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Monday, July 12, 2010

Treasure Book Series 9 – CHEATS :)

We have a NEW Treasure Book…Drum roll…Let me Present Series Ninth filled with FUN items and Secrets :) Here I will Help you to find ALL the Hidden Secret Items WITHOUT Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…The Spikester, Star T-Shirt and Black Sneakers :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…The Funster, Green Cheerleader Outfit, Red Football Helmet, Red Football Jersey and Football :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…somewhere on this Page you will find the Hidden White Pompoms :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…Squidzoid Costume, Blue Superhero Mask, Shadow Guy Costume and Blue Cape :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…On this Page you will find the Secret Pink Superhero Mask, Pink Cape and Gamma Gal Costume :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…Princess Hat, Fairy Wings, Magic Wand, Princess Costume, Blizzard Wizard Hat, Crystal Staff and Blizzard Wizard Robe :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…Hidden Amethyst Hat and Amethyst Dress :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…Ladybug Antennae, Ladybug Costume, Ladybug Shoes and Lobster Costume :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…THANKS to Spongebob524 for finding the Secret Hidden Safari Hat and Beige Explorer Outfit :) GREAT Work my Friend :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

The Exclusives are The Rustic, Pink Rustic Tunic and Skirt, Green Checkered Tote, Brown Canvas Shoes, Blue Stripe Fedora and Blue Trendy Shirt :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

The Super Exclusives are The same as in Treasure book Series 8, Treasure book Series 7 and Treasure Book Series 6…

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…Blue Puffle, Green Puffle, White Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Orange Puffle and Purple Puffle :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…500 coins :)

Treasure Book Series 9 :)

…That was all for this Time BUT remember that you can get items from ALL the Previous Treasure Books too IF you have a Coin Code that Match :)

To get a Coin Code you need to BUY Club Penguin TOY :)

Here are the Links to ALL The CHEATS in The Previous Treasure Books :)

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How to Unlock Club Penguin Items Online :)

DJ3K Game Upgrades Catalog UPDATE :)

We have got THREE NEW Records to use in the DJ3K Game :) HURRAY NEW MUSIC!!! Click on the Note at the Wall to open the Music Catalog :)

Saraapril :)

…How these Records work: Just buy a Record and Play DJ3K. You’ll be able to choose your New Tunes in the Music Menu :) These Records are ONLY available for Club Penguin members…

DJ3K Game Catalog :)   …Would you like to buy Desi-bel Record for 75 coins? YES Please :)

Desi-bel Record :)

…Would you like to buy House Blend Record for 75 coins? A PINK Record :) YES! YES!! YES!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING that is Pretty PINK…LOL :)

House Blend Record :)

…Would you like to buy Reggaetron Record for 75 coins? YES Please :)

Reggaetron Record :)

…AND you can carry around this Records too just look under Hand Items :)

Saraapril :)

…Now I will Waddle Home and ask my Yellow Puffle Sunshine if she wants to Spin some NEW DJ3K Tunes and Mix Music TOGETHER with me :) Saraapril :)

…Sunshine was so HAPPY that I asked :) We are both so EXCITED to hear the NEW Music :)

DJ3K Game :)

…Now we need to Select the Tracks we want to mix…I will start with the PINK Record…LOL :)

Select the Tracks you want to Mix!

…This will be so Much FUN :)

Saraapril and Sunshine Playing DJ3K :)For ALL my Non Member Friends I have Animated all the FUN in DJ3K :) DJ3K Updated and ANIMATED :)

See Earlier Catalog :) DJ3K The NEW Version is HERE in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: March 8, 2011 New design on DJ3K Game UPgrades catalogue :)

Fifth Field-Ops EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Right NOW Gary calling ALL Elite Penguin Force Agents…

Field-Ops Five :)

…Please answer the Phone and…NEW Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to Receive your Orders :)

Field-Op Nr 5 :)

…HURRY to The Command Room…

EPF Agent Saraapril :)

…The FIFTH Field-Op Assignment is now Available :) Gary Calling all Agents! We’ve uncovered evidence that someone is planning to ruin Music Jam. We must act Immediately! A microphone has been set to overload and wreck!

Field-Ops Nr 5 :)…This MUST be Stopped! Time for Secret Agent Work :) Where can I find the Microphone? Here it is at The Country Stage in The Forest :)

Forest :)

…click on the Spy Phone :)

Field-Op Five  :)

…Location Found! Destroy the Circuits! Match Circuit Symbols to overload the wiring. Be Quick! Time is running out!

Field-Op Nr 5 :)

…Steady Hand now I am Almost Done…LOL :)

Field-Op Nr 5 :)

…DONE I have Finished Field-Ops Nr 5 Mission! Good Work Agent The Island is SAFE for Now :) HURRAY I SAVED the Music Jam Party :) AND I earned another Medal :) THANKS! I am saving this Medal too :) Now I will go and Play some Music at The Party Waddle On :) Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

Field-Op Nr 5 :)

First Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

Second Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

Third Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

Fourth Field-Op Assignment CHEATS :)

EPF Elite Gear Catalog :)


Saturday we got a Sneak Peek from Billybob and we all tried to guess what the NEW Club Penguin Feature could be…Today I found another Sneak Peek :) Klutzy holding a coin…This Picture is from the Aqua Grabber Game :) 

…Can this New Stamp Shaped Feature have something to do with Club Penguin Games? Can we collect them when we Play Games? Time will tell : )THANKS Billybob and Club Penguin I LOVE Mysteries :) This is FUN! FUN!! FUN!!!

I LOVE Mysteries!

UPDATE: Club Penguin Stamps GUIDE,  CHEATS, Walkthrough and Tutorial  :)

FUN with Friends at Music Jam Party 2010 :)

I was Server Hopping trying to Tracking down Cadence when I met Safa153 and Mr Meepers :) Hi Friends :)

…We ALL want the NEW Cadence Background :)

…More Friends came and we had a small FUN Tell a Joke Party :)

...Then we Danced and ROCKED the ROOF :)

…Break Dance FUN :) LOOK at all the Cool Moves :) Let’s work TOGETHER and  Serverhopping to find Cadence :)

…We FOUND her :) Cadence has just left but we will PARTY some MORE :) Here you can see more Pictures Cadence NEW Background Music Jam Party 2010 :)

…When I made the Music Jam Tour Guide 2010 I met Friend Spongebob524 :) THANKS for the interview :) 

…Time for MORE Server Hopping :) So Many Penguins working TOGETHER to find Cadence :) How can I find cadence DJ in Club Penguin? After we found Cadence I met Cadence in Casa Fiesta Again :) and she had left, we had a Casa Fiesta Party to Celebrate :) Jman93, Cena12121, Bbb Emo, Roc On Pengs, Puff Puff65, Darknyst and MANY MORE Friends were there :) GREAT Cadence Tracking Everyone! TOGETHER we can ALWAYS find her :)

…Bonjour! It is FUN to Speak French :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) Let’s keep on Rock Club Penguins Music Jam Party :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

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