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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mountain Expedition YouTube VIDEO 2010 :)

Many of my Friends are Non Members and for all of you I have made this Video so you too can see what’s going on up in the Mountain :) We have Puzzle to Solve, Problems to fix, a Hidden Room with secrets to look at and More :) I LOVE the climb of the Toughest Mountain and the Snow Blizzard is so COLD…LOL :) Some of the Mountain Party Rooms are without Music and some have both Music and cool Sound Effects :) One of my Favorite sounds is when the Snowballs hits the Icicles :)

Remember the ALL Penguins BOTH Club Penguin Members and Free Penguins can have FUN at the Supply Camp AND if 10 Penguins Smiles at the Same time ALL Smiling Penguins will earn the HAPPY ROOM Stamp :) How to Earn Stamps in Mountain Expedition Cheats :) For MORE Details about the Mountain Adventure and to find a FREE item for EVERYONE read How to climb in Mountain Expedition CHEATS 2010 :)

Mountain Expedition CHEATS 2010 Link Collection :)

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