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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who lives in the Mountain Cave? My Stories and Adventure :)

Today my Spy Phone started to ring and when I answered I could read a Direct Message from Gary the Gadget Guy: In a Secret Ice Cave Hidden in the Toughest Mountain we have discovered Pre Historical Creatures still frozen inside the Ice walls…Gary asked me if I could do a Special EPF Investigation and After accepting the Mission I decided to go under cover and brought out my old Yeti Costume and added a Touch of a Viking Style to it :) And now I am sitting here pretending to be frozen… 

…To sit this still gives me lots of time to think and I wonder who can be living in this cave and why? Despite that the cave is in ice it is well decorated and I get a warm and cozy home feeling :) The wind creates a beautiful melody and the candlelight gives a soft and warm glow and lights up the ice walls :) I like this room and I would LOVE to meet the owner :) I think…so the Question is Who lives in this Cozy Cave? I am getting cold I better start to look around a little…LOOK! The Time Machine is here so can it be a time traveler Penguin that got Lost in Time and got stuck up here? The Penguins that Time Forgot at the Stage :)

The Time Machine! …Or is it Herbert’s and Klutzy’s new Home? I doubt that Herbert is a vegetarian and would not have a box of fishes…That reminds me I am HUNGRY! That ALWAYS happens when I am on a Elite Penguin Force Mission…LOL :) I don't wont to eat a Frozen Fish but I can make Marshmallows over this Candle…yummy…I wonder if a Yeti lives here? We have had sightings of Yetis before in Club Penguin :) Once we found a Maze that took us to a Yeti Cave The Great Maze Tour Guide and when you play one of the levels in the mini game Grapple Gadget in Herbert’s Revenge  you will see a Yeti chair on an icy cliff…So we have PROOF that a least one Yeti is around Club Penguin Island :)

…Whoever it is I don’t want to just take its food…puts a Coin in the Treasure Chest…WOW! There are LOTS of coins in here…

…OR is this Sensei’s secret Home? Whoever living here has GREAT Adventure Books :)

…I still mostly think this is a Yeti cave…Look at the Fluffy PINK slippers :) Can a GIRL Yeti live here? And IF this is a Yeti home can he or she be the one that has caused so many Problems around Club Penguin during the Summer? Field-Ops 10... What was that noise? A shadow? Hello…

…Whoever that was is gone! I think I will sit up here very quietly and see if Whoever will come back…

Saraapril waiting in Ice Cave :)

…AND I got an Idea I will bring something in PINK to see if that can make a Yeti Girl to come…LOL :) DONE! Now I just have to wait…

Do you want to read another Story? The Secret in the Yeti Cave – My Stories and Adventure :) And under the Label My Stories and Adventures you will find many More :)

Mountain Expedition 2010 Link Collection :)

UPDATE: Proof of a Yeti Girl?…My Stories and Adventures :)

Mountain Expedition Tour Guide 2010 :)

I LOVE the Mountain Expedition 2010 it is so much FUN and here is a Guided Tour of the Mountain :) EVERYONE let’s meet in Town :)Welcome to the Town Center! Get a hot drink at the Coffee Shop...and prepare for adventure! Grab some gear at the Gift Shop...then click the poster to join the Expedition…Please WAIT! DON’T click on the sign first let’s take a look at the Decoration at…

Town Mountain Expedition 2010 :) …Plaza :) Welcome to the Plaza. Mountain climbers can prepare for adventure here! Grab some pizza for extra energy at the Pizza Parlor...or adopt a travel companion at the Pet Shop. Click on the poster to join the Expedition. I like the Balloons :) Okay Everyone NOW is a Good time to click on that sign :) Open sign and go to…

Plaza Mountain Expedition 2010 :)…This is the Ski Village. After some practice on the Ski Hill this is the place to sit down and tell some stories. Get ten penguins to smile at your tale... and you'll earn a Stamp! To start any of the Fires during your Mountain Adventure just waddle close to it :) When More Penguins are around the Flames grows BIGGER :) Now it is time to go to..

Ski Hill Mountain Expedition 2010 :)…Here we are at the Supply Camp! Sit around the fire and tell stories and grab some buddies for your climb! Click on Wood to add logs to the Fire and Be sure to check the catalog for supplies! All Experienced Mountain climbers can use the ladder shortcut to the Top if you do you will end up at the side of the Mountain Top instead at the front :) Do you have everything you need now? GREAT let’s start the climb :)

Supply Camp Mountain Expedition 2010 :)

…This is the Ice Cavern. I LOVE the sound in this room :) There's got to be some way to get past that opening blocked by icicles. If we work together to solve the puzzle we can earn a Stamp! How to earn Party Puzzle Stamp CHEATS :) When you have solved this Puzzle once you can use the Red Button if you are in a Hurry up the Mountain (This is GREAT if you are on a Rescue Mission to help someone that is hurt on the Mountain ) Now lets waddle further up the Mountain…

Ice Cavern Mountain Expedition 2010 :)…This climb is hard I’m feeling tired, the snow is coming down and the hollowing cold wind makes my beak freeze and we are losing day light…I think it is best that we stay here and rest at the Base Camp…Welcome to Base Camp! We're halfway to the top and it's getting a little darker. Take a break, warm up and tell others about your adventures so far! AND I will take care of that blister on my foot…LOL :) Let’s all drink some hot chocolate and eat warm soup, then we can start to tell stor…Zzzzz…Oops! I was more tired than I thought…LOL :) Is everyone rested? GREAT! Let’s continue our Expedition :)

Base Camp Mountain Expedition 2010 :)…We're at the Mountain! This doesn't look too easy. We'll have to work together to find a way to get to the other side...How to Climb in Mountain in Expedition CHEATS and Guide 2010 :)

Mountain Room Mountain Expedition 2010 :)...Whew! We've reached the Mountain Top. Epic! We solved Puzzles and endured bitter weather. Take a Picture with some buddies and grab some food for the trip back! Look around you…What a FANTASTIC View! I LOVE how the clouds are rising and falling and the silence and calm up here at the Toughest Mountain :) Let’s put down a Red Flag on this Top before we start our long waddle down…

Mountain Top Mountain Expedition 2010 :)

…To put the Red Flag in the Snow you can have ONLY the Red Flag in your Flipper and Dance OR you can Combine any of these items or use some of them together: Red Flag, Yellow Hiking Shoes or Red Hiking Shoes :) Blue Expedition Jacket or Yellow Expedition Jacket or Khaki Expedition Jacket :) Chilly Trek Hat or Red Climbing Helmet or Yellow Climbing Helmet :) DONE!

Saraapril with a Red Flag on Top of the Toughest Mountain :)

…On the way down I will show you a Hidden Secret…Follow me…Here's a Cave! Hmm...something seems to live here and who knows when it'll be back. At least it has slippers to keep warm! And what are those strange things in the ice? While you think about that I will show you that we have…

Cave Mountain Expedition 2010 :)…New Safe messages :) Click on Messages and Mouse over Hello and then Mountain Expedition :)

Are we ready to climb the mountain?
How do we get past these icicles?
If you figure this out, you’ll earn a Stamp!
Warm up by the fire.
Epic climb!
Let’s sit and rest.
Must… keep… going…
Watch your step!
Great work! We’ve mastered the mountain!Safe Messages Mountain Expedition 2010 :)

…if you mouse over the Candles you will blow them out…

Cave Candles :)

…Now let’s go back to the Base Camp again :) By the way we have FUNNY Mountain inspired Jokes too :) Click on Activities and then on Tell a Joke OR just press j on your Keyboard :)

Where do snowmen keep their money? In snow banks!
What music do mountains like most? Rock!
Where do polar bears vote? The North Poll!
What books do climbers like best? Cliff-hangers!
Why are mountains so good at hide and seek? They peak!
What is a volcano? A mountain with hiccups!
What do scared pebbles want most? To become a little boulder!
What do mountains say when they're not joking? Snowjoke!
What did the mountain climber name their puffle? Cliff!  Saraapril tells a Joke :)

…LOL :) Thanks for taking this Guided Tour :) Sorry to leave you here at the Base Camp but you can safely go down from here or just wait for another Tour Guide :) Right now I have to Hurry up the Mountain again to Rescue a Penguin with a Hurt leg…Don’t Fear Rescue Penguin is Near :)

Saraapril on a Rescue Mission :)

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