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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

My Puffles and I have so Much FUN TOGETHER in our Igloo and Brookelas, Ice Fire Spy and Lucas9147 came to visit and to Help out with the Training of the Orange Puffles :) Orange Puffle Adoption – My Stories and Adventures :) Two of them came when Brookelas used a Puffle Whistle that is a Good Start :)

…Puffle Playtime :)

…Let’s try some more Training…Nope they want to Play…LOL :)

…That have to be enough Orange Puffle Training for Today now we need to Feed all the Puffles at the Pet Shop :) O’Berries for Everyone :)

…I LOVE the First Aid Kit that now is added to The Rescue Squad outfit :) Penguins are Needed for a Mountain Expedition get your Outfits from the Penguin Style catalog and come and help us to Prepare Please :)

…Loading the Sled :) Do we have everything now?

…We need room for us on the Sled too :)

…Time for Camp Rescue Squad Training :)

…we will help EVERYONE in need and just in case we will specialize on saving Polar Bears and Crabs too…LOL :)

…First we will be training on how to Rescue someone that have fallen off a cliff…Pegs07 throws a rope…

…now it is Coltonturtle’s and my turn…HURRAY! We saved Super Koppa3 :)

…this is FUN :) Oh…Kaitie C 03 needs HELP! Rescue Squad on the way :)

…Spongsbob524 and Timbits4 and the rest of the Team worked TOGETHER and helped her :) GREAT Work Everyone!


…Sasuke5871 is further down the Slope and now we will try to save him :)

…In the Base Camp in my Mountain Expedition Igloo Icy139, Edster12499, I and Waddles186 are Training Surviving skills as How to deal with Cold Whether, extreme Hard Winds and Snow Blizzards and How to find Food and keep Warm all this are skills we might need during our Mountain Expedition :)

…It is so many things we wonder about when it comes to this Adventure…What will we find on the Mountain? Will we find Herbert and Klutzy ? Do they need our Help? (See background Story at Herbert’s Revenge)

…If we find Herbert he must be cold and he will we need us to help him Edster12499 thinks that we could give him tea so he gets warm again :) That is a Great Idea! I will add a Teapot to the Rescue Sled :)

…we should bring Seaweed Pizza and warm Blankets too :)

…This will be so Much FUN I can HARDLY WAIT to start this Expedition and see if we can locate and help Herbert and Klutzy or as Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy would have said: This will be an Interesting and Exciting Adventure indeed…LOL :)

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