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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to get Elite Puffle Flare in Club Penguin ONLINE :)

To get Flare you need to be a Club Penguin Member AND to buy Herbert’s Revenge DS Game :) I LOVE that I now can whistle and FLARE the Black Elite Puffles comes to Help me in Club Penguin :) All welding goes so FAST now…LOL :) To bring ELITE Puffles and EPF Online is the Best Thing EVER  :) I can Hardly WAIT until we get MORE Elite Puffles :)

EPF Puffle Flare and Saraapril :)

This NEW EPF Spy Phone is AWESOME!!!

New EPF Spy Phone :)

Se How I unlocked Flare The Black Elite Puffle Elite Penguin Force Secret HQ :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

New EPF Spy Phone :)

Today I unlocked the Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone Gadget and it is SO COOL!!!

EPF Spy Phone :)…Now I know more about the Sneak Peek Billybob sent me :)  

EPF Spy Phone :)

…The Penguin is a Teleport :) And the Yellow EPF sign is a Direct Transport to the Elite Penguin Force Head Quarter :) EPF Command Room :)

EPF Spy Phone :)

…The Mailbox is a Recruit an Agent icon :)

EPF Spy Phone :)…and as a Club Penguin Member you get call FLARE the EPF Elite Puffle just use the whistle :) How to get The Elite Penguin Whistle…You have to unlock a code from Herbert’s Revenge Nintendo DS :)

EPF Spy Phone :)

…Two Features are not available yet…I think we have to wait until the EPF HQ is ready…Now it is time for me and Flare to weld :) Good work Flare This computer will soon be fixed :)

Do you want to be a EPF Agent and get access to the NEW EPF Head Quarter too? You DON’T have to be a Member :) Read EPF Agents Recruitments :)

UPDATE: Learn More Secrets about the Spy Phone EPF Secret Agency Background Log in Pictures :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

How to get a Perfect score at EPF Test CHEATS :)

You have to think twice when you taking the Elite Penguin Force Agent Test if you want to have a Perfect Result :) First when hiding from Cameras Throw a Snowball at Camera 2…then Hide so Camera 1 can’t see you :)

EPF Test :)

…Next Trick: you will be asked to go to The Blue Square to enter the Cage Trap…WHAT? Who wants to be Trapped? Don’t go in the Trap…

EPF Test :)

…Throw a Snowball at the Power Box instead :)

EPF Test :)

…Aim, Speed, Stealth, Problem solving…You got a Perfect Score Excellent!

EPF Test :)

THANKS to Two YouTube Viewers Sorry I don't have their Penguin Names yet…and Annmh ALL Three of you are very smart EPF Agents :)

EPF Test Club Penguin online VIDEO :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

New Igloo Music List :)

Today we got an Updated Igloo Music List :) Knight’s Challenge, The Quest and Jungle Jangles :) This Music brings back FUN Memories :)

Igloo Music List :)

…Time to Sing and Dance :)

See earlier Club Penguin Igloo Music List :)

CHEATS Snow and Sport Catalog May 2010 :)

Today The Soccer Pitch came Back to Club Penguin Stadium and with that Some Soccer Gears :)

…on this Page you find the Secret Hidden Item Green Soccer Jersey 600 coins :)

The Soccer Pitch is Back :)


Right now I am in Server Slippers in the Everyday Phoning Facility at The Ski Village :) EVERYONE that wants an EPF Recruitment Card is Welcome :) EPF Agent invitation :)

EPF :)I will be here for 20 minutes :) Sorry I can’t add anyone…BUT we can be Club Penguin Friends ANYWAY :)

UPDATE: The Party is over it was FUN to meet you all I tried to send an EPF Invitation to Everyone :) Keep up the GOOD WORK Secret Agents :)

Elite Penguin Force Test Online Club Penguin Video :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

EPF Test Online Club Penguin YouTube VIDEO :)

The Elite Penguin Test is so Much FUN and I LOVE that we can take it as many times we want! That is so AWESOME :) For everyone that not have got an EPF Secret Agent invitation Card yet I have recorded this :) Have FUN :)

Recruit an Agent! Have YOU got Your Elite Penguin Force Invite to join the New Agency at Club Penguin Online? EPF invitation :)

How to get a Perfect score at EPF Test CHEATS :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

Empty Igloo BUG!

I went to my Igloo to Feed my Puffles and there I found that some EPF Agents had emptied The Temporary HQ  ALL Files and equipments was GONE…LOL :) No this must be a BUG! And I am sure that Club Penguin will fix it as soon as Possible :)

…in the mean time Flare has some welding to do :) My other Puffles are very Fascinated over this for them New Puffle Friends skills :) Who knows…maybe they want to join EPF Puffles too…I have to talk to PH about that…LOL :)

See the Temporary Secret HQ Igloo :)

UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed and all items are Restored to your Igloo :) The No Name Server Bug is Fixed too :)

THANKS Club Penguin Time for fixing this :) GREAT WORK :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

Community Tree has Grown :)

TOGETHER we have taken so good care of the Community Tree that is has GROWN :) Look how pretty it is :) I LOVE Trees :)

Community Tree :)

Community Tree in Club Penguin :) Lane Merrifield interviewed :)

EPF Agent invitation :)

Members can send an EPF Card trough the Mail to invite other Penguins to EPF :) Rescue an Agent! Invite a Penguin to become a Secret Agent. Go to your postcard catalog and look for the EPF page to send an invitation.

…Postcards EPF Elite Penguin Force :) EPF Recruitment :)

…This is a Top Secret invitation. You have what it takes to be a Great Secret Agent. Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility and take the Test. The Rest is up to you.

EPF invitation :)

…If you got the invitation from a Buddy you can click on Reply to Buddy and then you know who invited you :)

EPF Card :)

…ATTENTION!!! ALL Member Penguins! Please Help out and make sure that ALL Free Non Penguins get one of these invitations :) We need all PSA Agents to come over and Help us at The EPF…When a Free Penguin has become an EPF they can send invitations too :) TOGETHER we are the BEST and COOLEST Agency in the WORLD both Online and Offline :)

UPDATE: OR click on your OLD Spy Phone and you will get this Message: Elite Penguin Force Attention Agent. As you may know, the PSA was destroyed by Herbert P.Bear. Thanks to our Agents no one was harmed. The EPF is stepping up to keep the Island Safe – and we need your Help. Please Report to the Facility to take the Test. Click on Go There :) Or just walk in to the Everyday Phoning Facility at the Ski Village :)

EPF Message :)

…THANKS Happyrunning for your Help with these Two Last Pictures :) Time to answer that Phone New Recruit…

Everyday Phoning Facility :)

EPF Test Club Penguin Online YouTube VIDEO :)

How to get a Perfect Score at EPF Test CHEATS :)

Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

The Soccer Pitch is Back :)

If you open the Club Penguin Map you will see that the Soccer Pitch is Back :)

  …I LOVE that we now have confession Stands here and the Sports Catalog :) This is so Much BETTER :)

...If you click on the M the PSA Agent is Gone…EVERYTHING is EPF now :)

…Time for a Guided Tour :) Welcome to the Stadium sports fans! This is the home of soccer! It's a beautiful game. Here you can buy items for your igloo...and sports gear from the Snow and Sports catalog. We moved it here after the Sport Shop...was destroyed in a popcorn explosion! Popcorn Tour Guide :) Thanks for taking the Tour Nizmo3 do you want to play Soccer now? GREAT :)

Stadium :)

 Snow and Sports Catalog CHEATS :)

Elite Penguin Force Secret HQ :)

THE EPF is Ready to Start HURRAY!!! The Everyday Phoning Facility Built :) For the First time in online Club Penguin we can now enter this Room…

…LOOK how COOL this is :) Camera 1, Name Saraapril ,Status Citizen

…I unlocked the Code that was in the Herbert’s Revenge Game and this is what I unlocked :) CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve Unlocked Special EPF Gear. Members, use your exclusive whistle to call an Elite Puffle any time :) I got the NEW Spy Phone, Secret Agent Outfit , EPF Puffle Whistle and 1500 coins :) I know it will be MORE in the Future we will Probably have an EPF Catalog when The HQ is Done :)

…The NEW Elite Penguin Force Head Quarter is not yet Done but we are working on it :) Remember Billybob’s Sneak Peek?

…Now I can call Flare my Elite Puffle He has so COOL Moves :) Wave :)

Elite Puffle Flare EPF :)

…Dance :)

Elite Puffle Flare :)

…and sit :) And he will Welding in different ways :) AWESOME :)

EPF Elite Puffle Flare :)

EPF Agent invitation :)

EPF Test Club Penguin Online YouTube VIDEO :)

Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

Soccer Pitch - Penguin Poll :)

The Soccer Pitch is Back! If I could Play a New Sport in Club Penguin it would be: Baseball :) Basketball :) Gymnastic :) I don’t like Sports! I will vote for GYMNASTIC I LOVE GYMNASTIC :)

Penguin Poll :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) Go and VOTE so YOUR opinion can be counted too :)

Penguin Poll :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

NEW Club Penguin Wallpaper :)

A New Laptop Wallpaper has been added to Club Penguin Community Today :)

…I LOVE that the White Puffle likes Computers :) You can Download this Picture :)

Club Penguin Wallpaper :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Wallpapers :)

Featured Igloo on Community :)

CONGRATS to Snowball6003 :) This Igloo Really ROCKS! I LOVE how you have lit up the Stage with FIRE! Cool idea :) The Snowman DJ is Ready to Play and the Snowman Audience is here :) I wonder where the Superheroes Band is? Have anyone seen Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy? LOL :) I LOVE that you have added so many details in your Igloo :) GREAT WORK :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

Penguins around the World :)

Aunt Arctic has sent new Pictures and this Time our Friends took a Ship and…

Penguins Around The World :)

…visit Rockhopper Island :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Then the Explorer Penguin and the Yellow Fish Outfitted Penguin Played in a Pretty White Carriage :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Cool Picture :) Hi PINK Puffle how do you avoid the thorns?

Penguins Around The World :)

…Puffles Phone Home :) So Cute :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Someone needs Help and The Blue Pirate Penguin and his Blue Puffle are Ready to Rescue…

Penguins Around The World :)

…It looks like our Friends had a FUN and Busy week I wonder what Pictures Aunt Arctic will send us next time?

Earlier Penguins Around The World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

FAN Art :)

This Drawing is so well Done with many Pretty Details :) GREAT WORK! Take a look at this Drawing in Medieval Penguin Style :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…COOL! A Penguin is Painted on the Sidewalk AWESOME! I LOVE this :) GREAT WORK!

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…Gary is Lost in the Corn Field…and Herbert plans to Kidnap him…GOOD Depth at The Corn Field and Shadows on Herbert :) WELL DONE! Veggie Villain Mission 11 CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :) 

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE the Happy Home Feeling in this drawing :) This Penguin and Puffles lives Happily in their Tree house and Having FUN Playing TOGETHER :) Look how well the Puffles different ways are Captured I LOVE the Yellow Puffles Paint Bath and how you have made Movements around the Black Puffle Board, the Blue Puffles Ball and the Orange Puffle that jumps up in the Penguins Flippers :) AWESOME WORK!FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…GOLD! GOLD!! GOLD!!! This Green Penguin has Dragon GOLD FEVER…LOL…The Coins are Very well Dimensioned :) GOOD WORK!

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE this Pretty PINK Igloo Home :) This Drawing tells us a Story about Two Friends that drinks tea and read Club Penguin Times :) AND they have Books too :) I wonder what they more will do Today? GREAT WORK!

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

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