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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tree Forts VIDEO :)

The Treeforts at Island Adventure Party 2010 is a Members ONLY Room and that is why I have made a YouTube Video so ALL my Non Member Friends can see and HEAR what's up there :) I LOVE to listen to the Birds song and I LOVE that we can affect how they are Singing by mouse over them :) The Snow Eating Plant is FUN too :) BURP…LOL :)


…If you want to hear ONE Bird Singing ALL Penguins will find a little cute Bird that will Happily sing for you in The Forest :)

Forest Singing Bird :)

…Up in the Tree House you will find a FREE Member item and if you want to see Last Years Adventure Party Tree Fort you find the Links in Tour Guide Island Adventure Party 2010 and LINK Collection :)

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