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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everyday Phoning Facility :)

The Winter Sports New Name will be Everyday Phoning Facility :) How do I know that? It is in Herbert’ Revenge Mission 8 :) The Everyday Phone Facility sign will be Blue and over that the EPF emblem will have a Grey Background with an Old Fashions Telephone handset in it :) Inside the walls are made of Grey Bricks and a Solitary Phone and a surveillance camera is in there…This is a STRONG Reinforced Building with rounded walls! No Popcorn can do Damage here :) To the Right of the Phone you have a Secret EPF entrance in a pillar to the NEW Elite Penguin Force Head Quarter…This is so COOL :)

See the Old Telephone in Building EPF HQ in Club Penguin :)

Building EPF HQ in Club Penguin :)

Now it is Time to Help out at The Ski Village :) We are Building a NEW Elite Penguin Force Head Quarter :) If you need to you can Pick up a Free Miners Hard Hat :)

…And then you too can Help with the Construction Work :) Look a Telephone :) COOL!

…Time for a Guided Tour :) Welcome to the Ski Village! There's some construction work going on this week feel free to help yourself to some popcorn. Thanks Boltack for the Tour Guide sign we work GREAT TOGETHER :)

…The Winter Sport Shop is Closed and I Guess The High Quarter will be located somewhere in here :)

…LOOK! An EPF Sign :)

…The Snow and Sport Catalog is Temporary located here in the Ski Village :)

…The Plank that hold up the Door in HQ has been removed and The Door is Looked! Popcorn Tour Guide :) The Sport Shop is no longer available through the Spy Phone…What’s going on in there is A SECRET!!!

…Now it is Time to do some Secret Agent Construction Works :)Waddle On :)

Elite Penguin Force Online Sneak Peek :)

See why we have POPCORN in Club Penguin :)

Veggie Villain Mission 11 CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :)

Elite Penguin Force Online Sneak Peek :)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!
Many of you are wondering what's coming next for agents. Well, we've been listening to your ideas on how to make the experience even better. And I'm glad to say that agents are about to get a huge upgrade!

EPF :)

The team's put together a ton of new stuff that will begin launching this week! Agents can expect new challenges. But first things first - we need a new HQ.

Check out the construction that's started at the Ski Village today - you might notice a few important details. What do you think of all this new agent stuff?

Until then... Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I think this will be FUN :) I looking forward to the NEW Spy Gadget :)Right now I am Busy to play Herbert’s Revenge at My Nintendo :) It is my cousins Game that he bought and lend to me this morning WITHOUT me asking him to do that THANKS Cuz :) You are AWESOME!

Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

Here is a Complete Walkthrough Tutorial and Club Penguin CHEAT Guide for EPF Herbert’s Revenge :) Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge – Hints, Tips, Tricks and Review :)

First we will meet Dot - Master of Disguise, Jet Pack - Guy Eye in the Sky. Rookie - Unknown information, Gary the Gadget Guy. Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy :)


Mission 1: The Elite Penguin Force

Mission 2: Secret of the Fur

Mission 3: Questions for A Crab

Mission 4: Mysterious Tremors

Mission 5: Spy and Seek

Mission 6: Waddle Squad

Mission 7: Veggie Villain

Mission 8: Suspect at Large

Mission 9: Herbert's Plan

Mission 10: The Ultimate Mission

Mini Games :)

General Hints and Tips

Spy Puffles
EPF Spy Puffles look like the regular Puffles you're used to, except Spy Puffles have been trained in special abilities. There are eight different Spy Puffles, each with its own special color – and its own special ability. Use the Puffle Whistle to call one to your side during a mission.

Yellow Puffle, Name: Chirp, Skills: Breaks Ice Disables jetpacks

Purple Puffle, Name: Pop, Skills: Happy, Blows strong Bubbles

White Puffle, Name: Chill, Skills: Calm, Turns water into ice

Green Puffle, Name: Flit, Skills: Playful, Flies to Retrieve items

Black Puffle, Name: Flare, Skills: Strong, Welds items

Pink Puffle, Name: Loop, Skills: Cheery, Lasso objects

Red Puffle, Name: Blast, Skills: Daredevil, Breaks crates

Blue Puffle, Name: Bouncer, Skills: Loyal, Toss Snowballs at Targets

Unlock items online Code
With the Game you will get a code Card ALERT! ONLY Club Penguin Members will unlock the whistle and get Flare the Black Elite Puffle other items that will unlock are EPF Spy Phone, EPF Suit and Coins :)

EPF Gear :)Do you want to see The Black Elite Puffle Flare’s Special Dances and learn all about EPF Club Penguin online? EPF HQ Tour Guide and LINK Collection :) 

How to Unlock items in Club Penguin Online :) and How can I be a Member in Club Penguin? and How can I Activate a Club Penguin Card?

Upload Coins and Items to your Club Penguin online Account
First you need a Wi-Fi Connection read this Walkthrough Nintendo Wi-Fi connection Setup Club Penguin :)
To upload coins Tap Account, Tap Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi  Connection, Tap on Upload Coins :) Maximum coin upload is 2000 coins a Day :) Remember you can only uploaded coins ONCE a day!

Items are given out at the end of a Mission as a Reward and they will be synced to the online account with the next coin upload :)

Talking to Other Penguins
You never know what a penguin knows, so talk to every penguin you meet and ask what's up! During a conversation you can choose what to say by selecting from several possible comments. Once you have chosen, select it by tapping it with your stylus.

Club Penguin Mini-Games
Coins you earn playing your favorite Club Penguin mini-games can be spent on clothing and accessories in Club Penguin DS or transferred to your Club Penguin Online account.

Saving the game
: After you create a Club Penguin profile, Club Penguin DS saves automatically :)

Shortcut: In all these Missions you can choose to skip the Mini Games BUT you have MORE FUN if you Play them and you will find Secret Treasures and Pizza Boxes in some of the Games AND you earn Coins :)

Snake Tokens: Keep an eye for special “Snake Tokens” Check the white Board in Gary’s office at The HQ (The Monitors Room) for a clue to Decode :) When you have found them all you will find a Mini-Game the “Spy Snake“ in your Spy Gadget that you can play anytime during the Missions :)

DGamer Honors: During the Missions you get Rewards that you find on DGamer under My Stuff :)

Mystery Begins: You found the First clue :)

Found the Culprit: You discovered the culprit :)

Shaky Plans: You Foiled Herbert’s Plan :)

Track and Snow: You Saved Club Penguin :)

Master Agent: You Tracked down Herbert :)

The Last Mission: The last PSA Mission was an Success :)

Team Leader: You used your wits to lead the Agents :)

Master of Disguise: You tricked Herbert with your Disguise :)

Rescuer: You Rescued your entire Team :)

Club Penguin Saver: You saved Club Penguin from Sinking :)

EPF Super Agent: You did EVERYTHING in the Game :)

Registered DGamer: You’ve successfully logged into DGamer :)

Mission 1: The Elite Penguin Force :)

Mission Intro at HQ:
There will be an on screen tutorial on how to move your character and explore the game. The mission starts at HQ with Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and the Director. Tap any character to start the conversation.

Details: Slide your stylus around the environment to move and explore. Answer the Phone…When you meet Dot, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy in HQ talk to them and listen. Talk and Listen to the Director :)

You will now be teleported to the testing facility. Good luck, everyone. Be Resourceful, be Remarkable, be Ready!

Hub Area/Shoot the targets:
Talk with the Puffle Handler to receive the Puffle Whistle. Go into the door on the right side of the room with blue and red Puffle icons above. Scroll over to the crates and the circular target. Summon the red puffle with the Puffle Whistle. Use the red Puffle on both of the crates, each crate revealing a circular target. Summon the blue Puffle with the Puffle Whistle. Use the blue Puffle on all three circular targets. Exit through the door on the left side of the screen. Talk with the Agents and Director. Tap the cave pathway in the center of the screen.

Details: Here you meet PH the Puffle Handler talk to her and Listen…you get a Puffle Whistle :)

Go through the door with a red and blue Puffle sign…in this New Cave Room you will find two boxes use the Puffle Whistle and let the red Puffle Blast break both crates…

Whistle for blue Puffle Bouncer, toss snowballs at all THREE targets… now a new Cave door is open go through it…

You are back with PH and the other Agents…Talk and Listen…

Cross the River:
Talk with Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot. Pick up all the items in the box. Pull out the dirty jackhammer and tap the river with it. Clean and assemble the jackhammer. Once it's all cleaned and ready to go, pull out the Jackhammer from the inventory menu. Tap the pile of dirt next to the sign below the river to play the Jackhammer mini-game. Talk with Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot and exit through the cave pathway.

Details: Director gives next challenge waddle down the cave tunnel to the river…talk and Listen…click on box to get Rope, Anchor, and  Jackhammer…Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Put jackhammer in the river to clean it…Play the Mini Game to fix the jackhammer: Touch the yellow dots to rotate the pieces and drag them into place :)

Now take a look around and find the sign with a Red Arrow…put Jackhammer there and Play the Mini Game…now you have crossed the river…talk and listen to the agents and continue down the cave tunnel…

Scale the cliff:
Talk with Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot. Observe the Combining Items Tutorial. Combine the rope and hook in your inventory. Drag the item (Grappling Hook) in your inventory onto the cliff (on the lowest protruding rock).

Use the Grapple Gadget to climb and swing. Press the B Button to jump. Press the B Button while jumping to use the Grapple Gadget and start swinging. Press the B Button again to jump off. Falling from great heights will break the Grappling Hook. Lose all your Grappling Hooks and you'll have to start over.

Details: Put the Anchor and Hook Together in your inventory and get a Grappling Hook now you can climb the cliff! Play the Mini Game…

Talk and Listen to the Agents…combine items…Belt from Dot, Jet Pack from The Jet Pack Guy, Pole from Rookie…put Belt on bars… add Pole and Jet Pack Together and then put them at the bars. Now Play the Mini Game :) Rotate the broom stick in the directions of the arrow to bend the bars. DONE :)

Open the barred door:
After initially talking with Rookie, Dot and Jet Pack Guy, talk with each of them again. Select the bottom option for each of them (they will hand you one item each). Put the belt on the barred door. Combine the stick and the Jet Pack. Drag the new combined item onto the barred door. Spin the combined item around using the stylus to bend the bars of the door. Tap the barred door to enter.

Details: Talk to your Agent Friends and waddle trough the bars…

Scale the wall:
Talk to Dot first, then tap on the door. Continue the conversation to start the Penguin Stack.

Penguin Stack:
Tap on the penguins to get on top of the hero penguin and ultimately stack all three on top of hero penguin. Jet Pack Guy is on the bottom, Dot is in the Middle and Rookie is on top.

Penguin Stack Solution:

  1. Rookie on top of Player.
  2. Rookie on top of Dot.
  3. Rookie and Dot on top of Player.
  4. Rookie and Dot on top of Jet Pack Guy.
  5. All three on top of Player.

Details: To get over this wall without any equipments you need to climb on each others shoulders…work TOGETHER LOL :)  Play the Mini Game… Tap on the Penguins to pick them up and stack them in the correct order. Spoiler: Rookie on top then Dot and Jet Pack Guy YOU at the Base! The wall is climbed and your Agent Friend will let you in :) Listen and Talk to the Director: You demonstrated great thinking and a willingness to help your teammates over yourself…You are now Team Leader of the Elite Penguin Force :)

Mission Complete
Tap the doorway in the center of the screen. Have a conversation with the Director.

Rewards: Orange Miner Hard Hat and Spider Costume :)

Mission 2: Secret of the Fur :)

Gather Basic Items:
The Mission now starts in the Command Room. Gary will talk to the hero. Use the wrench when directed on the Command Coach Machine, and then tap it again to start the mission.

Details: Talk and Listen to Gary notice RED Colored words they can be Helpful clues :) Keep an eye for special “Snake Tokens” Check the white Board in Gary’s office at The HQ (The Monitors Room) for a clue to Decode :) Tap the Virtual Reality Machine and you are ready to go…

You will appear in the Gadget Room. Talk to G, then Tap on the Furensic Analyzer. Open Spy Gadget and use comb on the pink fur. Tap on ‘X’ to get out. Talk to G again to get Sample of Soiled Fur. Tap on Forensic analyzer and add Soiled Fur. Tap on ‘X’ to get out. Pick up Fan (AC 1000) from the shelf in Gadget Room.

Details: Talk and Listen to The Director…Gary working on a Virtual Reality Training Program…Talk and Listen to Gary…Now it is time to redo old Missions from Club Penguin BUT with small changes…First Help Gary fixing the Machine use the Wrench in your Spy Gadget and Tap it over the Machine…Play the Mini Game: Rotate the wrench to tighten the bolt :)

Go inside the Lighthouse. Pick up Rope and the Net (You can pick up the net outside the lighthouse or inside the lighthouse). Talk to red and yellow penguins. At the Beacon use the Fan on Jet Pack Fuel. Use the scissors to cut string attached to balloon. Collect Jet Pack Fuel.

Pizza Shop:
Go to Pizza Shop and talk to the Pizza Chef. Ask to take a sample of the sauces as evidence. Take Hot Sauce and Chocolate Sauce. Ask Pizza Chef if he needs help with anything. Take pizza box. Pick up a candle from table. Only the center table works! Help the Pizza Chef Penguin to clean up the Mess…Use the Mechano-Duster on the sauce to clean it up.

Details: I LOVE small Mini Games like this when we can Help other Penguins in the Game :)

Coffee Shop:
Go to Coffee Shop and talk to Barista. Ask What happened? Listen…and then for Drawing. Ask for Hot Cocoa and say you might be able to fix the coffee machine. Tap on Coffee Machine and then tap on coffee cup. Tap on temperature dial. Use the Spy Gadget’s wrench on milk nozzle. Place cup under Hot Cocoa nozzle. Place chocolate sauce on "insert chocolate" bowl. Tap the "Press for Hot Cocoa" button. Take cup of Hot Cocoa. Tap on X…Use the Mechano-Duster on the coffee stain to clean it up. You have Helped another Penguin GREAT Work :)

Optional Side Mission:
Go behind Lodge and give pizza box to fishing penguin.

Scanner Goggle Steps:
Go to the Gadget Room. Add Hot Sauce, Hot Cocoa and Jet Fuel to the Calibration Machine. Get Scanner Goggles. Tapping the Goggles in your inventory will toggle the Goggles on and off.

Go to the Snow Forts. Put the Goggles on and look to the right of the Snow Fort. There will be a Jackhammer there. Use the Purple Puffle Pop to lift the snow and get to the jackhammer. Put the jackhammer in your inventory…Tap the Jackhammer over the hole in the snow to start the mini-game. Complete it to get the Snake Game Token. Remember to Tap the Snake Token :)

Details: In HQ you find a Message at The White Board…Decode it! At the Snow Fort you find a Jackhammer…let Purple Puffle lift it up and then put the jackhammer at the Hole…Play the Mini Game…Pick up Snake Token :)

Finish Mission:
Go to Ski Lodge. Talk to fishing penguin, hiding in couch. Pick Up candle if you don't already have one. Go behind Lodge (to get there use the “Gone Fishing” door) and listen to shadowy creature. Combine Net with Rope and place trap near the fishing hole. (Tap Net with Rope on Tree Branch) Add candle to trap. Listen…Pick up captured crab. Take white fur tuft and go to Gadget Room. Give captured crab to Gary. Tap on Furensic Analyzer. Put white tuft of fur in Furensic Analyzer. Exit Furensic Analyzer. (Tap on X) Listen to Gary the Gadget Guy :)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture and Orange Spy Goggles  :)

Trivia: Details form Herbert’s Revenge :)

Mission 3: Questions for A Crab :)

Getting Started:
Talk to G in the Gadget Room. Follow Klutzy out of the Gadget Room. Follow Klutzy through the HQ door, through the Sport Shop door and up the ski hill (or go to the Ski hill with the map). Talk and Listen to all Penguin you meet :)

Wilderness Section:
At the Ski Hill, tap the empty space where Klutzy disappears over the top. After Klutzy disappears into the wilderness, exit through the right Forest path. Use scissors to cut the O-Berry bag from the tree. Pick up the O-Berry bag. Go through the right path to the area with the stump. Feed an O-Berry (the bag) to the Black Puffle. Go through the right path and head for the Cave Entrance. After Klutzy goes in the Cave entrance pet door, drop an O-Berry in the spot where he entered. The Black Puffle Flare (I have named him Rescue) will open the cave door for you :) Enter cave…OOPS! Herbert will appear and talk…Listen and you will get lots of information and questions answered…

Cave Section:
Scroll over to the water wheel area. Drop the O-Berry from bag on the valve on the right. Drop the O-Berry from bag on the left side of the gutter in the center. Drop the O-Berry from bag last on the scale on the left. Cage opens; grab the rope, anchor and Hot Sauce. Pick up the Blue Prints on the wall. Tap the door to see the snow fall and block the entrance. Combine the O-Berry with the Hot Sauce and feed it to Black Puffle Tips: make sure that Black Puffle stands as close to Door as Possible…LOL :)

When arriving in the Wilderness, go to the river and use the Pink Puffle to lasso the fish jumping out of the water. A Snake Game Token will drop. Tap it up :)

Return to CP:
Exit and go back to the cliff side (Left Path, Right Path, Right Path). Tap on the cliff side to enter a different view. Combine rope with anchor and drop (Tap) the resulting object (Grappling Hook) on top of the cliff. Play the Grapple Gadget mini-game.

Stop Herbert:
Head to the Pizza Shop and ask the Chef for a Seaweed Pizza. Go to the Ice Pond behind the Ski Village (go trough Ski Lodge and then use the “Gone Fishing” door.) Give the Pizza to Herbert. Tap the red handle on the wood-chopper. Listen to Gary…Listen to Herbert…Give the Plans to G (if you have them).

Rewards: Snake Token Picture

Mission 4: Mysterious Tremors :)

Gather Basic Items:
Talk to G in the Gadget Room. Grab the hammer on the wall and the hat behind G. Inside the Sport Shop, talk to the Sport Shop Penguin. Then take the box of pegs from near the tent. Go to the Dock and talk to Herbert. After Herbert is gone, grab the lantern. Tap it in the inventory to turn it on. Now go to the Beach or in the lighthouse and take a Net. Go into the Lighthouse and take the Barrel and the Box of Balloons.

Map Piece 1:
Go to the Town and give the Hat to the green puffle. Go into the Coffee Shop. Speak to the Barista and offer to clean up the cookies. Tap the cookies on the floor to clean up the mess. Talk to the Barista again to receive a cookie. Feed the cookie to the green puffle in the town to receive a piece of the map.

Map Piece 2:
Go to the Snow Forts and view the second map piece land on the Flag Pole. Tap on it and watch it fly away to the Plaza. Go to the Plaza and note the second map piece fly into a newspaper held by a penguin in line at the Stage. Speak to the penguin holding the newspaper. Ask to take it. The penguin will say no, but he will mention he wants some pizza. Go into the Pizza Shop and ask for a pizza. Give the pizza to the newspaper penguin to receive the other half of the map. Combine the two pieces to receive the full map.

Raise the Gift Shop in Town
Go back to the Gadget Room and tap the helium. Talk to G twice and ask to take the helium. Combine the Helium with the box of balloons to create an inflated balloon. Go to the town and drop the inflated balloon on the Gift Shop.
Drop the net on the Gift Shop.
Drop the pegs on the Gift Shop.
Drop the hammer on the Gift Shop.
Go to the Dock and enter the Tunnels (make sure the lantern is on). Take either fork and start the Amazing Maze Mini-game. Complete it to arrive under the gift shop. (Note the map in the Amazing Maze has changed).

After raising the shop, go under the shop and arrive at Herbert’s Drill Machine, just outside the next room. Look through the window of the machine and see the piece inside the machine. Use the wrench from the spy phone to get the piece. The Red and Yellow puffles can be used in Mission 4 to break open the window of Herbert's drilling machine to access the Snake Game Token.

Finish Mission:
Go under the Gift Shop to next room and proceed to the boiler room. Talk to Herbert. After a while he will escape. Tap the boiler or broken pipes on the floor to start the Pipe Dreams micro-game. In the micro game, complete an unbroken path of pipes from beginning to end, taping two adjacent pieces to move them around. Once a single pipe reaches from the beginning point to end, the game is completed. After the game, return to HQ, talk to G and the mission will end.

Rewards: Snake Token Picture, Flashlight

Mission 5: Spy and Seek :)

Gather Basic Nearby Items:
Talk to G. Grab the 3 Tracking Devices/Transmitters, the yellow duck, and the blueprint from the wall. Go to the Ski Lodge and grab string from the second floor. You can talk to the penguins playing find four. Little red and blue pieces will be placed throughout the Lodge (top and bottom floor). To find them all, there will be eight sets of Find Four pieces.

Dock Item:
Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin. Offer to help, then tap the boat motor. Pull on the pull rope several times to start the boat. Talk to him again and ask for the air pump. Collect the air pump.

Plaza and Forest Item:
Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. A puffle will blow a bubble that will pop. Tap on the gum stuck between the penguins' faces. After cleaning them up, ask for the gum. Go to the Forest and grab the bundle of sticks.

Go to the Mine Shack. Use the purple puffle to lift an anvil to the right of the shack to reveal a Snake Game Token.

Mine Shack Transmitter:
Go to the mine. Talk to the penguin on top of the mine and offer to help. Tap the Troughs on the right side of the Mine Shack.

Trough Solution:

Tap on the bottom of the rightmost vertical block to push it down.
Tap on the bottom of the middle vertical block to push it down.
Tap on the right side of the topmost horizontal block 3 times to push it all the way over to the right.
Tap on the top of the middle vertical block 3 times to push it up to the trough.
Tap on the right side of the bottommost horizontal block 1 time to push it over to the right.
Tap on the bottom of the leftmost vertical block 3 times to push it to the bottom.
The trough will automatically flip into position if the solution is correct.

As an alternate solution, you may use the Blue Puffle to throw a snowball at the trough to automatically shift it into the correct position. This will change back to the mine shack. Talk to the penguin again. Tap the mine cart or welding torch and fix the cracks in the cart. Put a Transmitter into the cart.

Iceberg Transmitter:
Go to the iceberg. Add the gum to the yellow duck, then add the air pump. Use the Pump to inflate the duck. Add the Transmitter to the repaired duck. Place the Duck in the water.

Ski Hill Transmitter:
Go to the Ski Hill. Combine the sticks with the blueprint and then add the string. Add the Transmitter to the kite. Drop the Kite on the ski sign.

Go find Herbert:
Go to HQ and talk to G. Get Binoculars from G. Go behind the Ski Lodge to the Fishing Pond. Drop Binoculars on the far edge of the pond.

Set up Spy Camera on Herbert:
Tap on the other shore of the Fishing Pond to travel there. Start the Amazing Maze Mini-game. Finish the game to get to the other side of the pond. Pick up Spy Phone on the ground. Combine Spy Phone with Binoculars. Place the device on the tree to the left (or right) of the camp. Return to HQ. Talk to G until he says look at the monitor. Tap on center monitor (Just above and to the right of G - it will show static snow). After Herbert discovers and disables the camera, talk to G to complete the mission.

Rewards: Snake Token Picture, Binoculars

Mission 6: Waddle Squad :)

Mission Intro at HQ:
The mission starts at HQ with G, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy. Talk to G. Herbert will appear on the monitors, followed by the director. Click on the Solar Panel by the box beside G to add it to your inventory.

Help Jet Pack Guy at the Beach:
Go to the lighthouse to get a barrel of cream soda. Go to the beach and give the barrel to Jet Pack Guy. Fill 2 of the beakers with 4 parts each. Click on the bottle to display a message with hints. Clicking on the bottle will reset the beakers.

Beaker Game Solution:

Pour the 8 beaker into the 3 beaker.
Pour the 3 beaker into the 5 beaker.
Pour the 8 beaker into the 3 beaker.
Pour the 3 beaker into the 5 beaker.
Pour the 5 beaker into the 8 beaker.
Pour the 3 beaker into the 5 beaker.
Pour the 8 beaker into the 3 beaker.
Pour the 3 beaker into the 5 beaker.

Go to the Dock and get the rope from the penguin.

Help the Rookie at the Gift Shop:
Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. Place the solar panel on the magnet to open the Circuit Board. Solder each colored wire to its colored circle without crossing colors.

Talk to the shop keeper in the gift shop. Help him by taking the items by the front door (A table, a pile of clothes and a box of items). Take them outside, set up the table first, then the items on top of it. Go back and talk to the shop keeper. He will ask to fix the door on his vault. Go to the vault in the gift shop and use the black puffle on the hinge on the right of the door. Use the wrench from the spy phone on the door lock. The vault door will open and the Snake Game Token will be inside.

Set the Trap Up at the Nightclub:
Go to the nightclub and place the rope on the box in the back by the speaker and cage. Tap the box. After it breaks, use the wrench on the box to open the panel. Once the box is open, tap gear box to fix the gears.

Placing the Gears
Drag gears onto the pegs such that they fit with the other gears, causing them all to spin.

The Dock
After a call from Jet Pack Guy, go to the Dock. At the Dock, tap on Klutzy and you'll get a call from Rookie. Return to the Nightclub and confront Herbert. Tap the gear box with the red handle to trigger the cage and capture Herbert. Herbert will escape. G will call on the Spy Phone for all agents to move in. Once Jet Pack Guy arrives, tap him to get his Jet Pack. Use the Jet Pack on the cage. The cage will stick to the magnet and capture Herbert. After Herbert escapes again, the mission is complete.

Do you want to Play This Mission Waddle Squad Online Club Penguin? These CHEATS can help you :) Waddle Squad Mission 10 CHEATS :)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture

Mission 7: Veggie Villain :)

Mission Intro at HQ:
The mission starts at HQ with G. Tap G to start the conversation.

Talk with Agents at the Gift Shop:
Talk to Rookie. Go to the Gift Shop and pick up popcorn kernels. Enter through the "Staff Only" office door and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Grab a second pile of popcorn kernels under the desk. G will call on the EPF communicator.Veggie Villian Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Passing Ski Village:
Walk back to HQ. While passing through, you notice there is a screen outside the Sport Shop. Talk to the leftmost penguin to find out what is the screen doing there. Tap the corn on the cob to investigate the clue.

Go back to HQ to find out what’s going on:
Enter the Sport Shop and go through the Change Rooms to HQ. Talk with G. Herbert takes over the network, Jet Pack Guy and Rookie arrive. After Herbert finishes talking, G will issue orders.

Go back to Ski Village:
Go to Ski Village and talk with Agents. Talk with penguins playing Marbles. Pick up one of the bags of marbles.

Option 1: Look For DVDs;
Go to Lighthouse and talk with the guitar playing penguin. Use wrench on penguin. Take the box next to the penguin. Pick up DVD under the piano. Clean the DVD. Drag the spray bottle around until it disappears, then drag the cloth around the DVD.

Option 2: Stage/Bookroom:
Go to Stage and talk with penguin. Ask to borrow the movie. Go to the bookroom and ask for the Mancala board. Then pick it up. Go back to the stage and either: Combine the marbles with the board and give the combination to the penguin Give the board to the penguin and then the marbles. You will automatically receive the DVD.

Go back to Ski Village:
Give the DVD to Rookie. Tap the electronic signal receiver next to the projector screen. Use the wrench on the panel in the lower right. Tap the upper right corner to go back to the ski village.

Mine Shack:
Go to Mine Shack. Enter the cornfield on the right and start the Amazing Maze mini-game. After completing the mini-game, follow the corn to another area. Follow the empty trail to an area with a wooden plank. Collect the wooden plank. Take the only exit (returns you to the previous screen). Take the path with the corn in front of it. Drop the plank onto the River (the path left of Rookie). This will start a second Amazing Maze Mini-game. After completing the mini-game, talk to Rookie next to the cliff about being stuck. Drag and drop the corn kernels from your inventory onto the fire on the right, near the top of the ladder.

OPTIONAL: Use the Blue Puffle to throw a snowball at the handle of the ladder.

When the hero arrives at the ladder, click to the left of the ladder in the corn. This will lead the player to another river. Use the white puffle to make an ice bridge. A Snake Game Token will be here. Tap the ladder to exit the maze. Talk to Herbert until he starts to laugh. Tap the computer cord to unplug Herbert’s computer. After talking with Herbert, he teleports you and Rookie back to HQ with an object.

Back at HQ:
Now back at HQ, turns out the object is a souped up popcorn popper. Tap the yellow book to the left of the cabinet, under the map.

Color Wheel Lock:

  • The white area is empty space.
  • Tapping a color adjacent to the empty space will slide the color into that empty space.
  • Line up the color sections in the wheel to unlock.

Dot arrives to teleport you and the other Agents to the Ski Village. G will then start a conversation with the Agents; mission accomplished.

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Rewards: Snake Token Picture, Laptop Computer

Mission 8: Suspect at Large :)

Mission Intro at Command Room:
The mission starts in the Command Room with Dot, Rookie, Gary and the Director. Tap the Director to start the conversation. Grab the crab costume on the table in the Command Room. Tap the suitcase in the inventory panel to open the clothing selection. Equip the crab costume by tapping it. Talk to Dot after equipping the crab costume.

Klutzy Mirror:
Tap on the correct image that matches Klutzy’s movement. Follow the dialog and take the camera from G. Drag camera onto G to take his picture.

After Command Room:
Enter the Ski Lodge and head out the back door. Click across the lake to get to Herbert’s secret hideout.

Herbert’s Camp:
Find the four torn pieces of the blueprint:

  • One is on the table under the log.
  • One is in a tree (use the green puffle).
  • One is under a rock (use the purple puffle).
  • One is in a bucket of ice; tip the bucket over (use the yellow puffle).

Assemble the four pieces to get the finished blueprints. G will call asking to expand the search to the Wilderness. Jet Pack Guy will call in. Go to Ski Hill. Click just to the right of the signs on Ski Hill. At each scene, keep taking the path to the right to arrive at Herbert’s Cave.

Talk to Jet Pack Guy. Head into Herbert’s Cave, his old hideout. Use the Mechano-Duster on the ash on the ground in front of the table. Tap the pieces of paper on the ground. Arrange the pieces to reveal a secret code. Tap the fake rock in the hideout. Dot calls in - advises to look for disguised clues in the wilderness. Head out of the cave and look for fake rocks. When you see a fake rock near a stump, tap the rock twice. Tap the buttons on the grid quickly to form an "H" pattern. Jet Pack Guy will call in, the entrance to Herbert's Base will be revealed. Use the Mechano-Duster on the snow in front of the hatch. A door mat appears under the snow. Tap on the mat to collect the key to Herbert's Base. Take the key from inventory and tap on the hatch to open. Make sure crab disguise is on and head into Herbert's Base.

Herbert's Base:
Rookie calls in - he's found Herbert at the Ice Rink.

Herbert's Revenge EPF :)Tap on the key near the barrel contraption to collect. Take a picture of the cardboard Palm Tree in this room. Use the wrench on the switch panel next to the door. Use the scissors to cut the wires in the panel. Enter through the door. Tap on the key on the mantel above the fireplace. Take a picture of the table with potted plants. Tap the pull switch by the door and walk through. The door with security cameras outside should now be open. Continue over and walk through that door. Tap on Klutzy; match his poses. Tap the key on the shelf next to the gear to collect. Take a picture of umbrella and folding chair. Use all three keys on the locked door under the red lights.

Enter through the open door to the workshop. Rookie calls in - Herbert's on his way back to the base. Tap on the blueprints on the wall. Exit the workshop. Herbert appears mistaking you for Klutzy, select the appropriate dialogue:

  • 1st: Click Click Click.
  • 2nd: Ka-Click! Ka-Click Click Click.
  • 3rd: Click Ka-Click Click Click Click!

Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Details: OR Select the WRONG Dialog and Listen to Herbert’s answer…I Laughed so Hard that I almost dropped my Nintendo DS :)

Exit through the door. Herbert will discover his plans have been stolen. Jet Pack Guy will call in - look for an opening in the roof. Tap on the beams coming through the skylight. Use the wrench on the panel to open it. Start the Grapple Gadget mini-game. After finishing the mini-game, Jet Pack Guy will teleport you back to the Command Room and complete the mission.

Rewards: Klutzy Crab Costume

Mission 9: Herbert's Plan :)

2 Mission Intro at Command Room:
Talk to G and the Director to receive the Heads-Up 3000. Use the Heads-Up 3000 to have the other Agents track down Herbert. Use the map to view the Agents and tell them where to search next. (Listen to the Agents during this Mini Game)

Tracking Herbert
Move an Agent to a spot on the map to inspect that location. When the Agent lands on a spot, a Mini-Game will begin.

Disguise Dot

  • Read the top screen to find out which costume to use.
  • Tap and drag to slide the top, middle, and bottom sections of her costume.
  • Complete the described costume in 10 seconds.

Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Rookie’s Wheel of Focus

  • Tap the arrow and quickly spin the wheel clockwise.
  • Game is won when the wheel stops on the spyglass.

Jet Pack Guy’s Perfect Landing

  • Tap the screen when the red targeting reticle is in the center to win.
After five clues are uncovered on the map, the Agents will be kidnapped. Talk to G to receive the tracking device ask for other Gadgets and G will give you a Grappling Hook and a Jackhammer.

After Command Room
Follow the tracking arrow on the top screen to Ski Hill, and continue into the Wilderness. (I think this is so COOL :) for FUN talk to Penguin you meet :)

Follow the tracking arrow through the path on left side. Follow the Arrow to the river and the White Puffle. Walk as close to the River as Possible, Tab the White Puffle and then at the river to create a bridge. Waddle over it :)

Tallest Mountain Base:
Tap on the yellow Puffle, Chirp before continuing. You are now at the bottom of the Tallest Mountain, Get your Grappling Hook and Tap it on the middle of the Mountain base. (Play the Grapple Gadget Mini Game :)

Rookie's Ledge
Talk with Rookie…Oh Saraapril I am glad to see you! Use the green Puffle to grab Rookie’s hat. Pull the hat from inventory and return it to Rookie.

Herbert's Revenge EPF :)He will give you a fishing rod. Use the yellow Puffle to crack open the block of ice where the Blue and Black Puffles are trapped. Use the wrench to open the cage and release the Puffles. (I LOVE Mini Games :) Take the path to the left of the Mountain. (Complete the Amazing Maze mini-game to continue.)

Dot's Ledge
Use the red Puffle to knock down the cardboard tree cutout. Talk to Dot. Saraapril! Are we ever glad to see you!…Pick up the broken propeller the center piece of the windmill gadget and Collect the four broken propellor blades ALL find in this area. Combine the broken propellor blades in inventory and you will open a Mini Game…Rotate and drag the propellor pieces into place. Place the finished propeller on the windmill gadget. Use the black Puffle to weld propellor onto the windmill gadget. Once the windmill gadget is fixed, Dot and the Pink elite Puffle will be freed :)

Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Return back to Rookie's ledge and use the Jackhammer on the snow blocking the entrance. Tap the Jackhammer on the Big pile of snow, Complete the Jackhammerin' Mini-Game and continue to Jet Pack Guy's ledge.

Jet Pack Guy's Ledge
Talk to Jet Pack Guy. Use the Fishing Rod on Jet Pack Guy (Tap it on him) to reel him in. Play Mini Game :) Use the yellow Puffle to disable the rocket. Use the scissors to free Jet Pack Guy. Use the blue Puffle to pop the bubble around the purple Puffle. Use the purple Puffle to move the boulder blocking the entrance. Walk through the entrance, then take the path to the left back to Dot's ledge. Talk to Dot for FUN and Story lines :) Use the Grappling Hook on the mountain section in the top middle of the touch screen. Complete the Grapple Gadget Mini-Game and continue :)

Tallest Mountain Top
The Agents reach the top of the mountain, Talk to all the Agents and Herbert…NO! Herbert activates his Mega-Magnifying Glass.

Herbert's Revenge EPF :)G calls in. Pick up all the ice blocks on the ground. (Poor Rookie he is so SCARED) when you have them all a Mini Game Automatically starts :)

Destroy the Magnify Glass
Tap to move the reflectors until all the reflectors are used to destroy the Mega-Magnifying Glass:

  • Dot, Move bottom right reflector beam to top left to connect with Rookie.
  • Rookie, Move top left reflector beam to connect with Jet Pack Guy.
  • Jet Pack Guy, Move top right reflector beam to bottom left to connect with Team Leader Agent.
  • Team Leader Agent Saraapril, Move bottom left reflector until beam is pointing up and reach the Magnify Glass.

Once the Mega-Magnifying Glass is destroyed, the Mission is complete. GREAT JOB EVERYONE :)

Rewards: Hiking Backpack

Mission 10: The Ultimate Mission

Mission Intro at Tallest Mountain’s top:
A giant geyser has erupted, the island must be saved.The Director calls in – Listen and Talk to him…Send away Jet Pack Guy…G calls in - Stop the island from tipping and plug the geyser. G teleports the Agents to the geyser. After arriving at the geyser by the Mine Shack, listen to Rookie and Dot and then call in to G. G will explain how to rebalance the island. Give Dot her orders and send her away on her Mission, Jet Pack Guy will then call in with news that he’s found Herbert at the Ski Village.

Save Herbert at the Ski Village:
Talk to Jet Pack Guy and Herbert until he agrees to help save the island if you get him down from the Ski Lift…Details: LOL Herbert is Hilarious FUN his reasoning is WAY off…LOL…I Laughed so Much :)

Use the scissors on the Ski Lift belt. Details: Notice how your scissors breaks BUT Klutzy will jump up and cut Herbert loose from the Ski Lift THANKS Klutzy :)

Use the purple Puffle on Klutzy to enclose him in a bubble. Use the red Puffle on Klutzy to break his bubble. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, Now you need to convince Herbert to work TOGETHER with you…YES Jet Pack Guy that is what we will have to do to save Club Penguin island! Herbert will insist that he won't leave until he has safety water-survival gear. Find 3 floatable items for Herbert. Go to the gift shop and talk to the Shop Keeper :) Grab the blue floaties and life jacket. Go back to the Ski Village and grab the rubber duck inner-tube outside the Everyday Phoning Facility. Give them all to Herbert. Details: LOL…Herbert looks Good for a walking Balloon animal :)

Rookie will arrive. G will call in - he's at the iceberg. Dot will call in - she's at the Plaza.

Rebalance the Island, Part 1
Go up into the attic of the Ski Lodge. Cut the strings off the box using Klutzy the Crab and collect the Inflatable Octopus. Go into the Nightclub. Enter through the speaker to the right of the turntables and you will come to the Boiler room. Get the Inflatable Whale in the box there. After collecting the Whale, enter through the green door to the underground pool. Collect the Life Preserver.

Once you have all three inflatable objects, go to the iceberg and talk to G. Receive super-helium and then play the Aqua Rescue mini-game. Win the game to complete this part of the mission…Talk to Gary for new orders…

Rebalance the Island, Part 2
Go to the Plaza and talk to Dot - she needs help finishing up some disguises (Rockhopper's Beard, Sensei's Hat and Cadence's Wig). Be Polite Talk to the Green Penguin at the Stage :) Grab the fake beard at the Stage. Place the fake beard on the bucket of black paint; A Mini-Game will be opened, use the brush to paint the beard black.

Go to the Pizza Shop and talk to the Pizza Chef. He will let you take the pan and the mop. Use Klutzy to cut the head off the mop. Take the pizza pan and leave the Pizza Shop. Tap on Dot to give the collected items to her. Tap on Dot again and a Mini-Game will start :)

Island Balancing Mini-game
Tap on Snow Forts to make All penguins start in the Snow Forts. Take the following steps in order to balance the island:

  1. Wearing the Rockhopper costume, move from the Snow Forts to the Forest
  2. Remove the costume and return to the Snow Forts
  3. Wearing the Cadence costume, move from the Snow Forts to the Forest
  4. Remove the costume and return to the Snow Forts
  5. Wearing the Sensei costume, move from the Snow Forts to the Forest
  6. Switch to the Cadence costume, move from the Forest to the Plaza
  7. Remove the costume and return to the Forest
  8. Wearing the Sensei costume, move from the Forest to the Snow Forts
  9. Remove the costume and go to the Plaza
  10. Wearing the Rockhopper costume, move from the Plaza to the Forest

Plug the Geyser, Part 1
Once the island has been balanced, G will call - go to the Mine Shack and plug the geyser. The whole team including Herbert are there! Talk to G. and the other Agents…Herbert will agree to let you use his statue to plug the geyser, IF you repair his balloon back at the Ski Village.

Fix Herbert’s Balloon
Go to the Gift Shop and then take the door “Staff Only Office” to collect the tape from the Desk. Go to the Ski Village and use (Tap) the tape on the balloon. Use the super-helium to inflate the balloon. Give the balloon to Herbert; he will take it and leave.

Plug the Geyser Part 2
Return to the Mine Shack and geyser. G says the geyser can be diverted by digging a hole to release some pressure. Play the Jackhammer mini-game. If you don’t succeed the first time you can restart the Jackhammer mini-game this way, select the Jackhammer from inventory and place it over the geyser.

After completing the Jackhammer mini-game, use the white Puffle to freeze the geyser. Talk to your fellow Agents…Once the geyser is plugged, Herbert will call. Use Klutzy on the statue now hanging above the plugged-up geyser to drop it down (Klutzy can be summoned from the Puffle menu). Herbert will call in again, Herbert and Klutzy are in TROUBLE!
Use the purple Puffle on the nearby anvil to knock the statue down into the geyser. Use the white Puffle on the statue to weld it to the ice. Play the Mini-Game :) Talk to the Team, The Director will call in to congratulate the Agents. Mission accomplished.

Time for WATER PARTY :)

Rewards: Life Ring

Mini Games :)

Rewards: Silver and Gold Medals, Silver and Gold Throphies

Jackhammer :)

Use your jackhammer to dig your way through the cavern and find the exit before you run out of fuel. Plan your path to collect all the coins. Hot sauce power ups give you extra digging speed! Find special drill bits to cut through diamond blocks. Ice is too hard to drill! Dig under black rocks to send them crashing down on ice to make a new path!

I Like this game it is FUN Tips: Remember to work from Top to Bottom you need something to stand on :) Drill in snow and on some places you will find a Treasure box :)

Jackhammer Game Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Amazing Maze :)

Explore the Maze to find the way out and collect all the coins. Hurry up before you run out of time. Collect the clocks to get more time. Press the A Button to activate a door switch. Watch the top screen for a signal when the door moves. Press the A Button to pick up a Puffle. Press the B Button to use the Puffle’s power. Chirp can shatter ice. Blast can break crates. Chill can turn water into an ice bridge.


Fling the rings at the ice spikes to float the island before it sinks! Collect coins and bonus rings to refill your meter. Pull the ring back to increase power and aim your ring like a slingshot! But watch out – the puffer fish and electric eel will pop them. Use the octopus to grab all items. Launch the wave to scare the fish! Shoot rings onto the ice spikes to keep the island afloat, if not the island will sink.

Tips: Get Two life preservers at the same Ice Spike and you will win 10 extra coins :)

If you shoot down the anchor you will get a few extra seconds to aim :)

AquaRescue :) Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Grapple Gadget :)

Use the Grapple Gadget to climb and swing. Don’t forget to grab the coins. Press the B Button to jump. Press the B Button while jumping to use the Grapple Gadget and start swinging. Press the B Button again to jump off. While swinging, use up and down on the + Control Pad to lengthen or shorten your line. Press up on the + Control Pad to pull up onto the ledge. Falling great heights will break your Grappling Hook. Try not to run out of hooks or you’ll have to start over. Look for more Grappling Hooks along the way.

I LOVE this Game it is so Much FUN :) Tips: Trough the Grapple Grabber at the Right Moment to get forward :) Find and pick up the Pizza :)

Grapple Gadget Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

Game Manual Guide Herbert’s Revenge Elite Penguin Force – Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :)

FREE Herbert’s Revenge From Billybob :)

I’m working on this Post :) More will be added soon…Saraapril :)Herbert's Revenge EPF :)

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