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Monday, July 5, 2010


HURRAY! Today I found The Tour Guide Paycheck for July 2010 in my Club Penguin Mailbox :) To: Saraapril Thank you for giving Tours of Club Penguin. 250 Coins have been added to your account. Well done for your Hard Work!

…THANKS Club Penguin for fixing this Bug :) BUT I think you should have added some coins to cover the interest we lost during the Five days you kept our Money…LOL :)Saraapril :)

Oops! We DON’T have a BANK in Club Penguin! I wish we had :)

Read about the Tour Guide Paycheck in Mail Bug?

Delta Sneaks Shoes EPF Elite Gear :)

I met my Friend Snuggle Love in Town to look at his NEW Delta Sneaks :) COOL Shoes THANKS for showing them to me you are a GREAT Friend :)

…You can find these Shoes and Other items for EPF Secret Agents in the EPF Elite Gear Catalog :)

Elite Gear :)

…This is how the Delta shoes looks on Snugle Loves Player Card :)

Today The Fourth Field-Ops got Available in Club Penguin If you are a EPF Secret Agent you should HURRY to Report to Gary the Gadget Guy :) Forth Field-Ops CHEATS :)

I got the EPF Alpha Hair :)

Fourth Field-Ops CHEATS :)

Today Uncle Gary used the Spy Phone to call all Elite Penguin Force Agents to a New Field-Op Assignment :) Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Ops Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your Orders :) HURRAY!

…Click on the Field-Ops Screen…

…Calling ALL Agents! Our Surveillance network has had a major black out. We’re not sure what, or who, is responsible. The broken network computer is disguised inside a couch. Search the Island for it, then power it up!

…You will find the Hidden Computer in Red Coach up in the Ski Lodge Attic :) Click on the Spy Phone to Answer…

…Power up the Chipset! Guide your micro battery by Remote Control. Go from the Recharger to the Chips. Watch out for Traps!

…I Like this Game :)

…DONE! Good Work Agent. The Island is Safe for Now. medal Earned 1 :) I have not decided yet if I will Save this Medal or if I will Buy The Alpha Shades…Hmmm…I will Think some more about that…Last Week I got The EPF Alpha Hair :) 

First Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

Second Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

Third Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

Fireworks has Ended!

I Think Club Penguin is out of Fireworks Rockets…

…LOL…Both Canadian Day and 4th of July is over and that is why the Fireworks are Gone :) BUT the Music Jam Party will start soon Working with Construction :) And we will soon get a NEW Field-Ops Assignment too so if you haven't done this weeks Field-Op Today is a Good Day to do that :)

Saraapril :)

…If you need help with the Third Field-Ops Assignment you will find help here :) NEW Field-Op TODAY :) CHEATS :)

Working with Construction :)

Right now I and many other Penguins working Hard to Prepare for the Music Jam Party 2010 :) Great drilling Starpianist and Black Jawa TOGETHER we will soon have built a Stage here at the Iceberg :)

…Painting Stage Floor in the Lighthouse :)

…I must HURRY to get the Main Stage Ready so many GREAT Musicians waiting to Play on it :)

…If you are around in Club Penguin Please Grab your Tools and Help out with the Constructions TOGETHER we can build EVERYTHING so Much FASTER :)

Fireworks and Music Jam Party Preparations 2010 :)

Tour Guide BUG at Soccer Pitch!

It is a FUN day at the Soccer Pitch :) Laxgirl898 and Dhoni47417 Plays Soccer and Tasheae commenting the Game and Acky67 and the Red Puffle working in the Snacks Booth :) I am suppose to work as a Tour Guide BUT…The Soccer Pitch BUG at the Stadium is BACK! Here we are at the home of  Hockey - the Ice Rink! Get your buddies Together and start a Game! Keep passing until you get the puck in the net. Work as a team and you'll win the Game! LOL…This is so WRONG!

THANKS Gronafo for telling me about this Tour Guide Bug :) You have an GREAT eye for Details :)

I guess that the Hockey Message Bug came at the same time as these other Bugs Winter Sport is BACK! BUG!! and BUGS!!! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

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