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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 26, 2010 It all Starts :)

We will soon have a NEW Feature added in Club Penguin and the Top Guess is that it have something to do with Club Penguin Games and that we will be able to collect Stamps and…

…Read here for MORE Info :) One More NEW Feature Sneak Peek Picture :) And Links :) I LOVE NEW Features! This will be so Much FUN :)

Saraapril :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Stamps GUIDE,  CHEATS, Walkthrough and Tutorial  :)

Make More Music On The Island :)

Club Penguins Music Jam 2010 is still going Strong!

Music Jam Party Club Penguin 2010 :)

And with a Music Catalog update set for July 15, the island might even get noisier! Penguins everywhere have been expressing themselves with the power of music and style. Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :) The three new instruments being added definitely look like they'll be turning up that Power even more.

Music Jam Party Club Penguin 2010 :)

“We've finally perfected double-necked guitar technology,” said one jammer. “It's seriously epic. Like double-epic.”

Everyone's encouraged to keep the sound strong. So dance up a storm and rock out on all the stages  across the island.

“I’ve been trying to hit every stage under five minutes,” said one musician. “Still haven’t done it yet. It’s going to take a music-master to get it done!”

Music Jam wraps up on July 18. Make it count!

Music Jam Party Club Penguin 2010 :)

Your Own Music Jam :)

Starting July 15, this month's Better Igloos will feature furniture items that can help you make your igloo into a place to make massively maximum music. Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Music Jam Party Club Penguin 2010 :)

Decorating experts were eager to share all they know.

“There are plenty of rock solid ways to get your igloos set up for jamming!”

“I like to get a theme happening—match the mood.”

“For example, I've got friends who love to dance,so I have lots of dance areas. But I like to have LOTS of different styles ready. If my friends want to practice loud, I can pull out a bunch of speakers!”

One decorator was more practical. He told us, “Set up snack tables like in the Casa Fiesta. Your friends can't focus on tunes if they're hungry.”

And all of them agreed that saving up coins so you can get extra items was key.

“If more friends show up, you want to be prepared.”

Be sure you're set to get the latest in igloo music decor.

Thanks Aunt Arctic for these interesting Articles :) Before I start to Decorate my Igloo I will Play the Dot–to-Dot Puzzle :) Hmmm…What can this be? Connect the Dots and…

Dot-to-Dot :)

…It is the Cowbell from Last Years Music catalog 2009 :) COOL! See Earlier Club Penguin Dot-to-Dot :)

Dot-to-Dot :)

…Now I will go and Redecorate my Igloo OR Looking for The Penguin Band :) Waddle On! See you around in Club Penguin :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

Expert Dancer Secret Revealed :)

Secret Nr 84 or RERUN of Secret Nr 60 and Secret Nr 35 AND Secret Nr 21…Take a Look at the Previous Secrets for More Pictures and Secrets :)

Expert Dancer :)

Are you a groovy dancer? Are you looking for the greatest challenge in the Dance Contest game?

Access a secret Expert Mode in Single Player: when Cadence asks what difficulty level you’d like, click on her instead of choosing a level.

She’ll question you if you think you’re ready for Expert Mode. Are you?Expert Dancer :)

Club Penguins Dance Contest Game :)

Another FUN Music Game you can Play in Club Penguin is DJ3K Game Upgrades Catalog UPDATE :)

Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :) July – Aug 2010 :)

The Music Jam Party is ROCKING and Now we have got a NEW Furniture Catalog with Instruments and Other items so that we can decorate our Igloos in Music Jam Style :) Here I will Help you find all the Hidden Secret items in this Catalog WITHOUT Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :) Tips: Some of these items can be changed if you use your arrow keys when you are Decorating so you might want to buy more than one :) Change your Furniture :)

…We have TWO NEW Furniture items :) Congo Drum 400 coins and Guitar Amp 600 coins :)

…Drum Kit 760 coins :) 

Drum Kit :)

…Quarter Note 120 coins :)

Quarter Note :)

…Lanterns 175 coins :)

Lanterns :)

…Guitar Stand 300 coins :)

Guitar Stand :)

…Music Stand 250 coins :)

Music Stand :)

…HD TV 1000 coins :)

HD TV :)

…Tropical Palm 300 coins…

Tropical Palm :)

…Mermaid Vanity 735 coins :)

Mermaid Vanity :)

…Bamboo Torch 200 coins :)

Bamboo Torch :)

…Ficus Plant 320 coins :)

Ficus Plant :)

…Poodle Plant 430 coins :)

Poodle Plant :)

…Snake Grass 230 coins :)

Snake Grass :)

…Bulrushes 340 coins :)

Bulrushes :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

NEW Tambourine PIN in Club Penguin :) CHEAT :)

Today we got a NEW Club Penguin PIN :) HURRAY!!! This Pin is PERFECT for The Music Jam Party :) You find it up here in the Ski Lodge Attic :) Hi Riffy8888 :)

…You have found a Tambourine Pin would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

Tambourine Pin :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Pin :) Candy Apple Pin CHEAT :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

Penguin Band is Taking a Break :)

When I waddled to the Iceberg I found that The Penguin band was GONE! On the sign we can read: The Penguin Band is Taking a Break! Do you know what that means? Right now WE can MEET The Penguin Band in Club Penguin :) I will start to Look for them at the Backstage and at the Dock Stage but keep your eyes open you never know where G Billy, Stompin Bob, Franky and Petey K are Jamming :)

…ATTENTION EVERYONE! It is time to Work TOGETHER to Tracking our Favorite Club Penguin Band :) Please use TWITTER and when you see the Penguin Band tell server and Room DIRECTLY in the Message :) TOGETHER we will Find The Penguin Band :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

NEW Instrument in Music Catalog – Music Jam Party 2010 :)

Today we got MORE Instruments added you will find them Backstage :)

Saraapril :)

…Acoustic Guitar 500 coins, Orange Double Necked Guitar 600 coins and Tambourine 100 coins :) The Tambourine and Orange Double Necked Guitar are Two NEW Instrument items :)

Music Jam Catalog 2010 :)

…Have ONLY the Tambourine and Dance :) LOL…This Looks COOL if I train some More The Penguin Band might ask me to Play TOGETHER with them again :)

Saraapril playing Tambourine :)

…I can have the Music Jam Shirt on when I Play the Orange Double Necked Guitar :)

Saraapril playing Orange Double Necked Guitar :)

Music Catalog All Access Pass and items :)

Music Jam Party 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

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