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Saturday, May 29, 2010


The Elite Penguin Force is so Much FUN and Agent Spider880 and I met up in the Command Room to look around and see if we could think out a plan to catch Herbert…

…Agents Invisible4 and Patsy 19140 might have some ideas too…let’s join the other Agents at the table and see what we can think up TOGETHER :)

…Hi Crazyuba :) This is so COOL! This Agent Lobby and Test Facility is AWESOME!!! Wait a minute…This is ONLY a Everyday Phoning Facility…LOL :)

…It took awhile before my Friend Funkyawesome had cleared her mailbox so I could send her a Secret EPF invitation…Shhh…That is a Secret…ONLY Special Remarkable Citizens will receive an invitation…

…Hi Recon509 I unlocked my Black Elite Puffle Flare with my Herbert’s Revenge DS Game Code :) Cool Dance Moves Mrs Aiready :)

…Time for an EPF Recruit Party :) Hi Chowmein42 it was so much FUN to meet you :) Sorry I couldn't add you BUT now we are Club Penguin Friends anyway :) And THANKS for feeding my Puffle :)

…Hi Quinn116 :) Do you need an invite too?

…Fancy60 has taken the Agent Test and now Belongs to Elite Penguin Force Agency too :) HURRAY!!!

…The Grey EPF Jacket is one of the items I unlocked with my Herbert’s Revenge Code :)

…I am so HAPPY that ALL Penguins can join EPF no matter if you are a Member or Non Member Free Playing Penguin :) THANKS Club Penguin :) This ROCKS!!!

…Thanks Fancy60 you ROCK too :)


…Thanks for reading my Blog Waddleboy200 :)

…You think my Web Rocks too :) THANKS Koloway :) I hope you get your Wifi connection to work :)

…Go Flare :)

…Time to end the Party I have much more Blogging to do :) THANKS Everyone I hope you all got an invitation and it was FUN to meet both old and New Club Penguin Friends :) Waddle On!

…ATTENTION AGENTS! Dale327 is Herbert…HELP!!! Herbert Kidnapped FLARE…STOP HIM!!! GREAT IDEA Pinkish390…all Agents help us make a Big Bubble of gum to catch him in!

…it Worked :) I got Flare back BUT Herbert manage to teleport himself out from EPF…

…Agent Spider880 came up with an Idea…We should form a little team inside the EPF Our team's job would be investigating and attempting to stop Herbert…Great Idea Agent Spider880 :) And I am now Happy to Report that I have talked to Uncle Gary just as you asked and he said INDEED this is Exactly what EPF need right now :) Time to investigate :) We need to STOP Herbert’s Revenge :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have Played with in Club Penguin during the launching of Elite Penguin Force you ALL met the Requirements for GREAT EPF Agents :) Keep on INVESTIGATE :)

EPF HQ and LINK Collection :)

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