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Sunday, June 20, 2010

EPF Summer Seasonal Mission, June 20-30, Nintendo DS :)

If you have the FIRST Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Game and your Nintendo DS set on the Right date you will find that the Summer Seasonal Missions starts Today :)

Summer Party!

Remember to Pick up the FREE item :) Read more here Club Penguin EPF Mission Summer Seasonal Mission, June 20-30, Nintendo DS

Colorful Dance Party Postcard :)

If you GET a Colorful Dance Party Invitation Postcard in your Mailbox (Send a Club Penguin Postcard :) you can click on it to see ALL the Colors the Night Club can turn into During a Party :)

Colorful Dance Party :)

THANKS to CLEVELAND77 For Telling me about this You have a GREAT Eye for Details :)

Night Club Changes Colors after Penguins :)

Color Changing PARTY at Night Club! INVITATION!

THANKS for Coming to The Night Club Color Changing Party :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

Night Club Color Changing TWITTER PARTY :)

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