers transmit at a much higher rate, but are able to adjust for devices that transmit at a slower rate. Your router may have this as
a setting that might need to be adjusted. Some routers may have settings with an option like "Turbo Boost" or "G-Nitro." These are settings which maintain a high transmission rate and the Nintendo DS will not be able to connect with the router.
You will need to disable this option when connecting with the Nintendo DS.
• Make sure your router is compatible with 802.11b. If your router uses 802.11g, it may default to only the "g" band. This setting will not work with the DS. Check your router's settings (typically in the "Wireless" tab) and make sure that it is set to "Auto," "Mixed," or something similar.
• Change the Wireless Channel of your router. If there are other wireless devices in the area, they can interfere with the signal so much that the DS will not be able to connect to the router. Changing the wireless channel on your router may help.
Typically, the channel settings will be found in the router's main "Wireless" tab.
• Your access point may have Mac Filtering enabled. Check your router settings through your computer. You may need to enter your Nintendo DS MAC address.
• Your access point may not be broadcasting its SSID. Check your router settings through your computer and either set your router to broadcast SSID, or manually enter the SSID into the Manual Setup screens of your Nintendo DS.
• Try assigning the Nintendo DS a static IP address. Access your router's settings and find the available range of IP addresses (This is typically found within the DHCP information.). When you find this information, select one of the available IP addresses and enter this through the Manual Setup screens of your Nintendo DS. Support Nintendo DSSaraapril :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force – Walkthrough Guide CHEATS Tutorial Hints and Tips – Nintendo DS :)

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