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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Field-Op Chip Maze EPF Sneak Peek :)

Here is another of The Field-Ops that will come to Club Penguin Later :) Again THANKS Uncle Gary for this Sneak Peek :) Location Found: Power up the Chipset! Guide your micro Battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chip. Watch out for traps!

Chip Maze Field-Op EPF :)

Field-Ops Available :) EPF First Weekly Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Firewall Sneak Peek EPF :)

UPDATE: Do you wonder how I got this Sneak Peek? Chip Maze Field-Ops EPF CHEATS :)

Field-Op Firewall Sneak Peek EPF :)

I think the Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops are so Much FUN and therefore I am so HAPPY to give you a Sneak Peek of another one THANKS Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy for this Sneak Peek :)
Bypass the System! Match your Data with the Firewall to to break through. Be Sharp! The System Speeds up! Tips: Go to the Middle between Walls :)

Field-Op Firewall :)

Field-Ops Available :) EPF First Weekly Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Chip Maze EPF Sneak Peek :)

Elite Gear Catalog, Field-Ops EPF Spy Phone Updates :)

The Two Last Features on our Elite Penguin Spy Phone is now Working :) We have a Field-Ops where we will get a NEW Weekly Mission :) AND we have Elite Gears and items for EPF Agents :)

EPF Spy Phone :)

…FINALLY the Cool Elite Penguin Force Agent Outfits are Available :) IF you are a Club Penguin Member! BUT First we must EARN Medals to Trade for these Items…We can do that by Solving Field-Ops Missions :) Starter Gear: EPF Earpiece, ALL Penguins can get the Earpiece :) Basic Set Delta: Delta Fedora, Delta Shades, Delta Suit, Delta Sneaks :)

EPF Elite Gear :)

Basic Set Alpha: The Alpha Hair, Alpha Shades, Alpha Suit, Alpha Pumps :)

EPF Elite Gear :)

…How do I get My Gear? Upgrade your Elite Gear by using the Medals you’ve Earned. Once per week, you can Earn one medal by Completing a Field-Op. Go to the Command Room for more info.

EPF Elite Gear :)

…These items are SO COOL! I have to start to SAVE my Medals so I can purchase the Cute Agent Alpha Hair :)

Saraapril :)

New Field-Ops Available :) EPF First Weekly Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Firewall Sneak Peek EPF :)

Field-Op Chip Maze EPF Sneak Peek :)

EPF HQ Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

UPDATE: NEW EPF Elite Gear Items in Spy Phone :)

UPDATE: NEW Elite Gear Comm EPF :)

UPDATE: NEW Elite Gear Tech Class :) EPF items Catalog :)

UPDATE: Stealth Class Elite Gear Catalog UPDATE!

Wrong Music and Ruby Pin Bug at the Stage!

The Stage Music Bug is Back! This time we have The Quest for the Golden Puffle Music instead of The Ruby and The Ruby Music…I Hope Club Penguin will fix this soon :)

THANKS to Redhotpizza3 for finding this Bug :) GREAT Agent Work :)

UPDATE: The Ruby Pin has a BUG too…Right now you can not pick it up…Thanks to Agents Awez Ome and his Little Brother for finding this :)

Ruby and The Ruby Back at The Stage :)

UPDATE: Both these Bugs are now Fixed! THANKS Club Penguin :)

Field-Ops is Here by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

We asked Elite Agents to report for duty on June 15, and that time has come. Today we launch a new feature called "Field-Ops", which will give agents weekly orders to keep the island safe. After what happened to the PSA, these orders will be more important than ever!

Field-Ops will put all of an agent's skills to the test - their ability to search for clues, solve problems, and work under pressure. To start, there will be a number of tasks that agents will need to learn...

Field-Ops Elite Penguin Force :)

... and new ones will be added over time.

All Elite Agents will have access to Field-Ops, so you can work together with your buddies and fellow agents to solve them. But we've also planned some special rewards for members, including some all-new EPF gear.

Begin your first Field-Ops at the Command Room, and let us know what you think. Just don't give away any surprises!

In other news - the Island Adventure Party starts this week. I'm keeping it a surprise, to let everyone explore it for themselves, so let us know what you think when it launches.

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I Think this is one of the BEST Things Club Penguin has done for us Agents :) I LOVE that we ALL are Elite Penguin Force Agents Now :) And that we TOGETHER can have FUN and Hopefully Catch Herbert again :)

Field-Ops :)

New Field-Ops Available :) EPF First Weekly Assignment CHEATS :)

See Animations from the two Field-Ops that not are Available in Club Penguin…yet :)

Field-Op Firewall Sneak Peek EPF :)

Field-Op Chip Maze EPF Sneak Peek :)

Rockhopper and Yarr are Coming!

From The Beacon we can Now See The Migrator! HURRAY!!! The Flare Flinger 3000 WORKED :)The Migrator :)

…Now we know for SURE That Yarr and Rockhopper will be here soon :) If the Wind is Strong they might be here in Time for The Island Adventure Party :)

Saraapril :)

Island Adventure Party Sneak Peek and LINK Collection :)

New Field-Ops Available :) EPF First Weekly Assignment CHEATS :)

Today our FIRST Elite Penguin Force Weekly Assignment came :) New Field-Ops Available! Look at The Red Light at The Spy Phone :) Click on Spy Phone…

EPF Spy Phone Red Flashing :)

…Report for Duty at The Command Room to Receive your orders.

EPF Spy Phone :)

…The FIRST Field-Ops is HERE :) WOW! So many EPF Agents that are Ready for Duty :) Click on the Screen to Get Gary’s Orders…

…Field-Ops Assigned by: G Technology Specialist :)  Your Orders: Calling all Agents! We’ve Learned that Herbert has concealed a highly dangerous Popcorn Device “near a Big letter S”. Work TOGETHER to find it, then shut it down with your Spy Phone. Time is running out! Click on Accept Field-Op…

…A BIG Letter S…Hmmm…I KNOW The Night Club…Waddle close to the S in Disco and your Spy Phone will Ring…

…answer the Phone…

EPF Spy Phone Ringing :)

…Location Found! Destroy the Circuits! Match Circuits Symbols to overload the wiring. Be Quick! Time is Running out! Click on Engage…

…HURRY! Mouse over the Red Dots to see a Symbol on them and Then Click so You Match Right Symbols…

…Let’s see now…

Field-Ops 1, EPF :)

…GOOD WORK AGENT. The Island is SAFE for Now. I DID IT! I saved The Night Club! AND I got a Medal that can be used to Unlock Elite Gear :)

…I Trade my Medal for an EPF Earpiece :) BOTH Members and Non Member FREE Penguins can get this item :)

…This is How The Earpiece looks on My Player Card :)

…Next Assignment: Report for Duty at The Command Room Next Week! Okay Gary I will! I am so HAPPY that I can be an Agent in EPF and that we can Work TOGETHER to Keep Club Penguin SAFE :)

Field-Ops Status Complete! Your Orders: Objective Complete! Check back next week for another assignment. Good Work!
Thanks Uncle Gary BUT It makes me so SAD that we can’t Replay this Mission…I Wish to Play it AGAIN! I don’t have to have more Medals BUT I would LOVE to Solve the FUN Electric Symbol Puzzle Circuit Match again! PLEASE Club Penguin can you PLEASE make this Happen? Pretty Please :)

Field-Ops Complete :)

…Click on Question mark and…Instructions: Complete your Orders every week to earn medals. Agents sent into the Field must locate and tackle each emergency with their Spy Phones. Click “Elite Gear” in your Spy Phone for more info on Medals.

…LOOK! Herbert’s Statue that we used to Plug the Geyser with is Here in Club Penguin and Greenery is Growing around it :) Learn more about this in Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :) One thing…I am little Disappointed in Herbert Shouldn't he be Nicer now when we saved him? Why will he STILL Destroy Club Penguin Island? Will he ever Learn? I wonder what Next weeks Field-Ops will be? Whatever Happens I will be Ready to Help out TOGETHER with ALL My Elite Penguin Force Agent Friends :) THANKS Club Penguin This is so Much FUN :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

Field-Ops is Here by Billybob :)

Elite Gear Catalog, Field-Ops EPF Spy Phone Updates :)

Field-Op Firewall Sneak Peek EPF :)

Field-Op Chip Maze EPF Sneak Peek :)

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