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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventure Plants Growing in my Igloo :)

Plant Experiments in my Igloo :) I spoke to Uncle Gary and he reassured me that he had EPF Agents assigned to look for Herbert and Klutzy…We own Herbert and Klutzy a Thanks for helping us saving Club Penguin Island…no matter that Herbert was behind the Problem from the beginning…We all deserve a second change Gary the Gadget Guy said and Hopefully we can work more with Herbert in the Feature he is indeed a very clever Polar Bear…

Gary the Gadget Guy and Saraapril :)

…I agree with my Uncle Everything works better if we can HELP each other and work TOGETHER :)  Then I asked if I could help out in any way and Gary said INDEED! Uncle G asked me to gather The Special EPF Team to investigate the Situation and then Reminded me to Report to him at the June 15 for the first weekly EPF Assignment…I will I said and then I waddled home to make up plans…

Saraapril and Flare :)…and to water my Plants :) I hope the Adventure Party will start BEFORE we get overgrown…LOL :) My Puffles LOVES to Play among the Plants and Flowers and so do I :)

Saraapril's Igloo :)

…Yesterday I got a phone call that my Free Herbert’s Revenge Game is on the Way…HURRAY!!! Where is my FREE Herbert’s Revenge?

ATTENTION! Agent Spider880, Snow??? and Edster12499 our Special Team needs to meet for Further investigations of what Happened to Herbert and Klutzy :) Please Report if you have found any Clues…FUN with Friends :)

Saraapril in EPF HQ :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

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