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Saturday, July 24, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

Here are some Pictures of a FEW things me and my Friends have done in Club Penguin lately :) My New Friend Sqwidward1 and I likes to swim at the cove :)

…and to sing and Dance :)

…Bxpingu and  Legos13 came too and TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Playing in my Igloo :) La la laaaa…

…After all this singing we needed something to Drink so we went to the Coffee Shop :)

…Spongebob524 is showing me his Cool NEW Fedora from the Treasure Book Series 9… This Hat looks GREAT on you :)

…Blue Stripe Fedora Hat :)

…Then we had a Pizza Party TOGETHER with my Puffles :) Seaweed Pizza is so YUMMY :) LOL :)

…When my Puffles and I was working with Decorating our Letter B Igloo 1w34e came and visited us :) Hi Friend I am so HAPPY to see you again :)

…Yay212 and I met a New Friend named Joe64549 :) It was FUN to met you next time I hope you can stay so we can Play a Game TOGETHER :)

…Lewis Rae1 and I making a Guided Tour for Legos13 :) You can go swimming in the shallow water here…

…and the bonfire is a Perfect Place to get warm if you freezing and to make Marshmallows and tell Stories :)

Find Four is a FUN Game and Every time I Play it I get a little Smarter :) I am not afraid to use my Brain…LOL :)

…Oops! Lewis Rae1 and I have some trouble in the Slopes…LOL :)

…CONGRATS Legos13 you are AWESOME at Sled Race :) Let’s Race Again :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have had so Much FUN TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) For More FUN see label FUN with Friends :)

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