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Saturday, June 19, 2010

FREE Herbert’s Revenge From Billybob :)

HURRAY!!! Today I got a FREE Herbert’s Revenge Nintendo DS Game AND a 6 Month FREE Membership! THANKS to Billybob and Club Penguin Team for this I am so HAPPY!

Saraapril :)

…My FREE EPF Herbert’s Revenge Game still unpacked :)

Herbert's Revenge DS Game :)

…The FREE 6 Month Membership is so COOL! Look at The EPF Agents :)EPF FREE Membership :)

…And This Side is a Spy Phone AWESOME!

…I LOVE this FUN Herbert’s Revenge DS Game :) I have Played on my Cousins Game but now I have my OWN! Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :) THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU!! THANK-YOU!!! THANK-YOU!!!! 


Read more about WHY Billybob sent this FREE Items to me and other Bloggers at Where is my Free Herbert’s Revenge?

FUN with Friends :)

Before the Island Adventure Party started I meet Rosie7721 at the Coffee Shop :)

…Ppppookie came too Hi Friends :)

   …HAPPY Friends Party :)

Sled Race Time :) Oops! Rosie7721 and I eating snow…LOL :) GO Ppppookie! GO Pagger2!

…It is so Much FUN to Play Sled Race TOGETHER :)

…HAPPY FRIENDS Party at The Ski Hill :)

…The VR Room is so COOL! Hi Thunder 66 I did :)

  …The First Secret Head Quarter for PSA Agents :)

…Let’s work TOGETHER in the Community Garden :)

…Something is Growing :)


…I agree with Rosie7721 This is FUN :)

…A Garden is a Perfect Place to Talk :)

…Let’s throw snow to activate the Water System :)

…We have grown Food for Everyone :) Veggie Pizza Anyone?

…Time to work at the Recycling Plant :) 

…it is so COOL that old Trash can be Transformed to New usable items :)

…What a Pretty Artwork Statue :)

…Soon we can buy that or other Recycled Furniture in the Better Igloos Catalog :)

…This is FUN :)

…Igloo Party Time :) First we visited Rosie7721’s Pretty Igloo :) I LOVE her FLOWERS :)

…What a GREAT GREEN Igloo Thunder 66 :)

…Let’s GO GREEN!!!


…LOL :)

…Redhotpizza3 has an Interesting Archeology site to Explore…I found a Vase…

…This is FUN :)

…did you find something?

…Ppppookie found a PUFFLE! WOW! I wonder if this Igloo is connected to the Underground Caves?

…Congrats Ppppookie to the Puffle Rescue GREAT WORK :)

…In Ppppookie’s Igloo we sat down around a Campfire to tell Stories :) Once up one a time it was a Puffle That LOVED Pizza and…

  …This is FUN :)

…Ppppookie started a Snow Ball Fight…

…Oops! EVERYONE throws Snow on ME! LOL :)

…Snow and Fire Experiment…

…LOL :)

…The Plants in My Igloo have Grown…Plant Experiments in my Igloo :)

…Thanks Rosie7721 for reading my Blog :)

  …I agree with Ppppookie :)

  …Rosie7721, Redhotpizza3 and Ppppookie and I working TOGETHER with some Plant Experiments…

…we think all these Plants will be Full Grown in time for the Island Adventure Party :)

…I agree with Redhotpizza3 I Love summer too :)

…I LOVE that we can be Friends and have FUN in Club Penguin no matter where we live on the Earth :)

  …Bye Friends :) See you again another day in CP :)

…Dark Falkner invited me to come and Play Music in the Lighthouse and TOGETHER with Packers321123 we had so Much FUN Playing Music and Laughing :) THANKS for the Invite :)

…HURRAY!!! The Island Adventure Party have started and I and Samcat8801 having FUN Laughing, Singing and Swimming in the Pretty PINK and Purple Mermaid Cove :)

…For More FUN with Friends take a look under the Label FUN with Friends :)

Scavenger Hunt CHEATS Island Adventure Party 2010 :)

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