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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stamps coming soon to Club Penguin :)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!
Some of you have noticed that we've updated last Saturday's Sneak Peek over the week. Here's the last of those mystery images...

Club Penguin Stamps :)
Lots of you sent in some great guesses about what you thought they might be. Corncand said:
These look like stamps or stickers! My guess is we will have an album to put them im every time we earn them and maybe we will have to do tasks to earn them anyway im excited!
Thanks Corncand! I couldn't have said it better myself. Starting July 26, you'll be able to earn and collect stamps!
Some of you commented that you think stamps are in games like Aqua Grabber. There's a lot more to stamps than just playing games...You'll have to work together to earn many of them!!
You'll get your own Stamp Book to put them in, and you can show off your collection to everyone.
We hope you're excited - can't wait to hear what you think.
Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

WOW! A STAMP BOOK just what I wished for :) HURRAY!!! AND we will work TOGETHER to find many of them! That is so COOL! THANKS Club Penguin for this News I can Hardly WAIT until July 26 :) I wonder if we can Personalize the Book? I wish…I wish…I wish…I would LOVE to have mine PINK with Glitter, FLOWERS and Butterflies on :)

I wish I wish I wish...New Feature in Club Penguin SNEAK PEEK :)


One More New Feature Sneak Peek Picture :)

July 26, 2010 It all Starts :) 

Two MORE Stamps Sneak Peeks from Billybob :)

Club Penguin goes EDUCATIONAL :)

In a  Newspaper article from UK this Article was found:

If you want a lot of fun while you’re learning, join our Club :)

Saraapril :)

Disney is to bring learning to Club Penguin, the popular children's website, in an ambitious plan to create a ''21st century Sesame Street'' (Alexi Mostrous writes).

Three million British Children and more than 20 million worldwide play Club Penguin, a virtual world created in 2005 by a Canadian father and bought by the media conglomerate for $700 million in 2007. Players use virtual penguin alter-egos to ''waddle around and meet new friends''. Children can chat with friends, join ice hockey games or start online snowball fights!

In two months' time they will be rewarded for completing games designed to test their verbal and mathematical skills. ''It's going to take learning within a virtual space to a whole new level,'' said Lane Merrifield, Club Penguin's founder, who now oversees development of all Disney's online games.

The aim is to mimic Sesame Street, the American children's television show that incorporates educational elements. It is also a canny tactic to allay parents' worries about their children spending too much time online. ''If my child was going to sit down in front of a TV screen, I'd sooner have them watching Sesame Street,'' Mr Merrifield said.

Details are being kept under wraps, but he is determined to keep things fun: ''One of the mandates I gave was that there's no chocolate-covered broccoli. If we're going to do learning, [we have to] recognise that learning can just be chocolate.''

Thanks to A11766 for this information :)

So Club Penguin will Expand the Learning in the Games COOL :) Now it will be almost IMPOSSIBLE for Parents to say NO if you want to Play in Club Penguin…LOL :) I wonder if this Learning ONLY will be available for Members or for EVERYONE? We already have Three Paint by Letters Books and my Guess is that the NEW Feature the Stamps that will be here July 26 2010 will be used in the NEW EDUCATIONAL Club Penguin too :) I LOVE MATH so this will be so Much FUN! BUT what is Billybob’s problem with broccoli? I LOVE to snack on raw broccoli dipped in salsa that is so YUMMY and broccoli is so cute they looks like small Trees :)

Saraapril :)

…BUT I have NEVER tried broccoli TOGETHER with Chocolate I think I will do that right now…LOL :)

Community Tree in Club Penguin :) Lane Merrifield interviewed :)

Series 9 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

New Disney Club Penguin Series Nine 6.5 inch Plush Penguins :)

Sensei Penguin, Red Football Player Penguin, DJ Cadence Penguin, Ladybug Penguin, Blizzard Wizard Penguin, Ninja Penguin and Lobster Penguin :)

Series 9 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Disney Club Penguin - Plush Series 9 - Lady Bug features a high quality Ladybird costume, a red padded back with black spots and red band with black antenna :)


Plush Penguin Series 9 Lady Bug :)

Disney Club Penguin - Plush Series 9 - American Football Player features a high quality football kit costume; helmet, red football shirt and ball :)

Plush Penguin Series 9 American Football Player :)

Disney Club Penguin - Plush Series 9 - Blizzard Wizard features a high quality costume; a blue hat and robe with snowflakes :)

Plush Penguin Series 9 Blizard Wizard :)

Disney Club Penguin Plush Series 9 – Cadence comes to life with a high quality, distinctive and detailed costume. This pink Penguin features a scarf, earmuffs, cool trainers and pink/purple hair :)

Plush Penguin Series 9 – Cadence :)

Disney Club Penguin - Plush Series 9 - Ninja - Did you catch something moving in the shadows...? This swift, silent penguin has put on its Ninja costume and is on a mission!

Plush Penguin Series 9 - Ninja :)

Disney Club Penguin - Plush Series 9 - Sensei - This cunning old sensei penguin has trained many karate champions over the years. With his long grey beard he is the picture of wisdom :)

Plush Penguin Series 9 - Sensei :)

Club Penguin 6 1/2'' Limited Edition Penguin Plush - Lobster (Rare Chase)

Plush Penguin Series 9 - Lobster :)

Each Club Penguin 6.5 Inch (16.5cm) Plush includes a coin with a code to unlock items on-line. With a Series 9 coin code you can unlock items from this Treasure Book :) Treasure Book Series 9 – CHEATS :)

Lobster Costume :)

These Plush Penguins will soon be available online and in stores :)

See MORE Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 1 Club Penguin Plush Toys + Series 1 Club Penguin Plush Toys

Series 2 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 3 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 4 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 5 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 6 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

Series 7 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

 9" Penguin Plush Toys Limited Edition :)

Club Penguin 9" Limited Edition Penguin Plush – Rocker :)

Series 8 Club Penguin Plush Toys :)

I have a Club Penguin Coin Code How can I use it to Unlock items Online?

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

Saraapril’s Beach Music Igloo :)

We have moved again…LOL :) This time I and My Puffles choose the Bamboo Hut this will be a PERFECT Place for a Beach Music Party for me and my Puffles similar to the one we have at the Club Penguin Cove right now but first we need to Decorate :)

Bamboo Hut Igloo :)

…DONE! I LOVE the Congo Drums they are so detailed and with GREAT Shadows :) Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :) I have changed to a Beach Music Party Outfit and I and Shakespeare have quality tested the Dance Floor…yes this is a good Dance Floor…Everyone Ready? GREAT :) BEACH MUSIC PART TIME!!!

Saraapril's Beach Music Igloo :)

…See Earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Country Stage Igloo :)

Music Party Jam 2010 Tour Guide CHEATS :) LINK Collection :)

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