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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I met Cadence at Casa Fiesta again :)

HURRAY!!! We ALL worked TOGETHER and that’s how we Found Cadence again :) Here she is at the Casa Fiesta Showing us some COOL Break Dance Moves :)

Cadence at Casa Fiesta :)


How can I find Cadence DJ in Club Penguin?

Cadences NEW Background Music Jam 2010 :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

How can I find Cadence DJ in Club Penguin?

I just met Cadence in the French Server Yeti :) K-Dance is Online and she tries to meet as Many Penguins as Possible so right now is a GREAT time to go and Look for her :) If you have TWITTER Please HELP us to Tracking Cadence :) If you find Cadence (make sure that YOU see her before you Twitter) Please tell Server and Room DIRECTLY in your Twitter Message to save time :) Here we are at the Night Club Rooftop :)

Cadence :)…When you meet Cadence Remember to Pick up Cadence’s NEW Background for Music Jam 2010 :)

Cadence :)

…Time to start Server Hopping! TOGETHER we will find Cadence :)

Saraapril :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

New Featured in Club Penguin SNEAK PEEK :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins,

We had some great comments on last week's sneak peek, a lot of you are excited about what's coming up. We wanted to confirm that a BRAND NEW feature will be launching at the end of the month, and here's a closer look...Sneak peek :)

See if you can guess what they are. Here's a hint - you'll need to collect them. And there are A LOT of them.

Let us know what you think and I'll have more details next week!

Until then... Waddle on!

Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

HURRAY!!! I LOVE to Collect Things and I LOVE NEW Features :) What can it be? A Puzzle? Will we get a Reward when we have collect them all? Will it be Environment Friendly? Something to do with Field-Op? I can hardly wait until Next week for More information :)

Saraapril :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

UPDATE: See another Picture of Club Penguins NEW Feature to come :) NEW Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Stamps GUIDE,  CHEATS, Walkthrough and Tutorial  :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

The Music Jam is HERE and this Party is Filled with FUN and Music :) Wait a Second I am looking for my Tour Guide hat…There :) Now we can start it is time for The Music Jam Tour Guide :) Welcome! The Team of this Club Penguin Party is MUSIC when you see an empty Stage just waddle up on it to start the Music :) Here's the Town Center! Try busking to entertain a smaller audience. You may find some cool shows in the Coffee Shop. And the Night Club. You know what to do there! The Gift Shop's the place to dress up your band. Click on Boombox and Speaker for Special Effects :)

Town Music Jam Party 2010 :) …Click on the Sign in the Right Lower Corner…Come Dance at the Casa Fiesta :) This sign can be found at The Plaza and if you are a Club Penguin member I recommend you to click on it…More about the Special member Party Room Later :) Please Follow me to The…

Town Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Here's the Coffee Shop...Woah, it's Fancy in here right now! And there's no shortage of things to do. Drop off your coat…chat with music stars, or enjoy the show! Click on the Red Button for Confetti effects :) Tips: Click MANY times Fast in a Row…click on the Lamps at The Tables to Light them and Mouse over the bell at The Coat Room Desk and as Always you can click on the Coffee Menu to get Tea :) The Applause Button can be found in all Rooms with a Stage click on it often :) I Like the Music and Cozy atmosphere in here and the Confetti is so COOL :) Now Follow me to… 

Coffee Shop Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Feeling the need to Groove? You're in the right place. Here's the Night Club! Have a dance contest with your friends or hit the stage and mix your own tunes. The spotlight's on you! In here we sometimes can meet the FAMOUS DJ Cadence if you see her Remember to Pick up her NEW FREE Background :) Let’s Waddle up to another Of Cadence’s Party Places :)

Night Club Music Jam Party 2010 :)…The Lounge is where the Action Happens. And sometimes Cadence is in here :) Make your own Music and videos :) Control the FX and play some classic arcade games or try directing bands from the sound booth! Click on Camera to Move it and click on the FX to Change the Stage and to add Special Effects :) If you are a Club Penguin member you can Follow me to…

Lounge Music Jam Party 2010 :)…The Dance Club Rooftop another of Cadence’s FAVORITE Places :) 
Rooftop Dance Party! Get a DJ group on the stage or set the lighting at the FX booth. Mix some colorful beats for dancing. Just make it epic! Here you can Choose to Dance to Four different Music Beats and Mouse over the Record Players to make them Spin and Mouse over the Switchboard to the Lower Right :) Click on the TV Screens :) Pick up the FREE Boombox have ONLY the Boombox on your Avatar Penguin and then click on “d” or Dance to start to Break Dance :)
ATTENTION: You DON’T have to be off the metal to make Cadence come that is a FALSE Rumor! Cadence will come when she feels for it no matter where Penguins are standing or Dancing in the Room :) Now lets go out from here so our Non Member Penguin Friends can join us again :) Time to Waddle to the…

Rooftop Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Welcome to the Forest. The talent show's ON so two-step your way to the stage! Sell snacks to fans and cheer on the contestants! It is Time to go Country! IF Taylor Swift would come to Club Penguin this is where she would Perform :) Time for a Popcorn and Country Preserves Break…YUMM…Candy Apples are so YUMMY :) Everyone ready to continue? Great…

Forest Music Jam Party 2010 :)

…This is the Cove! Pump up the jam with headphones and grab friends to play some tunes. It's jamming time! Remember to pick up your FREE item the Blue Headphones are for EVERYONE :) I Like the bamboo Boardwalk :) Follow me Please…

Cove Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Welcome to the Plaza. Put Together a band and jam! Grab your favorite snack at the Pizza Parlor. Puffles love to dance, so visit the Pet Shop and did you see the new Pin in the Stage? Ruby Ring PIN :) Mouse over the Music stand and have some Fish Dogs :) Still Hungry? Well…Lets go to the Pizza Parlor…

Plaza Music Jam Party 2010 :)…This is the rockin' Pizza Parlor and there's more than Pizza cooking here. Jump on stage and lead a show :) Make your buddies a tasty pizza or help serve the stars! May I have a Seaweed Pizza Please? Thanks this Pizza is so Tasty :) Now Please Follow me…

Pizza Parlor Music Jam Party 2010 :)…And we're at the Cave. Feeling Musical? Jump around to make some tunes! Flick the switch to play with friends! I LOVE this Room it is so Much FUN to Play down here TOGETHER :) Another of my Favorite rooms is…

Cave Pool Music Jam Party 2010 :)…This is the Mine. Create tunes with musical icicles or light up the scoreboard at the ice blocks. Even puffles are in treble! I LOVE the Music Down here and i can Play on the Music Icicles for HOURS and the Memory Game is so Much FUN How many Rounds are your High Score? I wish to stay here but the Tour Must go on…to the…

Mine Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Snow Forts…Battle of the Bands at the Forts! Time to show who rocks it out best so turn up the volume to TOTALLY AWESOME and MAKE SOME NOISE! Make sure to vote for your Favorite band. At Shirts Rocks you can Buy All Access Pass and Music Jam T-Shirts :) Follow me…

Snow Forts Music Jam Party 2010 :)…The Music Maker 3000! Try making some big sound with different beats! Find some friends, make some moves and light up the Stage :) Lets Play TOGETHER :) That was FUN :) Now Follow me Please…

Music Maker 3000 Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Here's the Stadium. Play your instruments and rock n' roll or Cheer and Dance for an Awesome show! Make sure you're getting autographs. Let’s ROCK! LOL :) Follow me…

Stadium Music Jam Party 2010 :)

…This is the Ski Village! Put Together a band and play some tunes :) Grab some food and check out some New Music Merchandise! NEW? No! Sadly these items are the same as Previous Year and also the Same as the items at the Snow Forts…For some effects in this room click on the Speaker and Mouse over the Music Stand AND notice that the Background Music in this room is NEW :) LOOK at The BALLOONS :) What happens in the Casa Fiesta Room? This MEMBER Room is NEW for this Years Music Jam Party 2010 :) Let’s take a look…

Ski Village Music Jam Party 2010 :)

…Love to jam and dance with your buddies? The Casa Fiesta's a GIANT Party. Line up and do the Conga! Get lots of Friends to turn the same color. There's only one rule  have FUN! I LOVE this ROOM and so Does DJ Cadence :) Cadence’s NEW Background Music Jam 2010 :) Want to know a Secret?

TIPS 1: The colors of the triangular flags are changed to the color of the Penguins if many have the same Color :) So we can TOGETHER change the Party Flags Colors :)


The Number of Penguins in the Room gives Special Effects :) 

1-10 Penguins you are Lonely nothing special happens
11-14 Penguins in the Room The Party starts and notes will be visible :)
15-24  Penguins in the Room Now we will have a Disco…LOL :) Notes and streamers are visible :)
25 Penguins and more :) This is a Rave! Notes, streamers and balloons are visible AWESOME :)

For MORE Tips Read Casa Fiesta ANIMATED Music Jam :)

Time to make a Conga Line :) Learn how to Start a Conga Line :)

That was FUN :) Follow me thru the backstage Door…

Casa Fiesta Music Jam Party 2010 :)

…This is another member only Area so you need an ALL Access Pass to enter this Room. Welcome Backstage! Feels like we're super stars! If you've got time, sign some autographs or rock a new look for the big show. Listen to the Music in this Room it is NEW for this Years Music Jam Party :) When you're ready, pick your stage! Pick up a FREE Music Jam Shirt and buy some instruments from the Music Catalog, All Access Pass and Items :)

When The Penguin Band is on a Break they like to Hang out here :)

Backstage Music Jam Party 2010 :)…Musicians wanted at the Dock! Get your band together and create an on-stage epic win. Vote for your favorite band and film the action, or dance 'til you drop. Click on the Cameras and be ready Sometimes The Penguin band likes to Play with us here during their Breaks :) Now let’s waddle to the Pretty PINK Stage :)

Dock Music Jam Party 2010 :)…The Beach, home of the jammin' Lighthouse. You can interview celebs, Rock the stage and record the action, or Dance up a storm! This is my FAVORITE Stage and my PINK Puffles LOVES to come here with me :) Click on Cameras, Mouse over Switchboard click on Lights and click on Red Level to Turn on Spot Lights…Follow me Please this way to the…

Beach Music Jam Party 2010 :)…This is the Lighthouse and your chance to light up the stage. Grab your buddies, bust out the instruments and JAM! Get behind the booth to help make an epic show. I LOVE that we can Play instruments TOGETHER here up at the Beacon you will see that Rockhopper’s Ship the Migrator no longer is visible thru the Telescope…Aww…I think Rockhopper and Yarr would have LOVED this Party…I hope they comes Back to us soon :) Do you want to meet some other FAMOUS Penguins? Okay :) Open your Map and Teleport yourself to…

Lighthouse Music Jam Party 2010 :)…This is the Iceberg! And right now The Penguin band is Performing here :) Grab a snow cone YUMM and listen to their Music :) Or get on the Dance floor :) Get an interview or take the stage with an ICE show. If you want jump up on the Stage and Play TOGETHER with The Penguin Band they are so Kind and WELCOMES all Dancers and Musicians on their Stage…LOL :) I like to sit on the Boardwalk just to Listen too :)

Iceberg Music Jam Party 2010 :) …For Quick Chat with Safe Messages click on Messages the mouse over Hello and then Music Jam…

Safe Chat Music Jam Party 2010 :)

…To make the Party MORE FUN you can tell a Music Joke :) Click on Messages, Mouse over Activities and Choose Jokes OR just Press “j” on your Keyboard :)

What type of music are balloons scared of? Pop music!

What is the difference between a fish and a piano? You can't tuna fish!

How do you make a bandstand? You take away their chairs!

What makes music on your head? A head-band!

What is the most musical bone? The trom-bone!

How do you clean a messy tuba? With a tuba toothpaste!

What food is best for making music? A good beet!

How is playing Bean Counters like making music? If you don't C-sharp you're gonna B-flat!

Where's the best place to play an elastic guitar? In a rubber band!

What is the loudest pet? The trum-pet!

…LOL :) THANKS Rosie906 and Pengueaf19 for Telling FUN Jokes TOGETHER with me :)

Iceberg Music Jam Party 2010 :) …Thanks for Taking the Music Jam 2010 Tour Guide :) See you ALL at The Party TOGETHER we will Play Music and ROCK Club Penguin :) WADDLE and ROCK ON!


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Cadence at The Music jam Party 2010 :)

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New Featured in Club Penguin SNEAK PEEK :)

How can I find Cadence DJ in Club Penguin?

I met Cadence at Casa Fiesta again :)

Saraapril’s Country Stage Igloo :)

FUN with Friends at Music Jam Party 2010 :)

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Delta Suit and Delta Shades EPF Elite Gear :)

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July 26, 2010 It all Starts :)

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I met Franky from Penguin Band at Sleet :)

Saraapril’s Beach Music Igloo :)

Saraapril earning Coins in Aqua Grabber :)

More FUN with Friends at Music Jam Party 2010 :)

Music Catalog in Lighthouse :)

Stompin’ Bob or Tempo Bob? Penguin Band Background :)

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