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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plants Experiments in my Igloo :)

The Hunt for New Outfits and Rare items will be here this Month (Membership FUN June 2010 :) and Gary have asked me to Test Grow some Plants for the Island Adventure Party :) I have placed a fan to test the plants ability to grow during severe circumstances…I might have to give these plants more water or…

…this article is interesting I will try this New idea :)

…by the way have you noticed that the Penguin in the sunset Painting can rise his arm? I LOVE Details :)

Sunset Paiture

…back to my Experiment :) Hmmm…if I take this and this and then it need to boil for 15 minutes…now I have time to check my Mailbox…

…I am waiting for a Special Delivery by Mail from Club Penguin…

…but the Flowers looks lovely :)

…15 minutes is up…Now I will do some more Testing…Herbert was so Helpful when we saved the Island Herbert’s Revenge and if I known how to contact him I would do that to…WAIT!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HERBERT AND KLUTZY??? I need to contact Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy RIGHT NOW!!!

On this Post How I decorated my Igloo for the Halloween  Igloo Contest 2009 :) You will find my Halloween Decorated Igloo and Links to More Experiments and Stories :)

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